A threat from union bullies

via email this morning

Name: kereru

Email: [email protected]

Message: u leave cecil walker alone u bastard do u get off on this
kind of stuff tell u what anymore comments about my bros personal life
an u r going to get utu i aint fuken jokn etha its not hard to find
out were u r so back off

HOST: 125-239-159-80.jetstream.xtra.co.nz

I’m not sure this union bully realises who he is dealing with.

What sort of a tough guy uses a stupid wood pigeon for a pseudonym?

No wonder these blouses want to spend time shopping with the missus.


UPDATE: Removed the photo, apparently that isn’t the guy who threatened me…but I am on the trail of him.



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  • Notrotsky

    Forward to the police.

    •  Second that; and to the media

      • StacyMcNaught

         I doubt the media will run with it, as it would prove what Whale has said all along, they bully and intimidate to get their own way. We know they won’t repeat on the truth.


      agree,and xtra.

  • Positan

    While debate can be vigorous and result in tempers flying off the handle – the substance of this particular email is clearly a matter for the police. 

  • NotLen

    Brilliant. Now there’s a bloke I would like to spend an hour with discussing the meaning of life.

    • starboard

      Piece of shit looks stoned.

  • ConwayCaptain

    WO Forward to the Polce and also xtra and they can block his account.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Myabe we should pay for him to get spelling and grammar lessons as well.  This will serve him in good stead when he applies for a job at a supermarket or where ever


    What a tosser.If this is the calibre of the Union members then suggest they disband the whole stinking lot of them.

  • StacyMcNaught

    Fairly sure his ISP would like to see what he uses his connection for…he seriously thought that intimidation would work…numb nut.

  • Scanner

    A true tribute to the standard of schooling in this country, I bet this fucktard can remember the fifth form as it was the best five years of his life.

    •  Too true Scanner; he’s a living example of the need for National Standards!

      • StacyMcNaught

         He may have been trying some form of encription when writing it, so as to conceal his identity…

  • sthn.jeff

    At least union Thugs have progressed from lobbing a brick through a window with a note wrapped around it…. only just mind you

  • Scanner

    Son to Dad – Dad how come I’ve got the biggest cock in form 5, is it because you’re a wharfie?

    Dad to Son – No son it’s because you’re 26 years old.

    • Thebrownns

      no im sure that was your partner that said that to him while you were at your desk job

  • Coventry

    Subscribe him to NAMBLA !

    • Arnold

      yep, take the extra account and sign him up to all sorts of things…even ACT and NAT membership

  • Caleb

     Just shows you how the union has wound these guys up.
    Left them jobless, angry and bitter…

  • politically unstable

    It could easily be Parsloe or high up union lad trying to sound like a gutter dweller….it would be very interesting to find out whose IP address it was sent from.

  • Bafacu

    I’m pleased that the Union want to keep the families out of this – I assume that’s why I got a postcard in my mailbox today from them asking me to sign their silly petition, once again repeating the same lies, but the whole of one side is taken with a beatiful portrait photo of a “worker”, his wife and 5 little kids. 

    Give me a break! 

  • Just sign him up for lots of dodgy websites, offering penis enlargement, and things that you really don’t want to see people doing with animals, and lots of religious propaganda too, perhaps even sign them up to recieve emails from all of the political parties here, and maybe even some overseas.
    This guy wouldn’t care about a visit from the police, or an email from his isp, so making life annoying for him is the way to deal with it.

    • Pukakidon

       Hamish…   Religious propaganda!!!   Come on he did not kill someone, thats a bit extreme.

  • BJ

     utu – means payment/avenge


      Utu =no jobs

    • Greg M

       UTU = Unemployable tossers union

    • @BoJangles

       UTU = Up The Unions


        UTU= Unemployed through Unions

  • Sarrs

    Surely it wouldn’t be this Tamati Davie as featured on page 19 of this widely available publication from Winter 2011 – published by MUNZ?

    • Sarrs

      What exactly does an ‘Observer’ do in a Union? Are they the ones in charge of the ‘secret’ ballots?

      • StacyMcNaught

        You seen the state of his eyes in the photo? Glazed much?
        I doubt he could “observe” his own hand in front of his face.

    • Petal

      “The Maritime 
      Union of New 
      Zealand has 
      a strong and 
      militant tradition 
      of advocating for 
      the industrial, 
      political and 
      social rights of 
      working people”

      • johnbronkhorst

        So I see you have read the same “Election 2011” document from the MUNZ web site I have. Let me show the people what it goes on to say, just a couple of paragraphs later “The Maritime Union recognizes the importance of not relying on achieving its goals simply through parliamentary methods, and will continue to use industrial tactics and community campaigns to further the interests of the majority, the working class.” anti democratic bull isn’t it!

      • Petal

        …so how do you have Good Faith Bargaining when you start from a foundation of militancy?

  • The Baron

    Unreadable. Is it too much to ask for someone to find and use full stops?

    Anyone who claims that these guys are “skilled workers” just lost all credibility too.

    • Scanner

       Also with the use of capitals, as an example look at the following statement –

      is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack
      off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.”
      Again we see a case for National Standards

      • SJ00

        Brilliant! thats a great call Scanner!

  • Scanner

    The best and most effective method to deal with dumb coons like this is to ridicule and mock him, which are things he has most likely suffered from his entire pathetic life.
    Also armed with his email the army should be able to sign him up for cures to his small penis, his erectile dysfunction and any number of other imaginative offers, in fact Cam what about a competition to see who can ebomb the porch monkey the hardest.

    • Brian Smaller

       I am happy to ridicule the guy but racism wont help anyone. Cam – you should go to the Police and lay a complaint.

      • Scanner

         Wake up Brian, the utu comment clearly tries to put a racial spin on it, if it makes you feel better I withdraw the “coon” comment and replace it with the words “wharf rat”.
        As for going to the police, do you refer to the police that watched two youg men being assaulted by wharf rats, or the ones allowing a public road to be blocked by a picket or is there a different police force we haven’t seen yet?

      • Grumpy

        Nice one Scanner

    • Euan Rt

      Scanner, I agree with Brian – coon and porch monkey are not acceptable terms.

      • Grumpy

        I think a momentary lapse on Scanner’s part…….

      • Scanner

         Sorry team momentary lapse of reason, I guess I was just upset at having been referred to as a “white mother fucker” by an elected representative, again I apologize for not being aware of my place in society as a second class citizen, and promise to be more sickly white and liberal like you folk.

      • Guestosterone

        what about porch coon?

      • Chrish4

        Unless its from “Clerks 2” because there the dumb white guy was ‘taking back’ the term Porch Monkey and using it for himself…

    • No need for racism, thank you, leave that to the unionists.

  • Mike

    I wonder if it’s this Tamiti…..


    • Sarrs

      Check out my post above…same guy I think

      Edit – although his facebook timeline has his start date at POA in November 2011 and the MUNZ publication is from earlier than that.

  • In Vino Veritas

    I would bet on the Whale knowing exactly where this email was sent from, and further info is being sought……

  • Work for a living

    Police won’t really care. It’s just a comment, as much as the nonsence typed in Facebook, or someone saying “you non-union scum you’ll get your head done in”.

    If you’re receiving direct personal threats – eg: I have a gun and will shoot you  – then *that’s* worthy of Police intervention. In the meantime, consider it as bad as a schoolyard taunt – just as intelligent and easy to ignore.


      Might be if he is known to Police

  • Agent BallSack

    “I’m going to abuse someone. I know I’ll just send it anonymously across the internet” /Tui Ad.


    So his colours are hanging in the background.Useless black power wannabe,or member.Looks like he enjoys hanging around with gutless bullies,hence the union/gang connections.

    • Agent BallSack

      Cripps use blue as well don’t they? South Aucklander, be more likely to be a blood or a cripp than BP or MM.


        Same shit,with so many of these gutless gang pricks around,who the hell knows.Need to eradicate that blight as well as the Union one in this country.Cheers for the info Agent B

  • So is Black Power MUNZ’s gang of choice? Or do the Blacks work one shift and the Mob the other?



      •  Sorry; should have said “turn up” rather than “work”…

  • Cadwallader

    WO: You are bigger than these impotent losers in every possible way. I suggest you ignore them.

  • Richard Fraser

    I have just signed [email protected] up to about 20 newsletters: from christianity crap, to hardcore gay porn.
    I suggest everyone else does the same. Inundate the little thug.

  • rouppe

    Actually looks a bit more like a Crips bandanna. Either way, it’s pretty unfair someone like him gets $91,000 a year when there are loads of pretty decent folk on the minimum wage cleaning office buildings

  • onefootinthegrave

    LOVE his hat; Pretty Dumb Union Redundant Dork

  • Sarrs

    I dunno…joined facebook in Dec 2011? According to his school start date he would be mid 20s – who in their mid 20s only just joined facebook? 
    Could be a fake profile – I know they’re not the cleverest bunch out there but realistically, who doesn’t know how the internet works? This seems like a troll move from MUNZ – the email address and facebook profile seem like too much of a gift. I think they’re trolling all of us. 

  • Greg M

    The police and MSM will do nothing, leave it to the whale army, we will sort him out. hehe!

    • ConwayCaptain

      Greg M

      What is this tug you own???

      • Greg M

         Captain, Ex Timaru harbour board tug, built by WECO 1971, 96″x24″x13″
        2x 700 hp EE 6SKRT driving voith schneider eggbeaters.15tbp.205grt.50t MGO bunkers 20 t fresh, good for 30 day tow @ 10 kts.
        it’s a lot of fun.

      • EpochNZ

         Oh no, boat porn!  We really will have to put a stop to this…..

        (My office window looks over the Wellington Tugs…)

        Sorry team, back to the debate!

    • ConwayCaptain

      What are you going to tow???

      Was in Bluff in the late 70’s and they had just got one.  Tug master took us out and let us have a play, once you got used to the egg beters you could have a oiot of fun  Turn like a swivel. The VS gear was originally designed I beleive for German Mine Sweepers in WW 2.

      • Greg M

         Captain. it may be the same boat, southland harbour board bought her when new. I won’t be working her, purely a pleasure boat. My photo is her working at bluff.

      • ConwayCaptain

        It Is.  I was there on a BIG Pommie Meat Boat with Square Windows!!! We used to call the big meat boats that as they were quite large for those days and all had square windows on the bridge front .

    • ConwayCaptain

      These tugs go as fast backwards as they do forwards!!!!!!!!!

      • Greg M

         Yep, going astern is like driving a forklift, they steer from the wrong end!
        Makes it easy to berth though.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Remember that to get a job on the wharf you had to be a member of the MUNZ.  Now the only way to become a member is to be the son,uncle,nephew,cousin,brother of a current member OR recommended by a current member so it is a self propagatig cesspool of people with a low IQ who have been BRAINWASHED by the other members and/or relatives.

    Unlike being a mate or engineer at sea in the NZ MN you were employed by the company on the basis of your qualfication then you joined the UNION.


      What you are saying is they are inbreed.Guess that answer alot of questions on here.

      • ConwayCaptain

        Sums it up v nicely


        Cheers Captain

      • Blokeintakapaun

        yep – they aint married no more – but at least they can still be cousins!

  • Grandstream

    WO: Please forward to Willie Jackson, Kelly, Parsloe, Phuckwit, Kosh, Phil O Shite..etc they are aiding and abetting thsi sort of thuggery !  No doubt they will claim this is a hoax email used to gain sympathy for WO……

  • Brett Dale

    Contact his IP and the Police.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Well…WO..the truth ALWAYS gets this sort of responce from the left! I remember in 2008, my wife having a “discussion” re Helen Clarke theft of PM’s fund (as she called it), to purchase pledge cards for labours campaign. A very prolabour (senior citizen, 70 if was a day) threatened her to such an extent that I had step in between them. It’s not just the public displays, it’s endemic in their attitude!

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  • @BoJangles

     tamati davie

  • Drea

    Just type thye 19 into Whats my IP and guess where the map say the IP address is located..
    Boston rd Mount Eden.  The motorway end.  Forgive me if i’m wrong but isn’t that where the Auckland remand centre is????  Possibly an inmate

  • Drea

    Sorry bad spelling should be the IP

  • Global Conscience

    Do you expect rational sane people to believe a blow hard like yourself with this stunt. Obviously the myopic National Party apologists have abrogated their right of individual thought to toe he party line in the hope that their masters drop them a  crumb or two in the future.

    • Guestosterone

      if you can’t spell you should use less big words

      • Doc

        “fewer”, not “less”.

        “…you should use fewer big words.”

        Unless you intended to say, “…you should use words that are less big”

        (Sorry, but correcting the spelling-police is practically compulsory ;-)

      • Guestosterone

        Doc, rearrange the following words to construct a sentence…




        And you can probably purchase a sarcasm detector off of the duck

    • johnbronkhorst

      You appear to be mixed up here!!! The ONLY party line drones, I meet all vote labour!! In the hope that they will get something for nothing via the welfare system! Or perhaps a destructive move backwards, toward compulsory unionism

    • Sarrs

      Global – you’re a bit mixed up here. You may sit around and hope that your master drops you a crumb or two in the future but here, we tend to just go out and buy our own biscuits with our hard earned money. No need to wait for table scraps like you lot on the left do. 

    • Hawker

       Do you expect rational sane people to not expect a lame and predictable defence like you are trying to put forward.

      or where you going for the ” Omg Global Conscience is so clever. Shock, horror.”

    • Salacious T Crumb

      GC – Did you get your roman sandles mixed up with your G-string again?

    • Super_Guest

      Which maggot from the Standard are you? Viper, that bleeding heart commie Draco? Your pathetic, hysterical style matches those bludgers perfectly. Also, what’s all this “masters” talk. This is the right, we have no masters because unlike you we don’t need the government or Helen Kelly or a bunch of union thugs to get what we need. Because we have talent, and jobs…

      • jackwhite

        wow……when you have finished please wipe your mouth and ass

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Union Bullies that have come on to this site with their neanderthal comments and threats and accusing us as being rich pricks etc could do well to look at the comments on this site.

    They will see that in the main the people on this site are well educated and erudite and have a wide knowledge of many and varied subjects.

    We can also discuss and argue and accept that there is also another point of view to be considered and that we respect that view.

    I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.  Unfortunately many on the left will not agree with this point of view.

    As Greg the tug driver (lucky bugger) will agree, when at sea the dsicussions can be long and vigourous and we amy disagree with someones opinion but we dont abuse them for holding that opinion.

    • Vij

      As usual you’re absolutely correct.  It is sad when people like GC can’t think for themselves and only know how to regurgitate rubbish.  They have the belief that if they repeat the rubbish enough times it will become  “fact”.  There is a label for such people, “moronic idiot”.

      • ConwayCaptain


        Goebells said that if you repeated a lie enough time people will beleive it.  Nzais, Communists,Greens, MUNZ etc

  • Greg M

    Very true Captain. My engineer is a whinging pommy bastard from the old school, but his skills and knowledge are second to none. I disagree with most of what he says but many a night has passed quickly and enjoyably discussing our differing opinions.
    The left / unions seem unable to grasp this concept.

  • Dave

    Forward straight to the police.   We employed a guy with similar spelling and grammar a few years back, after many warnings, he was dismissed last year, than we discovered he was  selling our stock for his personal benefit, all on the company email.

    Really suggest you do send everything to the police, get it on the record prior to a brick arriving, and they don’t come via registered mail.

    Keep publishing the facts – facts cannot be disputed.

  • jay cee

    nat supporters ain’t no saints either. go back to when my dad was a farm worker. about the time an election had been held mum was talking to the farmers wife about the result. FW says to mum that she was glad that the local nat mp was returned even with a reduced majority, mum said she wasn’t as she had voted labour. ” humph” says fw ” if my husband finds out you could be out of a job” think about it . farm workers live in a house on the property so she was not only threatening dads job but also the roof over their heads as well.

    • Alex

       Yawn.  Typical leftist diversionary tactic: when confronted by actual evidence of leftist wrong doing, don’t condemn the wrong doing but rather say “but Nats do it too” and, sometimes, try to back the assertion up with an anecdotal story. 

      The left will never regain trust in this country until its decent members adopt a no tolerance policy towards wrong doing, rather than dismissing/condoning wrong doing as “noble cause corruption”.

      • jay cee

        nothing anecdotal about it unless you think i dreamt up my parents. and i don’t see an awful lot of mea culpa when the right gets caught out only a lot of whinging about media bias.

      • Alex

        @06bd1c026893e9f75dd6690e6e2231ad:disqus  don’t be a twit: the parent’s story is “anecdotal” not your parents.  Find a dictionary and see what that word means – a google search is suffice:

        “Not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research.”

  • Bawaugh

    1st rule of making threats, make sure to cover your tracks. I am sure that one search warrent latter and the boys in blue will have all the intimate details of the sender from the IP (name address etc.).

    I am no lawyer but is this illegal?

    If Mr Whale oil comes to harm this will be very helpful to the police.

    Anyway with people like these working for the Ports it is just as well they got let go.

  • Philip ure a cock

    With that sort of intellect, I’d suggest he’s soon to be McKereru or Kentucky Fried Kereru, sitting by the phone to see if he’s working drive-through or cleaning the kiddy urine out of Ronald’s ball pit on his next late night shift

  • Light

    Hmmm. I never thought I would write this but I’d like to put a few other thoughts out there.  This thread in particular to me is more about the emotional reaction to Cameron and WO being threatened and having one’s safety jeopardised for having a certain belief.  We have come out with the same force that the union has protecting it’s own, only with better spelling.  When emotions run hot and high there is the danger of doing rash things, such as threatening WO from your personal email!  

    If I may briefly hijack the thread I’d like to talk about the mentatlity of being a victim.  I don’t have degrees in psychology and my beliefs are based on my life experience but what I have encountered with those who want to or fervently believe that they are victims is that they are unable to evolve from victim to victor.  To become a victor you have to give up being  a victim. 

    In the case of this union they have painted themselves as the victims of corporate greed, bullied by a compassionless and merciless employer.  This has put them in an evolutionary stasis whereby they cannot move with the times or the market place.  If they aren’t victims, then they have to be victors and have given up on the fight for rights, having won them already.  What they want is to have victory whilst remaining a victim.  The ideal outcome for them would be to win and to continue fighting (especially in court) so that the moment they retain an eternal victim and underdog/resistance fighter.

    I don’t know enough about history either in this country or world history that I can think of an organisation that was as deeply entrenched in their values as this one that has made that turnaround. I believe individuals come to the fork in the road on their own and choose to make that choice just as those within MUNZ are currently choosing which path they want to take.  The deadline for them to take action if they want a job with one of the contractors is almost upon them.  The others and MUNZ will remain as they are moving forward at an infinitesimal pace – which is why they’re so often compared with the 30’s, 50’s and 70’s.  

    I can’t help myself but at this point in the port dispute I find myself feeling some compassion for the indoctrinated MUNZ members – not all of them I may add.  But for those who are floundering in this MUNZ mess and can’t work out where they went wrong or how it all got away on them and how to get out of it and try to create a sense of normalcy in their lives again.  I don’t believe they know how much damage they have done to their own reputations and employability and when it hits home it will be a gut wrenching experience.

    I’d like to also add, I feel great appreciation and goodwill for those who are desperately trying to keep the supply chain going.  Those working at POAL, Port of Tauranga which is under tremendous pressure to pick up as much work as it can, Metroport and Kiwirail, Ports of Napier, New Plymouth, Wellington, Lyttelton, Otago and all those whose jobs are in jeopardy because of the inconsistencies of the supply chain at the moment, hang in there!  Your efforts are greatly appreciated. 

  • Kez

    A small pecker?

  • Kez

    Best response to threat I’ve seen (apart from the ChCh lady last week)


  • Mike Smith

    So why is the sender a union bully?