Begging for users won’t work

Check this begging video from Microsoft….to get people to use their Internet Explorer browser:

I’m not convinced…and not likely to ever be. Certainly not by hipsters who love cats in police uniforms.


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  • Korau

    Interesting video. IE stood still for years, the “i” word unknown in their vocabulary. Others (i)nnovated, ie was too big to need to follow. That is, until they saw their user base dwindling. I’ve watched on the website I was webmaster as their market share fell from 95% to around 50%. It’s only now they are starting to both copy features, and also (dare I say it) have original thoughts.

    It reminds me in many ways of the MUNZ/POA argument. MUNZ says, we don’t need to move, we’re too big to roll.

    POA are saying, either move or die.

    Dinosaurs vs mammals in both cases.

  • Johnboy

    They could have at least got Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to front the vid.

    Fucken cheapskates!

  • toby_toby

    I use IE 8 at work. Not a chance I’ll give up Firefox for IE.

  • I use Chrome almost exclusively now… occasionally Safari, but never IE and rarely Firefox

    • MrV

      Google will know your every move! :-)

  • Don

    They can have my Firefox.


  • dutyfree

    I use firefox, chrome and IE in that order.  Google as an organisation piss me off, otherwise chrome would come first I suspect

  • Whafe

    Chrome all the way.. …

  • Brett Dale

    Please tell me that is satire, and not a real ad from microsoft.

  • NX

    Oddly enough I changed from Chrome to IE9, and my parents are using Chrome.  It’s like a parallel universe or something. 

    It’s just that IE9 has a much smother scroll & some text displays nicer.  This might sound like a little thing but counts for a lot if you’re doing lots of reading online.

  • Dean Gray

    Anyone still using Firefox is quite insane. The memory leaks alone are a good enough reason to switch to Chrome.

    • Don

      Yeah, because Chrome has literally TWO extensions to it.

      You’d be mad to want to install an more than that.  Obviously.

      • Sadu

        What features does ie9 have that any of the others don’t? Aside from being slow as fuck, that doesn’t count ad a ‘feature’

  • Alloytoo

    It’s factually incorrect, you couldn’t uninstall IE, (at least not without seriously disrupting windows).

    Opera user BTW.

  • Greg M

    My main bitch with IE has always been it uses parts of the OS to function. At least firefox is standalone, and the memory leak issue isn’t a prob running any version of linux / VM ware etc.
    Strangely enough the leak doesn’t happen with server 03 either. Opera is my second choice for a lean browser.