An email from a reliable but anonymous source, Ctd

 the Tip Line


When Trevor Mallard was commuting to Taupo on the tax payer to commit an affair of the heart, or was that an affair of the groin, he was unable to quite provide enough affection. So his paramour was forced to look else where when Trev was in Wellington, to keep warm and night and to keep in training for her trysts with Trevor.

This became problematic for the Crown limo drivers in arranging to drop off the expectant Trevor on his return to ensure his paramour was home in her bed and not in someone elses.

Your friendly anonymous and reliable source.



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  • Whafe

    Sounds like there were multiple bikes involved………………

  • LesleyNZ

    Is this why Trevor Mallard is going on and on about ACC and Judith Collins. To deflect attention away from him and what he gets up to in his parliamentary office and elsewhere. 
    If it is not true then he should be denying it. So why hasn’t he?……………………………………..

  • A-random-reader

    Who cares?

    The woman has the right to her own love life. I don’t see how it could be anyone else’s business.

    • Roger

      It’s not about the woman (or should that be women?) it’s about Trademe Trev (who look’s like he is traded often, btw) and his sanctimony regarding the sexual predilections of other. Glasshouses, stones, Trev; get the picture or have the scales slipped again? 

    • Couldn’t care less other than Trevor Mallard and his cowardly mates attacked me and my mate under parliamentary privilege, with an accusation so baseless as to warrant being sued if they said it outside the house.

      Since I can’t sue, but I can blog, he must suffer until such time as he apologises….which won’t be ever, so suffer he will.

      I can keep this up for months.

      • Bunswalla

        Unlike Trev (snigger)

      • parorchestia

        Good on you Whale.  Keep it up  (I shouldn’t say that to Trev though).

  • rouppe

    Why should the limo drivers care? If he gets humiliated because he doesn’t know where his slapper is, too bad…

  • Evan Johnson

    So everyone was two-timing then, was that the case Cameron? 

    In that case, I guess noone could dare complain!!!
    All getting their share, you say?

  • Paul

    You can indeed Cam….no let up big boy !!

  • Pukakidon

    What a deviant loser. Those Labour dickheads make me sick and if that git came near my wife or daughters, he would be shitting his teeth for a week.

  • kehua

    There is no way that the duck could keep up with ol thunder thighs, end of story.

  • jay cee

    whatever floats your boat WO. we can always skip to the next post.