Are the unions copying Australia?

In Australia the unions have got hold of about 70% of cabinet, so have been as happy as pigs in shit. Unfortunately the pigs didn’t realise that they can get caught doing dodgy stuff, and if it is too dodgy they will get busted.

The Building industry is rife with problems, with the unions intimidating anyone they think they can, all in the name of “a fair workplace”.

This is what Julia Gillard said to the ACTU conference in 2009.

“Like me, I am sure you were appalled to read of dangerous car chases across Melbourne City involving carloads of balaclava wearing people, criminal damage to vehicles resulting in arrests, threats of physical violence and intimidation of individuals, including damage to a private residence….”

Not that she ever did anything about it.

Since breaking the ports story the flood of information about union intimidation. Enough to make me think we need a public body to investigate unions.


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  • Mike Smith

    Just what is it you have against working people being organised?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Organised…Mike…Nothing…if they stick to industrial relations, terms and conditions and safety…but they don’t do they mike!!!!!!!..
      “The Maritime Union recognizes the importance of not relying on achieving its goals simply through parliamentary methods, and will continue to use industrial tactics and community campaigns to further the interests of the majority, the working class.”
      MUNZ web site c dec 2011, Titled “election 2011″…Show their actions were ENTIRELY political in nature….from their OWN WORDS…….

      • Mike Smith

         and what is the problem with that?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Whats wrong with it mike…DORK!!! This shows that the union (especially in this case) is not in an industrial dispute with PoA….But using it as an excuse to try and gain political power. NOBODY voted for parslow you fuck wit!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mike Smith

        Are you saying that unions shouldn’t fully particiapte in civil society?

      • Philip ure a cock

        Not much difference to asking for party donations for air time with the prime minister. Typical left hypocrisy!

    • Dave

      Mike.   There is absolutely nothing wrong with being organized.   But there is a lot wrong with intimidation, underhand tactics, and the unionists stopping productivity to gain an upper hand through sheer greed.    I strongly suggest you look at more cooperative workplace models, where workers actively seek to improve their lot for more pay and security.   PoAL have actively encouraged this.

      I agree with johnbronkhorst and conway captain.  the unions days (as currently operate) are are very numbered, just like the outdated business models.   Where is Kodak today??     history.

      Unions are very outdated, think back 50 years and look at employee benefits and safety, and the legislation of the day, then look now.   Legislation and employer relations now cover 99% of what the outdated commie unions do now.   So, why are their members paying them to do 1% of what they used to do.   

      • Mike Smith

        Kodak was a failure of management.
        I was with you until you used the anachronism “commie”.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Mike, whether Kodak was a failure of management is not the point of Dave’s post, his point was that Kodak failed to change it’s business model to move with the times (and technology). The Unions are in a similar position and it will also be a failure of management (the Unions management) that they sink into the abyss.

        I also cannot see how you could be with Dave until he used “commie” and then not be with him afterward. Communist ideology is entrenched in Unionism, and MUNZ is one of the worst proponents.

        Dave’s post is pretty much on the mark.

    • Light

      Do you mean organised so that many of them have their balaclavas ready at a moments notice to to jump into multiple cars, fuelled up and parked in strategic positions to enable rapid car chase and intimidation?

      • Mike Smith

         You’re being silly now!

      • Dave

        A reply to Mike’s comment, “You’re being silly now”.

        Its not that silly, that is how the union thugs operate.   I was a senior manager at a firm in Australia, our packers and store men went on strike after their union made them.   A picket line was formed, and over 2 weeks they terrorized anyone that crossed it.   We had police attend just to get our contract labour and management in and out of the premises, still, they slashed tires, ripped wipers off trucks, and scratched paint.   

        I assured our workers, the cost of any damage would be calculated and deducted form the available wage pool.   I was crossing the line one afternoon, and the union delegate noticed two storage totes in the back of the wagon, so as i booted it and they followed – 3 carloads of union heavies.  I called the police, and led them on a wild goose chase around sydney.  At one set of lights, a union official bashed on the windows screaming I was s scab strike breaker and to let them see the contents of the car.   Several minutes later i met the police at the Post Office, and posted the mail  -:)     They looked so stupid as the police officer went over and said – its mail boys, in the meantime, 5 trucks got in to the premises.

    • Dave

      Mike.    I stand by my comments, sorry if you didn’t like the word commie.    MUNZ will not survive this as they are now, they are trying tactics so old and outdated.   It’s almost funny that the members follow Garry like sheep to the slaughter.  By slaughter, its their jobs, their pay, their future that he is gambling with, not his own.  I am sure you will find there is a clause in section 991, sub section 111 that redundancy for exec union organizers carries a years salary plus 2 months for every day they have worked for the union in an exec position (or similar).

      They (MUNZ members) would be far better to get a strategic industrial advocate, who understands the environment, the ports position, can cost the arguments for both sides to get a full understanding of the relative arguments and positions, and can actually negotiate.           BTW – listen to Whale – Ports 15, MUNZ 0   Garry said no ships will dock unload etc……..   THink, what is in the best interest of the ships owners.   a quick turnaround, efficiency……  ah, YES.  They will support PoAL, especially now a lot of crews are non union.  THe unions have lost their strength, which is why they are outdated.

      Re:    Are you saying that unions shouldn’t fully particiapte in civil society? 

      Not at all, the unions can participate in a civil society, but like the rest of, they must participate in a civil way to be taken seriously, or with many credibility.  Thats the problem isn’t it Mike!

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Aussie Building and Construction Unions, MUA, P&Ds (that were) were well renowned for their stand over tactics and dodgy dealing and connection with the crims.

    The NZSU and Watersiders Union were also well known as was the Boilermakers Union.  Weher are the Boilermakers these days?????

    The way the MUNZ and Co are going they may find that they have gone the same way.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I had a friend, studying to be an Engineer at Canterbury university..Late 70’s early 80’s. At that time the the boilermakers went on strike at the BNZ centre in Wellington. From then on Engineers were trained in the building of multistory projects…in CONCRETE. I believe the BNZ centre was the last steel constructed multistory building in NZ…To be a bit flipant…could we indirectly blame the boilermakers for all those concrete buildings in Christchurch that fell down??

  • Mike Smith

    Funny how we live under such a coercive systems where it”s OK for one side, capital, to fight their corner but not for the other, labour, to fight theirs. 

    • Sarrs

      Ok, I’ll bite. How are the labour force being prevented from fighting their corner? Oh and please link to fact based and/or empirical evidence to support your statement…to the same level as you demand of others. 

  • Vikingonmars

    Problem is smith that the unions want 3 corners and a right to rule when they don’t own the territory.
    Pig headed dopey bastards that need to spend some time on the dole so they can appreciate how well off they have been and would remian even if they did have to lift their game and act like civilised human beings.

    But thicker than pigshit would be their description.