Anything for a headline

Russel Norman is complaining on Frogblog that the government is selling Clyde Dam, but Clyde Dam has been privately owned by Contact Energy since the 1990s – about the time Russel Norman arrived in NZ to do his doctorate on the Alliance party.

As you can see the dam is still here, producing power for many New Zealanders.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    And they want us to beleive that could run the countrty!!

  • Pete George

    Of course the Norman conquest, as the next (Labour-Green) government Minister of Finance, will make very good revenue and spending decisions that will make the deficit and debt problem much better.

    New Zealand will become Russelala land.

    • sthnjeff

      Mind you….. good plan, imagine if you could sell it twice!

    • Polishpride

      Oh, I see…. so Pete I presume you actually believe Nationals completely flawed plan of slashing jobs in the public sector left and right and selling assets will fix this countries problems.
      In case you aren’t aware this will only put us in a much worse situation than we are in right now, and here’s why. in an economic down turn companies have two options.
      A. maximse Profit.
      B. Cut costs.
      Companies have more control over the second so tend to focus their efforts in reducing costs.
      The biggest cost of course is Labour so they do some or all the following.
      A. Restructure
      B. Automate
      C. Offshore Jobs and Operations to other parts of the world with cheaper labour.

      Result less costs for the business Woooohooooo!
      But wait all businesses are doing this (At the same time the government is slashing their public sector jobs left and right)
      Another result however is less people spending. (contributed to also on a large scale by public sector job losses too).
      Less people spending equals less profit (less profit also equals less tax btw) 
      So businesses again look to maximise profit and cut costs
      which of course means more restructuring, automating, and offshoring of operations……
      which of course means……….. less profit and so the downward spiral continues and it take the economy that much longer to recover.
      Add to that selling revenue streams (asset sales) and instead borrowing at an interest rate greater than the net benefit of selling the assets and you make the situation even worse. You then become as a country much more  at risk of following the P.I.G.S.
      You cannot cut your way to prosperity plain and simple.
      let me know if their is any part of this equation you don’t understand and I’ll try to type more slowly for you..

      • John Q Public

        “The biggest cost of course is Labour…”  You’re right of course, which is why they were booted out of power.

      • Boss Hogg

        Have you ever considered increased export revenues from running the economy and businesses efficiently, therefore winning export orders over our competitors?

        You seem to be a Flat Earther and may not realise there is a big world out there over the horizon that we can earn money from.

      • BW_Lord

        ‘You cannot cut your way to prosperity”

        In most situations its called consolidation. In times of plenty, such as the early ’00’s, both private and corporate sectors tend to gather a fair amount of baggage in the way of back office spread. People who spend most of their days justifying the existence of their jobs, but only rarely contributing to the organisation.

        Along comes a recession and the screws start tightening. The flak gets cut away to give a stable base to build back towards prosperity.

      • johnbronkhorst

        “slashing jobs in the public sector”…don’t understand much do you. Public sector jobs are NOT puductive to the economy and cannot be compaired to private sector jobs. In the private sector, you have productive jobs (that earn you your profit, and admin jobs (while necessary) are a cost of doing business. Public sector jobs (core public sector) are a cost of doing the business of govt.They generate NOTHING. To look at it a different way ask…How are public sector jobs paid for?….Via the ONLY way govt. gets money, taxes and borrowing!!! So a public servant gets salary from IRD via their dept. and pays a% back to IRD. Therefore their NET salary came from the rest of the tax payers….THE PRIVATE SECTOR who are in fact the ONLY tax payers!!!!!!…Keeping up are you??? IDIOT!

      • Polishpride

        Increased export revenues – What from Dairy Beef and Kiwifruit!!??!! the first two being our biggest export earners..??
        Yes it is a big world isn’t it and it is exactly that which enables a now worldwide labour market that will if not carefully managed result in NZ being far worse off as to be competitive on the world stage only result in lowering of wages to third world standards in order for us to remain competitive in a worldwide labour market.
        Not a flat earther just a businessman who has the ability to see the entire big picture and understand all the variables not some bilnkered R winger who thinks that blind devotion to ideals of the right will fix everything.  
        I actually just want politicians to understand the consequenses of their actions and come with a solution to fix it without putting us in a worse situation down the track.      

      • johnbronkhorst

        polish if you were a businessman as you claim, you would spout the drivel you do, showing a COMPLETE lack of understanding of how business is run re it’s labour force!…you are still an idiot!

      • Polishpride

        In Reply to JohnBronkhurst I think you need a lot more education on this topic John. I am well aware of where the public sector get paid from but you cannot look at that in Isolation. You also need to look at what they do with their tax payer funded money once they get it. They (like everyone else) spend their money buying goods and services from businesses many of which stuggle to survive in an economic downturn. These businesses were in turn buying goods and services from more pofitable businesses and companies which improves their profit in the downturn and keeps the tax take up. If you can’t look at the entire picture John including the effects of restructures, automation and offshoring why bother commenting you only show your lack of knowledge on the subject.
        The reason I am still in business is that I understand these variables and in the early 00s was actually helping Private sector companies do activities such as automation and offshoring. 

        You also made the comment the only way the govt makes money Taxes and Borrowing. – In there is one of the solutions and I don’t mean borrowing from the international fractional reserve banking system that creates money out of thin air and gives it to our govt whilst charging interest on it, payment of which being where the majority of our tax dollars will be heading soon if they are not already.
        Wake up sunshine. How about a nice cup of big picture reality.  

      • johnbronkhorst

        Idiot…Raising taxes just slows the economy..I can’t gthink of anyone more incompitant to deal with our tax money than a govt.thats why we need to reduce what we pay them!!!…Your thinly veiled socialist dogma, NEVER works, the only thing govt.s are good for is to make it easier for businesses to work, supply and demand do the rest, if you have what the customer wants you succeed, if you don’t …then….you don’t succeed. Success for businesses has ALWAYS meant more jobs and a higher standard of living for all. Bigger govt. has ALWAYS meant failure and poverty! 

      • Polishpride

        In Reply to Johnbronkhorst  – Success for Business has always meant more jobs and a higher standard of living for all!!!???!!!  Clearly you were in a Coma during the GFC…. Very successful for the banks, everyone else – not so much 

      • Vij

        Suggest you go back to Poland and write your rubbish there.

      • Polishpride

        In fact Johbronkhurst  It was the actions of the Banks, the lack of intervention and regulation on their activities by the US Govt. and Our own National Govt’s ill timed tax cuts at the start of the GFC that hve put us in the situation we are now in. All of which were the result of R wing policies…. Do you have anything thats actually based in reality. Come on you gotta do better than that.

      • Polishpride

         In reply to Vij – I’m a born and bred Kiwi So perhaps you should take your thinly vieled racist attitude and get the F out of my country.

      • Vij

        You call yourself Polishpride, so I told you to go back to Poland and spout your rubbish there and maybe someone there will listen to you.  How is that racist?  People who spout rubbish love to call people who call them out racist.  Usually, these people are the biggest racists.  I am a New Zealander,  so it is sad we have people like you who call themselves New Zealanders.  But as ConwayCaptain has previously said, idiots like you have the right to spout your rubbish.

      • Polishpride

        Vij The first thing racists do when called out about it is try to defend themselves uh kinda like you just did…
        also while we’re at it what did you mean by  your statement “so it is sad we have people like you who call themselves New Zealanders” ……!?!

      • Vij

        PolishPride, read your first reply to me and then lets get all those who comment here (who have the time to read your rubbish) to say whose comment is racist.  This is my country too.  Things can’t always be the way you want.  You are a very sad little person

      • onelaw4all

        “It was the actions of the Banks, the lack of intervention and regulation on their activities by the US Govt. and Our own National Govt’s ill timed tax cuts at the start of the GFC that hve put us in the situation we are now in. All of which were the result of R wing policies”

        With such a lack of understanding of economics, the timeline and cause of the GFC, and history, I can only imagine the nature and wellbeing of any “business” you are involved in….

      • Pleated Pants Romance

         hey onelaw4all… presumably you have a solid understanding then, given you’re in a position to judge? If that’s the case, why are you posting here, instead of becoming President of the whole freaking world and fixing the economy?

      • Polishpride

        Well OneLaw4All perhaps you’d care to enlighten us on what caused the GFC in your world and actually put your money where your mouth is so to speak…..  

      • Boss Hogg

        Polishpride – there are many opinions that the root cause of the GFC on the US side of the Atlantic can be put squarely on the shoulders of the Clinton admistration.  Does that ring any bells with you ?????  Not very right wing those Clintons and associates.

      • Polishpride

        Boss Hogg – first many now argue that the Democrats are only marginally left of the Republicans but both follow pretty much the same overall agenda with of course the exception of Ron Paul.  I’d suggest you watch the movie Inside Job if you haven’t already (although I’d be surprised if you haven’t) 
        It could be argued that The US Govt has pretty much headed in the same general direction since Kennedy was assasinated and shifts to the left or right from that point where merely little more than an illusion. 
        You can easily argue that Bush being Republican and therefore logically R wing had six years of prosperity as far as economies around the world go, but that the trillions of dollars in debt to keep the war machine going has effectively brought the American economy to its knees (at least from where it was). 
        You can also argue that as the key indicator under capitalism is GDP and as much of Americas manufacturing base has been offshored then without the war machine, the construction contracts for rebuilding that flow on from it and the money made in the banking industry by the likes of Goldman Sachs from their activities leading up to the GFC, America’s economy might have been in a significantly worse state and possibly even bankrupt already. It has been systematically turned from a producing nation to just a consumption nation.
        For the record I am not Left or Right I am in the camp of the system doesn’t work  anymore and needs to change. 
        Think about it all that happens at the moment is we shift a little to the left or a little to the right after each election and thats it we don’t actually stop and say hey are we even heading in the right direction meanwhile the cliff is fast approaching.        

  • Dr Wang

    With this sort of loose and sloppy relationship with the facts and reality, we can only be thankful that Red Rustle has been incapable of getting his hands on the levers of power here in NZ.

    •  sshh!!!..soon wang…soon..!

      ..and he has been kicking arse lately in parliament…

      ..i have to do a mea culpa..

      ..i actually supported tanczos in the green party leadership battle..

      ..for a variety of reasons..

      ..i was wrong..

      ..norman is working out quite well..

      phillip [email protected]

      • Salacious T Crumb

        As in working out in the “just as credible” stakes?

      • Boss Hogg

        As long as left leaning and pseudo green egg heads keep selecting leaders that are “working out quite well” we can relax in the knowledge these leaders will mumble along dribbling out trivia while our man is the best available.  Key will continue to select good people to surround himself with as all successful leaders do.  More power to McCully and Joyce, I say.

        Still, you are probably “quite stoned”  

      • Vij

        That’s why he lost and left

      • Ronnie Chow

         Do you drive or otherwise use filthy oil-burning machines to get around , Ure ? Perhaps to a protest about filthy oil drilling ? Never could understand that one .

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Has the little nerd started shaving yet?

    •  that short haircut look suits him..he should keep it..

      ..(it makes him look less aussie..somehow…)

      ..shearer should stop fighting/trying-to-conceal the follicle-loss..

      ..and stay short too… makes them both look sharp/efficient… image to nurture..

      [email protected]

      • johnbronkhorst

        Yes phil, but it was supposed to be and billed as ” a Shaven head” just like his policies half arsed.

      • Polishpride

        John your so clearly one eyed right wing I’d be astounded if you knew what any other parties policies were let alone hwat there effect on the economy would be.

      • johnbronkhorst

        well polish, your assumption is a wrong as your socialist stupidity!…I do read their policies and also research them to have an understanding. Do you?…Try this one by ronald regan….”A socialist has read marx, but it takes a capitalist to understand him”.

      • Polishpride

        JohnBH – Read….perhaps, Understood…. I doubt it.   

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep – has a Doctorite – still just as thick as 2 short planks – or should that be 2 sacks of hammers?

    •  yr ‘qualifications there..?..tacky-bloke..?


      • Boss Hogg

        I suspect our man in Takapuna has enough qualifications that have him paying tax…………..are you familiar with this system Phil ??

    •  “.. has a Doctorite(sic)..’…heh..!

      [email protected]

      • The Walrus

        Love it when those who know good England attack the damned elite who went to University…

        … And mis-spell their attack…… Spelling maketh the man…… heh, indeed!

      • Super_Guest

         This is a moment in history. Phillip “I don’t know how to construct a proper English language sentence” Ure mocking another’s spelling.

  • Roland

    Not another Doctor ‘what makes you sick’

  • Chris


    • Ronnie Chow

       How many Chinese made appliances in Norman’s house and office ?

      •  what actually is the significance of yr question there..chow..?

        are you insisting that  opposition to oppressive policies must go hand in hand with shedding anything to do with that country..?

        ..for that opposition to be worthy of consideration..? opposition to the clusterfuck in afghanistan..

        ..means no more american..british..or nz music..?


        ..both harsh..and wildly irrational…

        [email protected]

  • Wayne

    So Polish Pride, your answer is to continue supporting an overburdened Private Sector work force, which Labour effectively doubled in their 9 years in office – and delivered what to the NZ economy, apart from more bureaucratic red tape? Then of course blindly/miss-guidedly hang on to all our assets at the cost of selling a small number to inject much needed foreign capital in to these assets (to develop & grow them) and to the economy generally through a 49% share float. Clearly you’re still reading outdated communist propoganda publications.


    • Polishpride

      No Wayne, I have also worked in the public sector and I know there is a lot of dead wood that needs to go. But you have to look at the implications of the action and how you go about it. Go about it the wrong way and you (as with the armed forces) you end up having the personel you want to keep leave. If you want to blindly slash and burn in a bid to cut costs without caring about the downstream effects…Then hell start with canning the armed forces altogether. After all  down here we are of no strategic importance to anyone else in the world.     

      • Wayne

        Agree, but I hardly think John Key and the National Party have signalled a “slash and burn” policy to address and improve efficiences within the private sector – from what I have observed it has been undertaken in an appropriate and proper manner. What this country needs is for everyone to focus on building a better economy and, bury the bullshit gutter politics we we are witnessing currently – these highly paid politicians are certainly not serving their constituents or the betterment of our country with this mud-slinging crap 

      • Chris

         Polish your Knob,

      • Ronnie Chow

          Of strategic importance are our fishing grounds , offshore minerals(read oil)  and our access to Antarctica (read oil), what with India and others making a play . (with the strategy being to keep us on side with the Americans by sending our Hoki to McDonald’s and our Toothfish to the Waldorf .)
         Many of the best in the Army headed to Iraq as contractors . Government Departments , especially Local Government , metaphorically are similar to going into a second-hand shop . All the good stuff has gone or is way too expensive .
          Currently at the IRD staff are having to reapply for their jobs . What better way to cull the deadwood ? It’s certainly not slash and burn . And how many staff do we have in Tonga ?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Polish…IDIOT…Helen clarke increased the public sector by 50 an average of
       $60 000 per year salary plus costs..thats $3 billion per year plus costs…for what, so she could say “look we have the lowest unemployment figures in NZ history”? which sent us into recession 1 year before the global crisis, after listening to national warn them if they continued…it would happen. Then when it did they tried to deny it!! So the public sector increased by about 1/3…tell me did NZ population increase by that much??…NO.

      • Polishpride

        Perhaps she did – As I said in reply to wayne JBK there is deadwood. It needs to go just look at how you do it, manage it carefully so you only lose the deadwood and understand the downstream effects on all parts of the economy….. I can see you are a detail kind of guy though.  
        If you start out by abusing your intended audience each time (or at anytime) it has the effect of diminishing your arguement and the perception of your intelligence or lack there of. just a thought..  

      • Ronnie Chow

           Oh yes she did . Remember the plan for the new (Leninist sounding?)  Ministry Of Social Development building next to Parliament ? Now that was grandiose!

    • Polishpride

      That I most certainly agree with. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    What this countrty needs is a LEADER in all meanings of the word.

    To come in and say

    This is the state of the economy

    Tghis is what we are going to do and here is the plan.

    This is how I am going to do it with your help.  It will take 5-10 years and we will do this .

    WE havent got a leader and the people who are in line for Minnisters jobs in all parties wouldnt get a job in private enterprise.

    Mcully has fucked up MFAT, Gerry Brownlee has FUCKED up ChCh and as for the rest on the other side TRASH.

    When you are having to LEAD people and not tell them what to do which gets their backs up you say:

    Here is the task

    This is how we will do it

    Any Questions or suggestions

    And usually they will give you suggestions that are helpful and not tell you to [email protected] O#
    [email protected]:disqus 
    Then you do it.

    Worked every time when I had a big job to do as Mate of a ship.  In the days when the MATE was the MATE and he ran his ship!!!

    Loaded my ship in NZ for a Mediterranean load which was a very difficult load fr a lot of reasons.  Did NZ, Med/UK/Europe/Fr Pacific territories?NZ and was away 7 months and NO INTERFERRENCE ftrom HO in NZ   Got back t NZ and every busy body was in the office was down “Do This”  “Do That”.

    [email protected] O!F I’m the Mate and I run this bloody ship not you!!!

    • BW_Lord

      Agree CC.

      Although a firm National supporter, I was disappointed when Mr Key deflected the idea of reintroducing interest on student loans as it was ‘unpopular’. This was brought in as a blatant bribe by a desperate labour government, and imagine what we could have done with the extra revenue from this.

      I can understand his sentiment that this would lose him the next election, and just hope that he gets a chance to continue the much needed reforms, but disapointed none the less that he didn’t take a stronger stance.

      • Salacious T Crumb

        He could simply have sold it as “Here’s the choice – interest free loans or paying for Christchurch. Whats your preference NZ?”

        A no brainer – even the selfish, me-first scarfies couldnt counter that one.

      • Polishpride

        Agreed and while your at it bump the top personal tax rate and find something else to tax

      • Boss Hogg

        Polishpride – On the basis of your interpretation of national success, which countrie(s) do you think NZ should emulate to achieve our own success?

        I currently live in Singapore working for a NZ owned manufacturer that outsources offshore and exports from NZ high value engineered machinery. 

      • Polishpride

        Boss Hogg- Iceland for what they are doing right now :)
        otherwise…… if the only option is to stick with the current system (which it isn’t by the way)  as a very bare minimum I would look at replicating best practice from other countries or at least countries that have had very good results in certain areas. 
        I haven’t looked at this indepth as my preference would be to throw the whole system out starting with true democracy not the sham we have now.
        but Finland – education
        Portugal – drug policy (you might not like this but I base things on evidence and logic and the evidence and therefore logic show that it has worked.
        Energy tech – Germany   
        But as I said the whole system is broken and should be scrapped in my view.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Yes capt. ordering people about is one form of leadership. Whimps don’t mind because they expect to be ordered about and can’t make a decision  of their own. However, quality people, stand up for themselves and their opinion, a real LEADER, sets the direction, heads in that direction, and the rest follow due to force of personallity. He takes them with him, not stand at the back directing them. A real leader, surrounds himself with Quality people who don’t just say “yes sir”, they input to the solution and he encourages that!! Thats team work and that is what gets ahead and what we have (largely) in this govt. that was missing under Sturmbaum furer clark, and the 2 wet noodles recently, Goofy and shearer!

    • jackwhite


  • blam

    Isnt Contact Energy 51% Australian anyway ?

  • Boss Hogg

    Russel Norman is a Dweeb (the urban dictioanary provides good insight on the word) and should be happy to just be thought a fool rather than open his mouth and remove all doubt.

    To me, the partial sale of some state shares in various companies is an excellent method of improving the overall quality and size of our share market.  Qulaity attracts quality and this would provide good investment opportunities for all NZ people in companies with good governance and tranparent reporting.  What is not to like about that?  Or would we like to deposit our savings with shonky finance companies that dream up things like “mezanine finance” and call it a “product”.   I think we are tired of that. 

  • Mr_Blobby

    They the politicians and all of you are a complete bunch of Muppets.
    The non Productive public sector has to be slashed massively, this has not happened. All the Ex overweight staff/beneficiaries should be sent to the fields to pick fruit or something productive.
    Governments by statue should not be allowed to run deficits like all businesses they should have to balance the books.
    The longer we stay in lala land borrowing to fund our lifestyles, the harder the landing will be when we a forced to face reality.

  • Will

    People have a right to a government they can afford. 

  • jay cee

    polishpride did have a point everyone who has a job, be it in the private or public sector, is too busy to get into trouble.and, believe it or not,  people who work for the government actually pay taxes as well.and with their take home pay are consumers just like everyone else.

    • Boss Hogg

      OK – good.  Now we introduce Work for Benefits – all of them.

      Why not??

    • Landy

      Polishpride, the government is not your Mommy. 
      It is just a committee funded by a few productive people who pay their taxes honestly and put in funds to do basic essential services that need sharing.  
      Unfortunately, they have to carry a bunch of thick, passive people;  NGOs that ride in the slipstream;  and toads who avoid paying their taxes.
      New Zealand didn’t used to be like this.  

    • Karlos

      Jay Cee, they pay taxes as well, but the taxes they pay don’t cover their role (unless they pay 100% tax) so for every person working in the pulic sector we need approx 2 more in the private sector earning the same amount to cover the cost of their role. The problem with the Marxists of this world is they haven’t quite figured this out yet.

      By bloating the public sector like Helen Clark did, without adding any noticable increae in productivity to those sectors, we now have a situation where we simply cannot, as a country, afford to keep the public sector at its current size. We also cannot afford to ‘slash and burn’, but in fairness, it is better to err on the side of culling too many roles as its costs alot more to make people redundant than it does to hire them. Sad but true.

      IMHO, National is actually being softer on the public sector than they have too simply to apease the masses. It does need to be done though.

  • BR

    Go to the government website and take a look at all the government departments. Over half of them could be relinquished and I doubt that anyonnot in their immediate sphere of influence would would notice. Who the hell needs a families commission, a children’s commission, a race relations commission, government departments that exist for the exclusive benefit of one race, arts councils, the list goes on… I say abolish them all, sack all those associated with them and put them on the dole. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper, and there would be far fewer obstructive sticky-beaks interfering with those who create the real wealth, i.e. private business operators.