Academic Racism at Waikato Uni?

via the tipline

It looks like there is a fair bit of academic racism going on at Waikato University

It appears that Waikato University is doing its best to add to its reputation as New Zealand’s most PC university.

In the last week, Psychology lecturer Dr Linda Nikora was kind enough to inform a lecture room full of keen students that a number of placements would be available in the clinical psychology programme.

One little catch though. Dr Nikora is proposing that the limited places are restricted to Maori only as she does not believe any Pakeha are culturally competent to deal with Maori health issues. She then advised the students that she will be presenting on this issue to an upcoming conference in a bid to ensure Maori only treat Maori.

Only at Waikato!


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  • Faced with a non-Maori specialist who is the best is his or her field, or a Maori who is not – and her life depended on it, would she prefer the latter?  How would she react if a Chinese patient didn’t want Maori doctors near her? 

    What is more psychologically disturbing than to reinforce ancient prejudices that claim race is objectively meaningful from a medical point of view?  Why should taxpayers continue to pay this muppet?  

  • Mickrodge

    I wait with bated breath for Joris de Bres to publicly condemn these actions as racist, divisive & inflammatory.

    • Middleagedwhiteguy

       You will wait in vain, but then, I’m sure you know this.   He’s a stupid dutchman.  (and before you start bitching about that statement, I’m Dutch.

      • johnbronkhorst

        fortunately (or unfortunately) I am only 1/2 Dutch, but that clown FULLY offends me. As does Dr Nikora!!!

      • Guestosterone

        Nigel ‘Michael Caine’ Powers: ”
        There are two kinds of people I can’t stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and the Dutch.”

    • AnonWgtn

      Some Hope.

    • Troy

      Yeah but he will then probably be told that he is not culturally attuned to be in the job he has.  Oh well, i’m sure all us white trash will get over – oh and this bitch is a psychologist – they rank up with lawyers and used car dealers in my book lol.

  • GAM

    Well if she is that staunch about all things Maori then maybe we should take away all the non-Maori [I hate that insulting word P…} money that funds Waikato University, her salary, her researchers and let her get on with it.


    Maori only hospitals next.Most of the problems inflicting Maori,including diabetes,obesity,and some forms of mental health problems,are getting the white fullas to.So guess both races know how to treat the problems.In the end eveyone wants the best treatment.Her point re culture,seems invalid in this day,and age.Cause I would run a mile if a witch doctor was called for me

  • Whalehunter

    The increasing occurrences of these sort of racist in the guise of PC actions (similar to the sexist in the guise of feminist PC agenda by the way) constantly leave me stunned and in a state of shock and fear for the future of me and my families life here in nz. Extrapolate these actions 10-20 years in the future and what rights will  we have as new zealander’s unless we can claim the all important droplet of maori blood in our ancestry which will be the only path to privilege and power no longer attainable through hard work. The fact that this sort of thing is allowed to occur with no response from a scared into silence white middle class majority or response from heads of academia shows how screwed our country really is.  It appears that europe has started to get the message that multiculturalism hasn’t worked and are making policy changes to address past PC led policy mistakes while backward and ignorant nz continues down the same destructive seperatist path only the problem is a bicultural one. Why can’t we learn from other countries hard lessons?  

    • MrV

      Thankfully there is such a thing as photoshop, put a moko on a black/white photo of a distant ancestor and you are good to go. If proof is required, whip out the photo.

    • BJ

      Maybe there will be a lesson in what has happened in Fiji

    • Gazzaw

      Dont concern yourself about it WH. In twenty years time we’ll be a Chinese Autonomous Region and all of the current crap that we have to put up with just a distant memory!

  • RedgeNZ

    Odds are, if they are only treated by Maori then they will get inferior treatment.


      When it came to exam marks re nursing etc there was a pass mark for Pakeha,and a different one for Maori/Poly.Higher for Pakeha/few percent lower for Maori/polyThink it was referred to as positive discrimination.If wrong please let me know.

  • Notrotsky

    Amongst a plethora of very useless educational institutes Waikato University stands out as particularly cak.

    • AnonWgtn

      Why do we call Waikato a University ? – only because it is Maori !
      How much lower can you get ??
      Look at its leading products -a failed UK politician Bryan Gould appointed by Helen Clark (laugh – now a Labour consultant) and the worst Parliament Speaker Margaret Wilson, Clark’s special friend, who did considerable damage to this country, so she now lectures to so called students, with her interpretation of law – a twisted person.

  • Simo

    The Waikato University Maori Club back in 1977 made my pakeha sister an honorary Maori so she could join, so whats changed?

  • Doc

    Genuine enquiry here on my part…   Yes, coming from a position of self-professed ignorance.

    Is there anything at all about “Maori Culture” that is relevant in today’s society?  Or perhaps likely to be relevant in tomorrow’s?

    I can certainly see and understand the desire to ‘preserve’ the indigenous culture(s) and tradition(s) of a nation, and to remember/celebrate the history that provides the background of modern life in any given geographic location.  I absolutely support this wholeheartedly.

    But what constitutes Maoridom in 2012?  Does it have any present-day or future relevance?  (And if so, in what form does that take?)  Or, is it 100% retrospective?

    Is there a vision for today’s Maori?  Or simply a desire to right past wrongs, and a yearning to return to the ‘old ways’?

    • tas

      Good question. If there is a genuine cultural difference, then I can understand why some cultural awareness might be required. However, the requirement was not “understanding of Maori culture and customs” it was “some of your ancestors were Maori”.

      A fifth-generation NZer who has spent years learning about Maori culture would be rejected based on their ancestry, while someone who grew up in the Netherlands would be accepted because one of their parents has Maori ancestry.

      Hiding behind “culture” is an excuse if you judge based on ancestry.

    • Mr_Blobby

      The answer is No. What’s more there was nothing relative in the past either. There isn’t much in the culture or tradition worth saving or treasuring unless you rewrite history. The rewriting of history is going on at a staggering rate a complete fiction. The plan/vision is to take back sovereignty from other New Zealanders a sort of modern apartheid. Where the minority rule over the majority. Waikato University was given to the Maori and rented back by the crown.

    • phronesis

      The most interesting thing about maori culture is that there is no such thing. The tribes were at war with each other and didnt get together to have a chat about shared beliefs very often. The application of those varied tribal beliefs to modern situations has further exaggerated the differences. In many ways western culture is more homegenous due to centuries of debate and of course religous influences. 

  • Gjohnson1946

    Can a white New Zealander refuse to be treated by a maori doctor becuae the maori doctor won’t understand the patients needs?  Would that be ok?  God, these people are true a-grade fuck-knuckles.

    • AnonWgtn

      How do you know he or she is a Maori – because he or she thinks like one ?
      I have a bloody good Pom Doctor.

    • phronesis

      More to the point is the possibility that the maori dr got into medical school because they were maori. Which would be OK if they were only going to practice on maori…

  • sthn.jeff

    Your not in Hamilton now Dr Ropata!

  • Is she really saying that Maori mental health issues are different to others in this country? WTF? She certainly has some weird ideas on psychology.

  • Chris

    Waikato Uni, PC? No, Never, Are you sure?

    Too fucking right !

  • rouppe

    Surely a complaint to the dean is in order. The paper is Psychology, not Maori Psychology.

    I went to Waikato University in the 80’s. I must say that I never heard of nor experienced racism of this sort. I was doing science papers though…

  • David

    I spent some time looking through her published articles. You can always tell a quality academic based on what journals they get published in. I wasn’t able to find any publications in top tier journals at all. Most of her work is in pinko journals that nobody reads.

  • TeHaku

    i note that this racist is a true daughter of Waikato Uni having gained her ‘ qualifications’ there.

    Who IS the dean these days ?

    Somebody should call this type of shit out.
    If only to maintain the creditability of any genuine graduates.

  • Dr Wang

    Surely she has been mis-quoted – maybe she’d be better understood if she put her teeth back in.

  • Cadwallader

    I wonder what she received her doctorate in? Bigotry?

  • thor42

    I have no hesitation in calling Dr Nikora out as a ***RACIST***. 
    Waikato University should be asking itself why it employs racist lecturers.

  • Whalehunter

    She states her research interests are: Psychological areas that focus on or involve Maori people.
    All these types of minority PC researches do with their pathological science and non-empirically based results do is churn out propaganda material for their more extreme activist separatist cousins.

    • Adybombs

      True but it is far easier to get funding from the public trough for this minority base crap 

  • Dr Wang

    Why does Waikato “University” employ Psych lecturer Dr Nikora, who is (by her own definition) incompetent in dealing with 85% of the NZ population’s health issues?”

  • Pharmachick

    Yet another reason why serious Students and real Academics end up at elsewhere

  • Mully

    That’s a woman? Looks like a bloke.

    • Agent BallSack

      A Chinese bloke to boot!

      • Dr Wang

        Bloody hell ABS, you’re right – the spitting image of my great grandfather!

      • Mully

         That was my first thought. I wondered if she was going to demand to be treated by an asexual asian man.

      • Agent BallSack

        …Just like Don Brash then

  • Vlad

    There has already been a Maori-only service for Maori with mental illness tested and found wanting.  The Te Whare Paia unit at Carrington was run by Titewhai Harawira, and the result was a prison sentence for Ms Harawira for assaulting a patient amidst a raft of scandalous stories about the treatment of patients.   Separatism and tribalism is not just offensive as I think we are all kiwis, it is a criminal disservice to good people in trouble needing and deserving help. 

    • Mr_Blobby

      Why am I not surprised that the same criminal rubbish keep on turning up. What I don’t understand is why successive Governments put up with there dignity being trampled by this disaffected minority. Why would you consort with convicted criminals?

  • Tookinator

    This is an argument i’ve had many times with Maori on organ donation – they don’t want to be organ donors but are first in line when they need them – as I point out where do they think the organs are coming from then? Yep us white people…

    • Bunswalla

      Not all Tookinator – very good item on TV last night (60 minutes or 20/20, one of those) about a Maori guy that died and donated his organs including his heart that went to a pakeha. It’s well worth watching if you get a chance. This may be the exception but it shows not all Maori think that way.

      • Peter Wilson

        Most of us are the same. There are lots of maori out there that are embarrassed and ashamed at some attitudes of some maori, and especially issues such as child abuse. And there are plenty of pakeha that depise the redneck and racist attitudes of some of their own kind.

        The extremists of both sides are those that are cocooned, surrounded by like minded individuals, taking in just one side of the issues. That’s why it vital this blog has many different points of view.

  • Kthxbai

    What about Maori who actively prefer to have a non-Maori health environment?  It’s interesting that the Maori Mental Health facilities are actively avoided by a some Maori patients, who want a mainstream apporach taken to their mental health care.

    They have rights which need to be respected.

  • Zuluman

    Where is Paul Buchanan these days? Contrary to what we were led to believe, he was never reinstated at Auckland U. after being unjustifiably dismissed for telling some hard truths abut foreign students. So he is gone and this lady stays. Nice work New Zealand!

  • Steve Taylor

    The “academic” obviously knows nothing about social service outcome research. Cultural matching of helper and client makes absolutely no difference to client outcomes. I know this, because I am writing a Masters Thesis on this very topic. What does make a difference to social service and health client outcomes? this stuff:

  • Steve Taylor

    Where did my comment go?

  • Blair Mulholland

    Everybody needs to Calm the Fuck Down.  This is Waikato.  The worst University in the country.  A degree from cowtown means jack shit.  Who cares what these people do in their little echo chamber?  The only people with any brains and sense are already studying at U of A or Vic.

    • Whalehunter

      No man this sort of shit is a cancer to our country that is slowly spreading. We should significantly care about this stuff now before its too late. This is PC at its best, your’e damned if you make a fuss about it i.e. labelled racist etc or right wing, and damned if you do nothing i.e they just carry on pathologically churning out this rubbish which is like continually getting punched in the face and not responding. It is a serious issue however difficult to respond to.

    • phronesis

      U of A is number 1 but Otago is clearly 2nd.

    • starboard

      I care because Im paying for the racist institution. R-a-c-i-s-t.

    • Pharmachick

      I nearly said that (+ Otago) in my earlier comment, but chickened ou tbecause of the [potential] abuse.

      Am currently o/seas and a degree from NZ out here only counts if its from 
      1. Auckland (NOT the polytech prenteding to be a Uni),
      2. Otago, 
      3. Vic 
      or on limited terms 
      4. Massey: Vet, 
      5. Canty: used to be Eng but in last 10 years … ahem

  • Natalie

    Nikora’s bio that Whale linked to in his original post also has a link to her publications – 142 of them.

    But as I scrolled through the titles (she has an obsession with papers on maori tattoos) I discovered that in over 90% of them, she was just one of multiple authors for the publication.

    You have to scroll back five years, to 2007, to find a publication that Nikora wrote entirely on her own.

    It sure is a cushy life being an associate professor at Waikato university. You don’t even have to occasionally justify yourself by publishing the results of your own research.

    Elena Ceauşesc, wife of the Romanian dictator, Nickolai, used to have her name on numerous scientific publication, despite have the IQ of an ant.

    • Dr Wang

      Natalie: Yes, she seems to be a very popular choice as a team member!

  • Tookinator

     BunswallaYou are right, I guess I was being a bit simplistic!
    There were a total of 38 organ donors last year (2011) 3 were Maori donors.
    Each year there are around 100+ people who are ‘medically eligible’ (i.e. die in the right circumstances.) 
    circumstances.) to be organ donors so there are around 60 per year who are saying no (or their family are saying no.) Unfortunately I can not find out the reasons or ethnicity as those requests under the OIA were refused and a complaint to the Ombudsman was also denied.

  • Pharmachick

    Couple of points: 
    1: In academia, when you publish a paper/article, the only truly important authorship positions are FIRST and LAST. 
         a. First = person that did the work, analyzed it and wrote most of it
         b. Last = person that paid for the work, designed the study, helped (checked) the analysis 
             and helped write it.
         c. Other (middle) author ships do “count” but they generally mean a lesser contribution such     
             as a technique, idea, way to analyze data etc.

    2. A conference presentation/talk/abstract/poster IS NOT a “publication” and mixing these in with your real publications is generall frowned upon (amongst real professors)  Dr. Nikora’s mixing of “abstracts/conference presentations” and real publications can be observed in her professional biography: 

  • Philip ure a cock

    That’s a woman?! Fuck me! Makes H1, H2, and H3 look like freaking supermodels

    • James

      Ha! As I scrolled down to this comment I thought I had seen my first ever non PC post from PhilU…..

      I won’t hold my breath…

  • FoodTechie

    My experience of the health industry environment, as daughter to an elderly, dying mother, is that in all sectors, whether Doctors/Specialists or Hospitals, live in a culture that is uncomfortable for all races and creeds not of that system. Medical environments are uncomfortable, as are dentists, legal, etc etc. When you are not of a society, and I firmly believe that the hospital system is a world of its own, you are uncomfortable. Thus, claiming that Maori need their own medical system is specious, all cultures are uncomfortable out of their own culture.

  • Mark

    That “woman” looks like one of the pimps at Pat Pong …

  • bob

    You guy’s have no idea what you are talking about. Have you actually been in a lecture with Dr Nikora? Do you actually have any idea what she is trying to say? She is one of the best lecturers I have ever had at the Univeristy of Waikato. You people out there putting her down is not cool! I don’t understand what exactly you are talking about. Before you talk shit about something you clearly know nothing about you should definitely learn the facts. She was not saying that all the clinical positions should be for Maori. She was saying that for it to be culturally representative in Aotearoa, New Zealand then the positions would need to be reserved for Maori. That is not being racist at all!  so before you all talk bollucks, research what you saying ha :)

    • Bat Crazy

      That you were able to attend Waikato University speaks  volumes about its (lack of) academic standards.