And be inbred?

Apparently the upper classes lie and cheat more than others:

Members of the upper classes are more likely to lie, cheat and even break the law than people from less privileged backgrounds, a study has found.

In contrast, members of the “lower” classes appeared more likely to display the traditional attributes of a gentleman.

It suggests that the traditional notion of the upper class “cad” or “bounder” could have a scientific basis.

But psychologists at the University of California in Berkeley, who carried out the study, also suggested that the findings could help explain the origins of the banking crisis – with self-confident, wealthy bankers more likely to indulge in reckless behaviour.

Interesting but doesn’t really account for Matt McCarten though does it?


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  • Apolonia

    How come Matt’s not behind bars?

  • Jman

    Berkeley is a hotbed of left wing extremism so this is just the kind of “study” you would expect to see from them.

  • It’s not cheating if you’re in Utah

  • Tony

    As always with Berkley – this was bad science intended to enforce an already-held belief rather than discover any fact.  

  • but it does ‘account’ for most of the attitudes expressed here by most commenters…

    ..and is just confirmation of what most already know..

    [email protected]

  • jay cee

    the truth hurts.

    • @BoJangles

      Lets change the subject.

  • nzd.gbp

    This writer hasn’t worked in banking if he thinks they are from the upper classes.