An email from an anonymous but reliable source, Ctd

 the tipline


As your anonymous but reliable senior party source I want to tell you the reason serial rooter Trevor Mallard lost his rag and attacked Tau Henare outside the debating chamber was because Tau goaded him about his rooting of Brenda Lawson in Taupo. Trevor was annoyed with Tau because he didn’t want anyone to know that he was rooting Brenda, as apparently he was also rooting another woman. Or more than one.

Also he was virtually living and travelling backwards and forwards from Taupo, all on the taxpayer, which as you know a very long way from Wainuiomata.

Your friendly anonymous but reliable source.


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  • Dr Wang

    Who is Brenda Lawson – the Olympic rower?

  • Pete George

    Sad to see this tit for tat escalation, a bad look, especially when it includes names of people who may have nothing to do with the current stoush. 

    • If you want to bring up people who have nothing to do with this int he house, and lie and smear then too fucking bad…Mallard can only blame himself…the collateral damage is his.

  • Scanner

    Poor old Trev, eventually enough shit is going to pile at his door that he can’t lie / bully / manipulate / hide behind parliamentary privilege out of it and it’s all going to come crashing in.

    When that happens he will find out what people from either side of the political spectrum and the public at actually think of him, and he will find out he can hold a meeting of his supporters in a phone box, bring it on.

  • Ben

    and where is Patrick Gower, Duncan Garner and the rest of the bottom trawlers in all of this if Rodney Hides breakfast fundraiser was beyond pale then surely this is something else!

    • LesleyNZ

      Yes I do wonder why too. They need to start investigating all this.

  • Evan Johnson

    Whaleoil – is this the way you think matters of privacy should be dealt with in NZ?

    Note that adultery is not actually a crime in NZ.  It violates the 10 Commandments but are there devout Christians involved in all this discussion?  :)

    • Tony

      It only violates one of them buddy…………

    • LesleyNZ

      If all this is true – Trevor Mallard carrying on like he has done, (and the truth always comes out in the end), then he certainly isn’t being private. Just because adultery is not a crime doesn’t make it right. Is Trevor Mallard married? Oh that is right – he doesn’t like the idea of a Church/Christian marriage, so what is adultery to him in any case?

    • if you lie about me and my mates in parliament where I have no recourse then yes I do think that this is the way it will be dealt with.

    • Philip ure a cock

      If you make your bed, then fucking lie in it, not about it

  • Guest

    Nobody believes the official spokesman… but everybody trusts an unidentified source.
    – Ron Nesen

  • Apolonia

    At the time the SST reported that Mallard went for a tramp in Taupo. Is that who she was.

    • Mark

       Ba doom pish!

    • Adolf Fiinkesein

       Very good indeed.  The lass is good Labour material.  A face like a horse and teeth to match Helen Clark.

  • Guest
    • A-random-reader

      Only five years late to a story!

      And I thought that the newspapers contained stale news…

  • jay cee

    thats right, make it up as you go along. after all, its all anonymous aint it

  •  These things that come out of the woodwork makes sure that the wood works…

  • lol i have no idea how you get away with this Whale. 

    I write about something that happened to me in a pub one night. I don’t even name the person – and i get legal threats from bunny boilers! 

    You amaze me. :)