ACC Privacy Breach Report released

ACC’s report to Minister Judith Collins has now been released.

It is apparent that there was a massive media overreaction now the full details have emerged. It is still bad that someone made this error, and I am sure that they are truly remorseful.

What is also in the report is that the person who received this data, also tried to extort ACC.

The outrage is not the breach of privacy, which now on the face of it was mild, but trather that this person tried to extort a guaranteed benefit payment for two years and threatened ACC with release of the data.

Hopefully Police will now prosecute the person.


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  • Grandstream

    Police wont prosectute “she” has a well connected PR advisor who has been calling the shots

    • Don’t be too sure on that.

      • Guest

        Double Tap – always double tap

  • Dr Wang

    The public have a right to know who this stupid bint is – if she has attempted extortion from ACC we should all be able to make an informed choice to avoid dealing with her.

    • Bunswalla

      Probably a friend of Malcolm Mason’s

      • Vij

        and Phil, Kosh103 and ………… Phil

  • Agent BallSack

    How stupid to you have to be to attempt to extort hush money from a Government department that hardly gives money out to people who deserve it? Pretty fucking stupid is my bet.

    • Fozzie

      Pretty damn stupid – but what is worse what did the dimsticks from ACC do ?? If what they say occurred then surely this is extortion – is that not a crime ? or is there more cover up to follow …….

      • Tony

        I think that ACC is so frozen by a poor reputation which is primarily media-induced. This caused them to shut their eyes. In their own view any reasonable response (like prosecution) would have resulted in more media beat-ups.

        I actually feel sorry for ACC 

  • Kezz

    Assuming she did what ACC say.  I for one wouldn’t take ACC’s word.

    They phoned me yesterday to tell me my privacy had been breached.  I noticed that my DRSL review took place in early December which doesn’t line up with the time frame ACC is giving.  

    • Tony

      What is wrong with you, Kezz? 

  • David

    I bet when she made her play for extortion the fruit loop who gave us the ETS was the minister, ow crusher is in charge she may have miscalculated. Let’s hope she is prosecuted for extortion and have her ACC cut off, be interesting to know who it is and how legitimate her claim is.

  • MrV

    The media worked themselves into an orgy over this, will be interesting to see their reaction.

    • Tony

      They will ignore their error – just like Duncan Garner does. I watched TV1 news last night and there was no mention of the inquiry.

  • Quintin Hogg

    The threats made in para 2.4 are criminal in nature. I’m not surprised the Police were involved

  • Thegenets

    What was reported between 1.4 and 2.3 and after 2.5?

    • MrV

      Read the report for yourself and find out, the link is provided.

  • Bawaugh

    Inocent until proven guilty however:

    1) It would not suprise me if such a person has a criminal record.
    2) She better hope that there was only one witness to the alleged extortion otherwise she will have a very difficult battle in court.
    3) It is normally guys that committ crimes, not girls.

  • LesleyNZ

    Terrible.  Who knows how the person who sent the email was feeling at the time. Anyone could make a mistake like this. Just goes to show you how `dishonourable people can be these days.

  • A-random-reader

    Wow. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    I hope “she” gets named and shamed.

  • Fozzie

    If my dog shat that then I would have it to the vet pronto –  – that looks like it has spent at least a few days in the sun …. makes you wonder what the photographers fetishes really are!!

  • FoodTechie

    Yet another huge media beat-up. “Our ‘friends’ in the media are really short of news”, was my thought when I heard the first report. Perhaps, Whale oil, you could start a new series – news stories that shouldn’t be in the news. Like the kid who swallowed a coin, front page huge photo one the Herald! Really, so that’s new(s)?

  • Work for a living

    Oh hello Bronwyn Pullar  and Michelle Boag :-)

  • Symgardiner

    Sounds like the ACC people have messed with the wrong people. You also got to love the way Judith Collins plays this. She has such a sharp nose for incoming mud.