At least it wasn’t licking windows

NZ Herald

An artist licked her way out of a cage of toffee…for art…I hope there wasn’t any ratepayer cash involved in this stunt. Given that it is Dunedin and they like subsidising marginal activities like…Rugby…it is highly likely the council paid for this:

There was only one thing on artist Audrey Baldwin’s mind after her Dunedin Fringe Festival performance “Canker” last night.

“A shower,” she said, with a tired grin.

Two and a half hours earlier, Baldwin had crawled into a cavity lined with 1m square by 4mm thick panes of pure toffee and begun to lick her way out.


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  • Kthxbai

    If it was Wellington there would certainly have been ratepayer cash involved.

    Pity Nick Smith’s gone, he looked like putting a stop to councils spending other peoples’ money like water.

  • sthnjeff

    FFS next we will here this has had some sort of Arts Council funding

  • Tookinator

    2 and a half hours of licking. Sounds like the ideal woman!

  • Cobolt

    can’t find any decent pics or video yet.

  • Kosh103

    Call me old fashioned but I just cannot consider that art.

    •  Wow, I agree with Kosh on something.

      Indeed I don’t consider that art either.

      • Blokeintakapuna

        it would be if she was on the end of the old fella giving it a right good seeing too…

    • BJ

      Old fashioned you are not  – otherwise you’d have a different opinion on good old fashioned marriage.

  • Peter Wilson

    “The project referenced the modern “sugar-rush society”, she said.”

    As with all art, she’s trying to make a statement. In this case, I guess she’s saying we need to break free of the hold sugar has over us, and we must do whatever it takes to succeed. I’m guessing the fact she is naked will overcome any criticisms of council funding from those on here – in the minority it seems – who appreciate the female naked form.

    A thought provoking piece and well worthy of a look.

    • Kosh103


      Still aint art.

    • Jackhenderson00

      If the artist is breaking free from the sugar rush society, then why on earth is she consuming it? You say ‘we must do whatever it takes to succeed’ now while I respect  your interpretation of the art, you surely must see the hypocritical nature of that?

    • Peter Wilson


      The perceived hypocrisy would be analogous to many issues. Perhaps she feels trapped by sugar induced confinement and is left with little option but to embrace her enemy and so subsume her fears. Her nakedness I feel is an attempt to communicate with her base emotions and she has decided her raw being gives her the best chance of dealing with her predicament.

      • Kosh103

        Perhaps its just rubbish.

      • Jackhenderson00

         You’re a charitable man, Peter :-)

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Guess it’s gotta be an improvement on the bleating porta-loo’s the Labour government gave $500,000 to some “artist” to ship porta-loo’s overseas that bleated like sheep when the door opened.

    I bet the (bullshit – or should that be sheep shit) artist is still soaking up the sun somewhere laughing long and loud at how guliable the Labour Party are for giving them $500K for utter bollocks!

    • Kosh103

      No not really. Just as bad.

  • Jackhenderson00

    Wow, this is nearly as artistic as draping a K9 corpse over a beer crate.

  • Gazzaw

    What a load of pretentious, pseudo-intellectual bollocks.

  • I think it was part of the fringe festival, which usually gets DCC funding, so probably did this year too.

    Dunedin just wants to be a little Wellington

  • In Vino Veritas

    From my perspective, it is a cacophony of unresolved variables, attempting to synthesise the juxtaposition of the outcome of sugar consumption with the rigours of today’s modern, end to end society.

    Umm, yeah. That’ll do.

  • Agent BallSack

    This would have been better if she was sitting naked inside the toffee cage and there was a bunch of guys trying to lick their way in. Mmmmm, Art!

  • jay cee

    i’d quite happily wrap my old fella in toffee and let her free it from the bonds of sugar slavery or whatever other point she wanted to make. i wonder if the art council would pay for that? or maybe a porn site? spot the difference.

  • Vlad

    Ratepayer dollars well spent, rather have that happen on a daily basis (streamed live) than pay for Len’s train set.

  • Greg M

    Very creative, you are all Philistines.

    Her jubblies aren’t bad either.