All the fault of ‘Kick-ass’ women

NZ Herald

You have gotta love academic tossers who can find almost anyone to blame for the actions of people.

Portrayals of “kick-ass” women in the media are being blamed for an increase the number of women involved in violent offending.

Two New Zealand researchers believe the glorification of females in roles showing women exhibiting physically aggressive and violent behaviour are having a negative impact on young women here.

The most recent figures from Statistics New Zealand recorded 162 more females were apprehended for violent crimes in 2010 than in 2009. This included apprehensions for assaults, intimidation and threats.

University of Canterbury Criminologist Professor Greg Newbold said more women were going out and committing crimes that were traditionally the preserve of men.

“It seems to be driven by images in the media of kick-ass women.”

Professor Newbold said the type of female imagery available to women and young girls created an increased likelihood of violent offending among females.

Women like this are the real kick ass women. Not some fantasy movie special effects tarted up facsimilie.

These are real kick ass women who are soldiers, why can’t people emulate them?


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  • Peter

    Science 101: Correlation does not imply cause and effect.

    •  Bloody brilliant and so few words Peter!!!!

  • ConwayCaptain

    If the Govt wants to save money it should go through the Tertiary institutions with a bulldozer and get rid of all these people who do research which no one else apart from them and half a dozen people will ever read.

  • thor42

    Mmmmmmmm, she’s nice……. 
    She can pull my “trigger” any time……..  ;)  

  • tspoon

     I doubt if it’s due primarily to watching movies. More likely to be a response to the general lack of accountability women enjoy in western society.

  • Fergus

    someone sewed her flag on backwards??Maybe her boyfriend.