A wife beater, really?

Cactus Kate blogs about Shearer’s latest attempt at looking like everyman…running in a wife beater…something another senior political figure would find appropriate:

Props – 1/5 – running man no props.

Clothes – 4/5 – black is slimming and thank god unlike other Labour and Kermit the Frog MP’s was not wearing the dreaded lycra. Hallelujah for that. Perhaps black socks better?

Chest – 3/5 – needs some gym time to build up some muscle, bandy, skinny and nowhere near sweaty enough for a man on a run.

Audience – 1/5 – how many people actually watch The Nation? I would hazard a guess less than the number that read Whaleoil in a day. Seems a waste of an entire day of footage really.

Sex Symbol Attempt 9/20.

Needs to do better.


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  • toby_toby

    Is it a wife beater or is it a singlet? When does a singlet become a wife beater? Important philosophical questions.

    • Richard McGrath

      Don’t they call Stella Artois (lager) the ‘wife beater’ in Europe and/or the UK, as it’s the cheapest beer over there?

  • Johno1234
  • So Colin Meads is a wife beater then?

    • Callum

      The person is not a wife beater, the item of clothing they choose to wear is just named that. So Colin Meads wore a wife beater, although he has probably worn them since before they were named as such.

      •  My point exactly – Duh?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Would you like to ask ‘Pinetree’ that question Neil?

  • Oh and another thing – we taxpayers couldn’t afford John Key to go out like this – he even needs three DPS around him while he’s inside Parliaments corridors – how many does he take when he ventures outside these days?

    • toby_toby

      5862. Problem?

    • johnbronkhorst

      possibly the same number caught speeding helen clarke (in south canterbury) to an all blacks game in wellington……wasn’t her initial excuse…”well a PM should have a private plane”? ….Hows that for megalomania.

    • Cactus Kate

      As many as it takes to protect him from Labour party supporters.

      •  as many as it takes to protect him from rabid-righties who think he is a total sell-out…

        [email protected]

      • Not so many of them around these days

      • In Vino Veritas

        There aren’t so many of them about these days either……..

      • LOL – love it…..!!! So that would be just a few then…..

    • BW_Lord

      Actual answer is 4 according to stuff.
      Mentioned it in the story about the South Korean humbug in comparison to Ol’ Obama

  • johnbronkhorst

    Phil…Did you leave your last name off….shouldn’t be…..Phillip ure anidiot?

    •  (reply to mr oil..)

      ..there is always ‘red’…

       ..and interesting how you say the far-right now loves key..

      ..can you now then confirm the hollow-man-thesis..?

      ..(seeing as we are in the final act…so it dosen’t really matter now…eh..?..

      ..time to rip off the mask…as it were..?)

      [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        Shut up. Redbaiter represents 0.0001 of the population. Hollow Men came out years ago and was written by that half assed commie Nicky Hager (wasn’t he supposedly “abducted by aliens” at some point?). Anyone who reads it is an idiot, case in point, our resident do-nothing waste of taxpayer dollars Phil.

  • Kosh103

    Sooooooo David going for a run in a singlet is a blog worthy event now?

    Wow, slow slow slow news day.

    • Not is was worthy of The Nation sending out a cameraman to film it…I am merely commenting on the appropriateness of wearing a wifebeater

      • Kosh103

        You mean a singlet.

        And as for the Nation sending out a cameraman – good lord.

    • Super_Guest

      Why are you calling him “David”? Do you know the man? Or feel some storng connection to your fellow taxpayer funded public servant who’s never had a job in the real world?

      • Kosh103

        Are you making an arse of yourself again?

    •  (reply to superguest…)

      is it still too soon..?

      [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        Go sell your tinfoil hat Mana party nonsense to someone dumb enough to buy.

    • Gazzaw

      Probably more worthy than the amount of peaktime TV coverage given to a dork in a suit, shiny shoes & an equally shiny shovel on Papamoa beach. 

    • Frosty

      You sweating on a bike when you should have been running an election campaign made it, and look where that got you – looks like Shearer is following your lead.

    • Peter WIlson

      No Kosh. It’s WO’s attempt to inject some newsworthy balance into our debates. And this item would have to rate up there as the Labour Party’s most important event.

      • Kosh103

        Soooo a MP out for a run is newsworthy.

        Wow, imagine the level of coverage you will expert when a MP takes a dump!!

      • Frosty

        Labour MP’s are constantly pumping out shit – it’s not as likely to attract attention.

  • Unklefesta

    At least he bothers to keep fit (ish)

  • Chris

    He should be asked if has stopped beating his wife!!!

    • Landy

       Sweetheart, I think that’s a bit subtle for us.  

      • Vwanderson

        Reallly, because it sounds defamatory to me.

      • Landy

        I believe Chris was supporting Shearer by claiming people were putting impossible expectations on him. 
        “When did you stop beating your wife?”  
        It’s a commonly-instanced “impossible question”. 

  • Landy

    Nothing wrong with black singlets.   Versatile all-occasion wear.   They are all good.
    But – does this clip tell us he hasn’t done anything more useful, important or newsworthy than take a run?

  • Landy

    Most dim TV news items (top story too)  on 25th and 26th March was the Turn Right rules.  

    Both channels sent one or more reporters to stand at intersections and see if anything interesting happened.

    It didn’t.

    • breakfast television on tvone had their intersection-reporter up in a cherry-picker..

      ..it was a new high/low for them…

      [email protected]

  • jay cee

    must be a few wife beaters in oz i brought one at bondi beach.too good to wear when i  went running though.

  • Vwanderson

    I reckon you should do a followup story with Gerry Flabby Mouth/Butt Brownlee and your good self having a running race to your letterboxes.  That would take care of two future drains on the taxpayer in one hit. Shearer will last longer than both of you!

    • Landy

      Putting effort where it matters is the thing.
      Gerry Brownlee has shown more capacity for hard work in the past year and a half than possibly any other man in parliament.   He has had vast responsibilities.   He’s been given not only the Christchurch re-build, but other significant portfolios as well.

      • Vwanderson

        Interesting comment ‘putting effort where it matters”.  So are you saying insulting another country giving them an opportunity to highlight our own shortcomings does or doesn’t matter? 

        In terms of being given the Christchurch rebuild – working hard at what?  People are still using portable toilets are you saying that doesn’t matter?

        This government’s track record of ‘putting effort in where it matters’ is evident in the glib soundbites, the brutish school boy antics in the house and staging photo ops while behind the scenes they are selling us up the river.

        My advice to him and his mates – less effort please!

  • Landy

    You clearly know nothing about the stresses and hardships being suffered by Canterbury, even 18 months after the first earthquake.   We have hundreds of thousands of stressed people here.   And you clearly don’t know that the earthquakes have continued.  

    • Vwanderson

      Oh I am listening. Are you not listening Landy?  I know that many people in Canterbury still do not have toilets so they have no where to flush the crap being fed to them by the Government and EQC. The delays in decisions about red zoning or not, the “yes you are not you’re not” is I completely agree, enormously stressful many of the people in Canterbury.  So back to my original point – the Minister in charge needs to get it sorted.  They didn’t hesitate to bail their mates out when SCF went belly up yet they too and fro on this. It’s sickening. 

  • FormerNatalie

    Criticising a man because he’s wearing a piece of clothing some people decided to call a ‘wife beater’ but is also a ‘singlet’? When did Whaleoil get so stupidly PC?