Answer um, of the, of the, er, day

I think I might make this a semi-regular post.

I heard this answer on BFM this morning..not only does Shearer blatantly change his position on the POAL action, he reveals Labour also supports casualisation.

Full Interview: [audio]

However, the non-answer to the second question jumped out at me, even by um Shearer’s er stan.. standards…


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  • BJ

    He is the most painful person to listen to behind Cathy Casey

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Back in the good old days of NZI Life, there was an executive who shared Shearer’s elocution teacher.  I counted forty seven ‘ums’ in fifteen minutes one day.

    Fortunately the gentleman left and started a vineyard.  quite successful, I hear.

  • That was painful. Nice to know he supports casualisation