Andrew Little loses the plot

Michael Laws sets of Andrew Little on a complete bender on Radio Live this morning. As Michael Laws says no wonder the people of New Plymouth set him packing:


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  • joe bloggs

    A Little dickhead … the last thing you do is lose your rag on radio – he was totally owned by Laws in that last sentence.

    Is there something in the water that unionists drink that makes them so dumb-as-a-sackful-of-hammers objectionable???

  • Labour Sux

    extraordinary.  Andrew actually loses the plot.  It’s not often I agree with Michael Laws but having now read the letter in full I see his point.

  • And that is the “Owned” of the Day courtesy of Michael Laws.

    Seems Andrew Little has little comprehension on how radio interviews work
    Little comprehension on maturity
    Little comprehension on how to stack a credible argument
    Little comprehension on how to conduct an interview with Mr Laws
    and VERY LITTLE comprehension on why New Plymouth gave him the arse at the 2011 election

    • SJ00

      The best part is he rang Laws himself.. the station didn’t contact him. So he should have known what he was getting into.
      They (the left, the loonies, the unions, the wharfies, the greenies) never *answer* the question given to them. They always go on a rant, stating ‘facts and figures’, but never answer the question directly. Its so annoying.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Wow…so what andrew little is saying, is, ….that if a citizen in Nick Smiths electorate (that he didn’t know), came into his electorate office. Nick Smith could not write the EXACT same letter on their behalf. or is it you must IGNOR a citizens rights to approach a minister, if he knows you personally?…To cover himself perhaps Nick Smith should have written this letter on plain stationary (not ministerial letterhead)?

    • sthnjeff

      That is really the point Johnbronkhurst. Smith should have written it on his Electorate Letter head as MP for Nelson.

      But wow, what a media fail from the touted future Labour Party Leader.

      • Geoff Houtman

         Self-touted I think. His abysmal performance in everything from Hobbitgate onwards culminating in his spanking at the election should put his chances of leading Labour at slightly less than Rodney Hide’s.

    • DavidW

      John, it would be impossible for Smith to write this letter for someone he didn’t know as he would not have known them before the accident.  That is the point of the letter FFS

      • johnbronkhorst

        The actual specifics are irrelevant. The fuss is being made as to whether Nick Smith unduely influenced ACC with this letter, by the implication that it may be an instruction to act, from the Minister! Because it was generated in his office, on his letterhead. So the fact that he knew her is irrelevant to labours arguement, it is whether he acted against cabinet rules!!!!

  • Big Bruv

    There goes any chance that Little ever had of being the PM of NZ. All that Nat’s have to do is keep this recording and play it over and over again during an election campaign.
    It just proves that Little is nothing more than a bitter and twisted union thug who is not used to anybody answering back.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Notice andrew little uses the usual labour tactic…I’ll shout you down so mine is the only voice heard. Stupid idiot forgot, that Miachael Laws is still on the radio, AFTER, andrew has hung up and therefore has nobody to compete against while summing up.

  • Super_Guest

    Typical union hack. He can’t take the heat (from Michael Laws, any politician worth his salt should be able to jump that two-inch hurdle) so he loses the plot. Unions breed this kind of standoffish arrogance. Also of note are his comments about everyone not being same, I thought that was the socialist dream? And how people in office are somehow not-the-same. Fairly typical union/left-wing power fantasises showing through there, Andrew.

  • reversespin

    What time was the interview? Trying to find it on the Radiolive website…..

    • Cobolt

       If you listen to the very beginning Laws does a time-check: three minutes to eleven.

  • Jester

    Even his dear old Mum couldnt bring herself to vote for him. Now that indicates what a septic vile piece of shit he is.

  • roddersnz

    Fantastic, dont normally like Michael Laws, but dang what a compete tosser Andrew little came across as. 

  • Nice work Mr Laws

  • AnonWgtn

    Little by name little by nature – one of Labour’s failures.

  • Top Bloke

    True that Little lost the plot – he fell right into Laws’ usual trap – the one where he asks the question and then overtalks before the answer is given or completed. Laws in not really interested in the issue, he is just looking for theatre and hysteria. That dimwit Little certainly gave it.

  • Bunswalla

    Laws is a complete dick (no news there). Little is a bitter little man (ditto) but in this case he’s correct, albeit he makes his case very badly. Carrying on like a pork chop is unbecoming anyone, let alone an aspiring PM.

    The letter was fine, coming from Nick Smith was fine, on Ministerial (Minister for ACC) letterhead it was most certainly not fine and I’m predicting he will go. There’s a news conference at 1:45pm today and I think you’ll see him resign as a Minister.

    • Bunswalla

      And…..Nick Smith has just resigned as a Minister.

      Remember, you heard it here first! Not that it was hard to spot, but well, I did predict it.

  • Timandtim

    Isnt this a fine example of why MMP and List MP’s should be dropped. Here is a man who worked the hustings in New Plymouth and the public didnt vote him in. He gets in as an unelected member by way of having friends in Labour (I am sure someone wrote a supporting letter on some official letterhead saying that they knew Mr Little and he should be on a List ) and demonstrates his inability to quite frankly get along with people in life.

    Everyone has friends and the only thing I got out his answers were …. that he dislikes National – will we all know that – beat them on policy not on letterhead. Mr Smith did wrong and we all know that.

    Tell me why he (Mr Smith)  should be fired, not why you hate the world.

    Anyway Mr Little your EMPU Financial accounts make interesting reading.

  • Al

    Laws typical of the radio host who wants to hear his own voice more than that of his interviewee!
    Not a fan of Little’s but he is right (as has been subsequently proved) – we have a Cabinet Manual which was not adhered to and Mr ‘Smile and Wave’ thought he could ignore it. Sometimes principles have to override pragmatism. (Applies equally to Key as it did to Laws).

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Andrew Little never listened to a single word Michael Laws said. Little was interviewing himself and answering himself. Total rubbish Little

  • Sooty

    Little is a good example of why we should not have list MP’s. 

  • Gazzaw

    This is totally irrelevant to this thread but I just want to comment on the fact that not once today have I seen or heard any reference to MUNZ here or in Pravda or on the radio. Have they finally been consigned the the irrelevance bin?

  • Timandtim

    Union idiots just read NZ herald saying MUNZ and Kelly just screwed over POAL. Read the judges court order and it says in point 4… Don’t speak to the media…you fools POAL take them to court now and sack them. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope this judge throws the book at MUNZ

  • doshi

     oh dear timandtim you obviously have not read the news MUNZ are back in the terminal at POAL
    You fuckwits never thought this would happen but it has and now you can all commend the Maritime Union who do not take a backward step and now have victory in sight contrary to all the right wing shite written here
    proud to be a wharfie

    • Peter Wilson

      I must admit that piece of news about MUNZ was a bit of a wake up. The idea that POAL would cave into the union never entered my thinking. It’s hard to beleive the union is going to come out on top after all.

      • Euan Rt

        Don’t worry, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

      • Charlie the farmer

        I would doubt it. Though the union may of returned it is the exporters and the ships who will make the final call on if it is worth taking the risk and sending product through POAL. As far as one is aware the risk still exceeds any return so would not expect a rush back there. The union stance has made all aware that MUNZ is not to be trusted and tighter conditions will be placed on any contracts with POAL

      • Greg M

         They haven’t caved in, they have put it on hold for four weeks to re enter bargaining. At the end of that time if POAL doesn’t get what it wants, byebye MUNZ.

  • Philip ure a cock

    Little man syndrome!!!!! Even more than the King of Little Man Syndrome himself, Mickey Laws! Little’s got sand in his vagina because he is hella-scratchy!!!

  • Ghostofsirrob

    It was good to hear Little stick it up Laws

  • Iain Parker

    Great to see Andrew go where many have given up on. That is taking on the ego-maniac Michael Laws on his “talk to” radio show where he is skilled at using every technical advantage on that switch board of his to make it appear to those who dont know of them that he legitimately over powers with intellect everyone who threatens his swiss cheese version of history. Then when people have to raise their voice in an attempt to overcome the dial he uses to fade out the caller he claims they have gone grazy and should be removed from the gene pool because they did not get their degree from the same university he attended thus aint worth the paper its written on. Sits there with his google tabs open and his pre-written little editorials and makes out like he is producing off the cuff. Personally I thought it was very refreshing to see someone show some freaken passion and drop the PC bullshit. Bit more of that needs directing at both inside and out of his own party who appear to be about to waste another opportunity to return to their much needed founding ideals of monetary, banking and credit system reform but instead look set to again conform to economic slavery at the hands of senior elements of international banking. cheers

  • Iain Parker

    I think it was Walter Nash who said one who is surrounded by those compelled to agree with them must be careful not to get an inflated opinion of ones self.
    I would suggest Michael Laws could do with thinking about that. I would wager there would be lucky to be 2 out 20 callers that ever chellenge him on anything because he has trained his listners by way of verbal assaults to be just the way he wants it.
    I would suggest the style of Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagen style of talk back actually adds more to the collective knowledge of society than Law’s ever has.

    • Thegreens

      Laws maybe painful to many but Little lost the plot and fell into the well baited trap set by the shock jock, f**king hilarious, perhaps would do better joining the boys on the streets outside POAL, almost like the good ol days……..Little is a Muppet for sure but who is holding the stings?