An email from an anonymous but reliable source

the Tip Line


Since Trev reckons anonymous but reliable sources are worth going public on you might like to publish this. Serial Rooter Trevor Mallard was rooting one of his caucus colleagues repeatedly in a parliamentary office and squawking like a strangled Duck, making so much noise that the MP in the office next door made an official complaint.

Being an anonymous but reliable source and a senior party member I should know which of his parliamentary colleagues he was rooting but I am unable to confirm the rumours that it was Clare Curran, so I shouldn’t repeat it.

Your friendly anonymous but reliable source.


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  • Deep blue

    All this for taking on the Lusk

    • In case you didn’t notice I was heaped into this bullshit yesterday.

    • Lusk cannot reply to the allegations as they were made under parliamentary privilege. He does however have a loyal friend with a blog.

  • LesleyNZ

    How low can they get in parliament? Micky Savage would turn in his grave. What about the rumour that a lot in the Labour Party are into Porn. Is that true or not?

    • Troy

      Shane Jones surely would be at the front of the queue given his penchance for such things – perhaps he thinks he’s ready to um “perform” right?  I can’t imagine Parekura would be, unless the likes of Fenton, Moroney or Dyson have some sort of fetish…. ewwww, just the thought causes bile problems.

  • Pandoras Box

    Didn’t Rachel Glucina comment about these two when they broke up? Something to do about their email friendship being over on Red Alert? Rooting loudly in the office does seem a bit cheap. Couldn’t the old Duck have whipped her off to a nearby hotel? The Bolton is popular for such. MPs even get a discount. No excuse really.

    • Gazzaw

      The Bolton costs money though even with a parliamentary discount. More than the profit off a couple of Trade Me deals even for an hourly room rate.

  • Jtbnz

    Come on Cam, this is completely at odds with your previous post on Trevor where you said ” and scoring chicks well above his station ”

    • Pandoras Box

      Clare is lovely and well above his station

      • Scanner

         You are of course joking, neither of them are worth the steam off Mickey Savage’s piss.

      • Peter Wilson

        Curran seems to be an attractive woman, but gosh when she speaks in Parliament, it’s like watching the grass grow.

      • Greg M

         “Curran seems to be an attractive woman” Peter, are you serious?
        Go and another coffee at once.

  • Jimmy

    That wannabe feminazi Clare is in cahoots with Mallard on Redalert, not really such a long bow to draw

  • So how many Red Alert posts arose out of pillow talk?

  • ConwayCaptain

    That is not as bad as LORD Prescott, ex Deputy PM in the UK.

    He screwed a bird on that holy of holies, The Table in the Admiralty Board Room.  At this table has sat Fisher, Mountbatten, Fraser, Leach, Howe Anson and a long list of famous names.

    Taken into this room when I was about 12.  REEKS of History

    • Blokeintakapuna

      reeks of stale pussy now too probably….

  • Phar Lap

    Who said it was a she,in the wee room next door.WTF.

  • Agent BallSack

    Is this Mallards way of boasting about who he screwed in the round orifices, I mean offices?

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Hahaha. LMAO!!!
    What goes around eh Trevor?

    Now for that other serial defamer under privelidge, Winston.

  • Quackers

    Anyone for a bit of roast duck breast with redcurrent sauce on the side?

  • Bob

    How about a ‘question’ to the Minister for Parlimentry Services – ‘Has the Minister seen any reports of noise complaints within the parliamentary precincts, and if yes did it resemble a mating duck?’

  • grumpy

    I have absolutely no problem if Trev was rooting Clare.  At least she is the right sex, not like the usual Labour practices (like Darren).

    As someone said about Bill Clinton “…at last we have a President who screws…”

  • When all else fails throw a bit of illicit sex in the mix – that’ll get them talkin’ …. agree with grumpy – also seems they’re young enough these days to not be in danger of a coronary. Not like during Mulders’ time…


    Go trev,the cereal rooter.Fruit loops anyone.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    I heard all the Labour Party caucus can only have sex on their backs – because they can only ever fuck-up…

  • insider

    Good of Tau to share his wisdom around. Or is it Hone Carter?

  • toby_toby

    That is one seriously bogan hairdo she has in that pic.

  • Catwoman

    Trev did spend a lot of time in Dunedin and he did fall off a bike there…………

    • Bryan

      Thats no way to talk about Clare.

  • Adolf Fiinkesein

    Was it not Mallard who conspired to get rif of Madelaine Setchel and have her replaced with Curran?   Way back when?   He’ll wear his little pecker out if he’s not careful and a duck with no pecker is not a nice proposition.

    What a tawdry sordid little gang.

  • Peter Gardner

    What fun it must be in the House these days ???

    Please keep it going, Whale Oil.


  • Rem

    Next time this happens I wanna watch, make it a Rolex®

  • Rem

    Next time this happens I wanna watch, make it a Rolex®

  • stan blanch

     Well I’m not defending Mallard..Actually unlike Banksie ,I dont like him at all …But last time I looked fornication in ^rivate chambers was’nt an offence carrying a 2 yr ^rison sentence.. Like election fraud..,This is too childish…. I dont read the Standard nor Whaleoil for exactly the same reasons..Both are trashy.At any rate, I’m hugely relieved to hear the other ^arty in Coitus with Mallard was’nt Gerry Brownlee :-)…..Shall I reword that…”Member in Coitus”