Blame the Parents, jail them too

In the various papers today I see the parents of the child rapist are sort of blaming themselves.

The “mother” was a Black Power moll and the “father” a Mongrel Mob member…life’s winners they are not.

When you go through the Facebook page of his “mother”, some especially great parenting photos are revealed when she was tagged in on 4 December (most of the children holding booze appear to be her kids).  It is quite painful to read the way she types. That is Lavinia Wall in the brown leather jacket.

 There are also links to her other children, most of which appear either drunk, stoned or in wanna-be gangster style poses.  Charming.  I wonder what the total cost to the state for funding this family will end up being.

Do-gooder crim hugging lawyers who suggest this kid can be redeem are deluded and dangerous.


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  • LesleyNZ

    And I wonder how much money is spent on booze and cigarettes or if any are on benefits.

  • Mark C

    Looks like they could be celebrating a Treaty settlement, or the university graduation of one of the whanau. Our tax dollars at work, more likely. The scum…

    • Mr_Blobby

      No just the regular piss up on benefit day. Having a laugh at the rest of us suckers.

  • Charmaine Hawke

    Wonder if the girl is the one who called Danny Watson yesterday crying crocodile tears about their life

  • Agent BallSack

    Christ on a stick, Niggas With Attitude. (Their words, not mine). My postulation for the acronym NWA would be – Needs Welfare Assistance.

  • I wonder where they get the money to be on the internet – then I remember the only way you can communicate with WINZ these days is via that medium – so maybe we taxpayers are funding them being on Facebook!!!

  • Dr Wang

    Is the mother (Lavinia Wall) a sister/related to Labour MP Louisa Wall?

    Just wondering…same name, age 2yrs apart, both from Taupo, both attended Taupo nui-a-Tia College (at the same time)…etc. Anyone know?

    • SJ00

      They don’t appear to be friends on facebook.. but thats not to say they aren’t related (I would disown her as well if it was me..)


    .When you have a look around in all the towns in this country there are mirror images of this family.Proud,warrior spirit my arse.Useless,arseholes more like it.Time someone took the trash out in this country.

    •  The trouble is their country of origin won’t take them back – it’s probably why they arrived here before us “whities” they were kicked out of there too…..wait for it….

      • Mr_Blobby

        Truth be known that was probably the case. Had a copy of the hand out from the tupper waka claiming that Maori were great navigators. Have never seen any evidence that maori could do anything more than navigate themselves around the harbor.
        No I think more appropriately that they were probably expelled from the Islands that they came from for being undesirable scum. Probably given a boat and supplies and told to paddle off and if they came back the punishment would be death. Probably found NZ by mistake I wonder how many missed NZ and ended up in Antarctica, future treaty claim, no record of any turning up in OZ.

        • seka menacerecords

          The blatant racism shown here is quite worrying.

  • SJ00

    I really wish they could be done for underage drinking.. sadly the law makes it ok to drink if you are with you parents. Einstein reckons he had 30 beers before smashing in the 5 year olds teeth… a 16 yr old drinking 30 beers.. unless they were 2%, that is a crap load of beer. I’m at least twice his age and doubt I could drink half that much. How a 16 yr old gets to become a seasoned drinker like that is just another reason we have so much trouble in this country.

    • Frederico

       Hah classic…I’m f**ked if i’d want to be the first guy ever to show up at a gang party with 2% beer!!..

  • Steve (North Shore)

    If there was a collective brain between the lot of them, one would think they should make their Facebook Profiles ‘Friends Only’ and remove theoption for Public Search.

    • The Robberdog

      Trouble is Steve, they will be proud of it…. remember you have to do things like this to be admitted into these gangs. What I find ironic is how he will have to choose which gang he wants to join BP or MM… oh, which one???? I am surprised his parents are from rival gangs though, shouldnt they be at each others throats… oh, they probably are and then they make up  and have another baby… 

      • Blokeintakapuna

        Yep – this will be a “right of passage” for entry into the gangs. Solution – prison term of 18 month’s or more – ship them off to China. The Chinese could look after them during their prison term – saving the tax payers at least half of what it costs to keep them here in NZ… and if these individuals happen to make it back to NZ after their sentance – I bet they won’t be in such a hurry to be a “gansta” and to return to prison. For too long NZ’s prisons have been a holiday camp and a right of passage for gansta wannabee’s – hard labour, plain rice and water will sort their attitudes…. and make NZ a much better place!  

  • politically unstable

    And now on NZ Herald site is the story of John Gillies – the courts and judges should be ashamed of themselves!!

  • Patriot

    Maori politicians moan about Maoris being on the wrong side of the crime statistics — this maori is adding to those statistics . Its time Pita Sharples and Co, owned the appaulling Maori crime stats as being one of the culture of Rubbish Maori parenting , multiple fathers giving birth to bastards ( sons of unmarried mothers ) .
    No one asked this young drughead to rape a 5 year old European — His mother and father must share the blame for this rubbish Maori behaviour …. Black Power  — what a racist name that is for a bunch of  Maori cowards

    • Doug_S

      You said what I was thinking but I would be far less polite.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Given how quiet the maori and mana parties have been on this subject it would be a good guess that they are family. After all they are the political wing of the gangs in NZ. Next week they will be back on there independence band wagon, spouting on about what a proud and noble people they are.

  • starboard

    Scum. Absolute vile scum. Oh for a Charlie Bronson or Dirty Harry Callahan …” are ya feelin luck punk “.. 

  • Patriot

    In case any commentator says ” Patriot ” is racist  — I am NOT of Caucasion, Polynesian nor ” pakehaha  decent .
    I am a born NZer …. I still say Sharples, Turia , Harawira who have NOT spoken out about shutting down the gangs that is so much of a total disgrace to maoris, — namely Black Power & Mongrel Mob , which the maori rapist’s  mother and father proudly belong to ..  Ban those maori gangs and what they stand for .
    Would we condone either Black or White Ku Klux Klans .. Never , so why have we got Black Power ehh . Thats a racist black kkk gang. 
    Some Maori parenting attitudes and their sloppy aggressive,alcohol, drug,& cannibis lifestyle is a maori  dishonour of the highest disgust .  Yet you ask us to respect maoris — you maoris must clean up your act 1st to earn our respect .
    Come on Dr Sharples — own your problem that we hate ( Rape of a 5 year old ) and address maori aggression & crime — it aint a NZ problem .. its a maori problem — face facts for a change.  !!

  • Patriot

    What tribe is this 16 year old bastard from — the tribe should be fined Treaty money — we hear so much about maori tribes wanting money , wanting, wanting, wanting  — maori crime is an INJUSTICE on NZ & NZers .. His Father is a Taupo Mongel mob — what a crap boast that is — he is so weak , he couldnt even raise a son . What  COWARDS , the whole family are, to target Tourists —

    Tourists should be advised to avoid maori youth areas and where they hang out , as their parents are as drunk & violent as their criminal sons & have a culture of  Drugs & Crime .

    Raping a 5 year old tourist — Give him Hard Labor and hope he gets smashed up in Jail  

    • starboard

      Dead right Patriot. I warn all my visitor friends to avoid brown people while travelling NZ…some will call me racist but I see myself as a realist. The truth hurts. Brown people are gutless violent killer thugs.

  • RedgeNZ

    Looks like feeding time at the zoo in the monkey enclosure.

    • Frederico

       Whale please delete this comment

      • JpSmith


      • Tom

        Doesn’t it? I suggest you get your own blog, and moderate whatever you don’t like on that..

      • Frederico

         Why?…course you ain’t going to solve a dame thing being a jerk!

  • Hoha

    Why is there so much Maori bashing in here. Yes they are Maori but not all of us Maori are like that, infact Ive known white families and island families that do the same  things as them. The focus should be directed at this family and not the Maori race as a whole.

    • starboard

      Maori bashing !  Because its always a fuckin maori doing the bashing/maiming/killing ya retard. Sure whites are involved sometimes but 90 per cent of the time its A FUCKIN BROWN SKIN ! The stats dont lie. Its a maori problem…YOU own it and YOU sort it.

      • Hoha

        I am owning it and my parents owned it that is why we have turned out the way we did, the fact that other Maori families dont own the problems is their problem and will never be able to better themselves for not doing so. 
        And the comments in your second sentence are way off the issue of this postwhich are to jail this whole family. Calling all Maoris bashers and criminals is just wrong and very untrue.
         Saying Maoris should own the problem is like telling the Australians to own the injustices their done to the aboriginals doesnt fix anything. Stopping stereotyping of all races would go a long way.
        And you are right starboard stats dont lie Maori are over represented in our prisons, but those are mostly for violent crimes not sexual crimes. 

      • Starboard….watch it. I will not tolerate racism.

      • starboard

        C’mon Whale Im not being racist. Im stating a fact. Why is that that when someone points out a fact , in this case maori/ PI’s are over represented in thuggery etc , they are labelled racist. Just look at the record..that poor girl tortured in West Akl ,hair ripped out  , toenail ripped off etc , the countless babies that are murdered ( SOCK ) it goes on and on year after year. Maori should be sorting this mess out…harawira , sharples , turia et al.

    • Jester

      I’m with you Hoha. I’m as pakeha as they come but some of these comments are out of line.

  • Tom

    That kid, that family, and that whole way of life are out of line. Start there.

    • Hoha

      Yes I agree with you 100% but blaming a whole race on the actions of some is wrong. Do we blame all Fijians for what Bineemarama is doing in fiji I dont I blame him whether Im right or wrong in doing so. So why blame all Maoris for the act of this family.

    • Jester

      I don’t intend to start anywhere thanks Tom. Just pointing out that while i am absolutely incensed by the rape of that poor kiddie I still “personally” find the Maori bashing on this thread offensive.

      • Tom

        ‘Tis a bit bashy, agreed. I think you’ve got my comments mixed up with starboard’s there…

        Seems to be a wee problem with the mongrel mob tho,

        I meant the exile-from-civilized-society, fuck-the-police etc end of things.

        They exist somehow, and the million dollar question is: How the fuck do you stop this juggernaut?

  • Patriot

    Hoha – Face reality .
    Facts are . Black Power & Mongrel Mob are maori gangs .. their members  are violent criminals .
    There are NO violent gangs called White Power – NO  violent gangs called Yellow Peril .

     You may try to hide under an attempted sympathetic call of – “maori bashing ” .   The Bashing is being done by maoris on Caucasions , and maori bashing on defenceless Tourists …maoris aint warriors, they are acting like drunken retarded thieves & moronic rapists.

    maoris are 13% of the population & 50% of the prison population . Treaty money should pay for half the cost of prisons — Remember the murdered maori Kahui twins + little James Whakarewa + Lillybing  etc etc

    Hoha — you are making pathetic weak excuses for raping 5 year old girls while the maori mother is drunk again and the rapist’s maori father is on criminal Mongrel Mob duty – selling cannibis .   

    What a pitiful culture of family some maoris have   — wake up & fix yerself up and earn respect cos some maoris are thought of as useless dysfunctional drunken drug families with Maori Party leaders that tries to hide your crimes, instead of fronting your violent selfish attitude to life .

    Note  — i am not Caucasion & Not Pakehahaha. … but i am born a NZer

    Geez man — use your massive maori only Treaty money to educate your tribal members — the rest of NZers  didnt get any Treaty millions — suck it pal – stop raping Caucasions .  Aint forgotten Taffy Hotene murdering a Caucasion in Glenn Innes either or William Bell or the cowardly maoris murdering Michael Choy for Pizza money .

    maoris have a lot of disgusting crimes to answer for . FACE UP TO IT & Fix It .

    • Hoha

      Yes you are right and wrong. Wrong in the case of non violent white gangs, 2 come to mind skinheads and road knights, and right in the fact that Maori are over represented in violent crimes, but as mentioned earlier blaming all Maori is wrong. This is the stereotyping I was talking about. Dont blame the race blame the people doing the crime.

    • Azza

      I didn’t see Hoha make any excuses…Where did he make excuses?

      I find it interesting that because a Maori boy, from a dysfunctional family, commits a hideous crime all of a sudden it’s ok to denigrate an entire race based on the colour of their skin. You stated earlier you weren’t racist… By the foul ramblings you have made here you have outed yourself as not only incredibly racist but also portrayed yourself as severely lacking in intelligence. Your ramblings sound like they are coming from a teenager who hasn’t learnt the realities of life yet and if that is the case I will let you off on the intelligence remark as we all know your brain still has a significant amount of development still to undertake.

      Rod Petricevic, Rob Roest and countless other “White People” fleeced thousands of people leaving many of our older generation screwed in their final years when they should be enjoying life. Is every “White Person” a scumbag because their skin colour is the same as these mongrels?

      Have a look through the New Zealand Sex Offender list (, specifically the paedophiles…90% of them are “White People”. Does that mean all “White People” are paedophiles?

      Wake up.

    • Jester

      No violent white gangs?

      You’re kidding me right?

      • starboard

        Show me an example of a white gang who routinely kill their kids.

    • jay cee

      not trying to argue the whole post but  i presume when you say there is no gangs called yellow peril then perhaps you meant “triads”?

  • Super_Guest

    To be honest I never go in for Maori bashing. I will bash a Maori radical like Hone, but it’s due to the fact that he’s deluded, not that he’s brown. I think it’s counter-productive for us on the right to bash Maori anyway, where not the one’s who’ve hypnotised poor communities into thinking more government handouts are their only hope, all the problems the poor (and by extension many Maori) face are the fault of the left.

    • Hoha

      I agree fully to that. 

      • Tom


  • Patriot

    Hoha — get this point solid.
    Not all maoris are criminals or violent or maori gang members — far from it . There are great maoris like the well known , Sir Jerry Mataparai, Dame Kiri, Willy Apiata VC, Piri Weepu , John Tamahere, etc etc .

    The discussion is about those maoris families that DO cause violence , deal in drugs, are drunk more often than others , fight and are irresponsible criminals . Man for man  — there is proportionately vastly more criminality + violence among maoris than any other group, ethnicity,or race.   Thats a fact — do you dispute that  ??   NO .

       In short , its maori that is doing most of the bashing + baby killing  eg Lillybing , etc etc .

    Has Harawira , Sharples, Willie Jackson, Sykes, Turia –  admitted that maori are committing most of the violent crimes and are more than 50% of the criminals in prison ?   My point is that maori Leaders are too ashamed to admit maori are most of NZs criminals and 21 maori Politicians are doing NOTHING to fix it , by denouncing violent maori behaviour that is giving maori a very bad name , especially for the law abidding maoris.

    maori must own the maori problems not sweep it away as a NZ problem — cos it aint .

    Remember  — more than 50% of NZs prisoners are maori . SHAME on maoris — its maoris to fix it .

    • Hoha

      Patriot I agree fully with what you are saying and its not right that Maori do represent the high numbers of these crimes, its down right disgusting
      My point was at the beginning why bash the whole Maori race for something that a few do, that isnt going to fix the problem. I also mentioned earlier that I have owned it aswell as the rest of my family, but that hasnt fixed either has it it still continues, yes if all the maori families in NZ owned it then most likely it would get fixed. Those latter Maori names you mentioned they too piss my off, as they are only in it for them selves, not to help out others of any race.

    • Peter Wilson

      Probably you’d need to get away from the race thing. It’s actually a socio-economic problem, more to do with education and other chaning social scenarios.

      It’s fun to play with numbers eh. So 50% of the jail population is maori? Is that full blooded maori, or maybe quarter? If, on average Maori in jail are quarter maori, oops, then they become pakeha.

  • Trench trotter

    Remind me to buy a large bag of peanuts.

  • Patriot

    Hoha — get this .
    there is NO desire to attribute an entire maori race to crimes of a few maoris .– Understand ??

    The point is that the political maori leaders have remained silent about a maori violent criminal problem 

    The maori rapist’s issues are issues of  their maori upbringing culture and should be fixed by maori —

    if maori dont own their problem — i will gladly instruct maori how to live a non-Rapists life.
    Start with
     kick the booze n grog – save money.
    kick the dope – buy food instead
    kick the expensive cigarettes – be healthy
    have kids in a structured family environment – not multiple bastards ending up on benefit
    have meals on the table at a set time like 7pm – sit at the table like a real family
    enter a training course like IT
    speak properly  , instead of broken English  ehhh Bro etc
    kick the gangsta attitude – it looks stupid
    kick the maori gangs of crime like Black Power cowards + Mongrel disgrace
    stop stealing
    stop assaulting
    stop abusing others
    be respectful of others
    train for a job
    find work with maori employers  
    talk to Treaty money tribes for training for work with maori cultural shows – start a cultural show .
    get off their lazy arse  !  

    Thats how i would own the maori problem — or are Dr Sharples going to do something … NO   still waiting for maori leaders to speak up

    Time to quit the 7 maori seats in parliament too – there are 21 maori in parliament already.


    • Seething

      Patriot .. well said .. and the list could be even longer. The mirror image of the retarded idiots above unfortunately is now firmly entrenched in NZ society. Watch Police ten seven and it says it all. View the NZHerald crime mugshots and it does the same. Again stating the facts attracts the inevitable bleating of racism and generalisation. Contributing to – and fostering this sickening vile event and our whole way of life is the limpwristed pansy attitude of the authorities who are placed there to protect and preserve our very existence in a civilised society. We are talking percentages here, not generalising. This is now a whole embedded NZ subculture within our midst and I am sorry to say that even when I am 6ft under – it will not only still be here, but will be much much worse unless a heavy hand intervenes, and the only thing these morons understand, is a reaction stronger than their own basis of intimidation and violence. My guess is that it is far too late. I have mentioned this before, but here is the example again. This has remained etched in my mind for many years, and has had a profound effect on our perception. We were in Europe on a train along the Mediterranean coast, (Country name withheld to avoid the inevitable) It was just before 1am. A string quartet were returning from the city who had obviously been to a concert somewhere and decided to get their instruments out and started playing. We disembarked at a coastal railway station circa 1910, and all we heard was the disappearing sound of the train and it’s fading music – here was a culture with attitude. No vomiting agression, no caps worn backwards trying to be gangsta turds, no eyeballing trying to find an excuse for beating the shit out of anyone. You get the picture.. What a feral dicked-up society we live in. Thick as (&%$#&*

  • Patriot

    Azza — Racist    ??
    How do know if i am maori  — or not maori .
    I said i am NOT a  European / Caucasian/ pakeha — i could be maori  — did u consider that — No   ??

    Azza — Cant you read – there is no denigration of an entire maori race in my comments
    Azza –  Cant you read  – if it is racist to bring cold facts/truth,  to the table — then its great to be a racist.
    Azza – you query my education . B Com from Auckland University . Acctg Major

    Azza  — whats your education  — Phd or left school in year 10   ??
    So whats your solution to maori being 50% of criminals in jail  — c’mon smart arse  !  !

  • Hoha

    Once again you have pointed out issues that I have already agreed with. But I must point out that all ( but the last one ) you have listed above are not just Maori problems or issues they are things that all races suffer.
    Your comment ( The maori rapist’s issues are issues of  their maori upbringing culture and should be fixed by maori ) is that the same with the white pedophiles? if so wholly agree.
    As for the Maori seats in parliament I dont give a stuff about them as Im on the general role as it is more beneficial to my family and I and also to my business to have a member of parliament that can help us grow both family wise and business wise.

  • Patriot

    Once again you have pointed out issues that I have already agreed with.
     But I must point out that all ( but the last one ) you have listed above are not just Maori problems or issues they are things that all races suffer.
    Yes agree  – all NZ ethnicities have violent Rapists.     But i must point out maori are more prominant in Rapes, Murders, assaults etc  , .. thats why more than 50% of the prisoners are maoris  — aint criminal maori Prison numbers the issue to be addressed cos here comes another maori added to the prison population and added to the stats . .   ?

    Your comment ( The maori rapist’s issues are issues of  their maori upbringing culture and should be fixed by maori ) is that the same with the white pedophiles? if so wholly agree.
    No, the 16 year old maori rapist family is special .. Dad is a Taupo maori Mongrel  + mum is a maori  Black KKK  — mum + Dad make available , grog, dope, drugs for their 16 year old son – leading to rape of a European 5 year old — thats especially unforgivable for both family & son . What a rubbish disgraceful maori family

    As most members of Mongrels & Black KKK are maoris — & mum / dad are members — this rape becomes the responsibility of Mongrels , Black KKK and the rapists family

    Are maoris proud of this tribal member’s drunken rape actions  ?? — when it comes time for Treaty claims we hear a lot about Tribes  — so i relate the crime back to Tribes and Tribal accountibility , of which there is none ..  How about Tribes mentoring this family — maybe disband Mongrel mob & Black Power for a start .    ha ha   Where is maori pride  ??

    – but yes all paedophiles would have unsatisfactory upbringing issues

  • Hoha

    I’ve just checked out the safe nz org site and yes there are Maori names in there for sexual crimes but you are wrong about them being the prominent names. English names are the most in there, but you are spot on with the violent crimes which I stated earlier.
    And come on Patriot do you really believe that anyone or race would be proud of such a thing, you really cant believe that can you. My father has pride in his four sons for not joining a gang even though we grew up around them.
    If you could disband those two gangs that would be great if you could do it, but you also have to disband all the other gangs as well. Once someone finds a solution no daught it will happen, the sooner the better, but do you really think they will listen to their ancestral tribe leaders to stand up and make themselves accountable for their actions I don’t think so as that is the reason they joined a gang in the first place they don’t want to listen to people like.
    Maybe if you took their kids off them before they had a chance to learn these bad behaviors, no you cant do that either, look how that back fired on the Australian govt, and telling Maoris to own it and fix it isn’t going to work also. However Maori do need to stand up and say enough and stop fighting each other and maybe just maybe we could turn things around. I am a strong believer in education being the way forward it has worked for me it has also worked for my wife and children.

    I appreciate your honesty and views and the fact that our conversing between each other was civil with no need for course language.

  • Phase_nz

    Im currently reading that the father Mark Marino is appearing in court for assaulting his partner on january 28th looks like if you set aside the hate fate will take care of the job for you…Please people we are a community lets solve this problem as ONE as it states in the treaty when this violence happens its the fault of the individual but when we fail to do something about it it is the failing of our society….

  • Patriot

    Please people we are a community lets solve this problem as ONE as it states in the treaty when this violence happens its the fault of the individual but when we fail to do something about it it is the failing of our society….

    Reply to Phase-nz
    Option 1  –
    If we as NZ society take ownership & try to remedy this situation – then we look at the circumstance that gave rise to fostering such a savage RAPE of a 5 yearold girl on holiday from Europe, 

    Both Rapist’s mother & father have accepted blame it seems for the drunken neglect of their son or mokapuna.

    The parents , being influenced as members of two criminal,violent alcohol,drug & cannibus maori gangs – Mongrel Mob Cowards + Black Power Gansta wannabes  ( opposite to White Power ) — then as a NZ society – we dismantle the gang making it as illegal as we would Ku Klux Klan and ban maori gang patches – as Germany has done with the Nazi Swastika .   I have the desire for such a move  — do maoris have the fortitude to see gangs outlawed  ??

    What would replace the gang huddle could be positive things like the wonderful maori cultural activities embraced from the marae organisations , funded by tribal Treaty funds paid out by NZ Society to the tune of  many $Millions .

    The main problem is the environment  — violence,grog, cannibus , drugs , cigarettes and criminal maori gangs . Fix that and maori crime has a chance to reverse and maoris have something positive to contribute other than Raping European tourists.

    Option 2
    maori leaders own the problem maoris and fix their drunken criminal attitude — and NZ society tells maori that we expect law abidding citizens.
    Remember maoris are in the order of 50% of the criminals in jail …. which should be funded by maori tribal Treaty funds

    Which option do you prefer .

    Note … we accept – Not ALL maoris are criminals — but half the criminals are maoris . A disgrace

    • Phase_nz

      In democratic society the individual accepts responsibility for thier actions I do not accept that drugs alcohol and all of life’s indulgences are any excuse for action’s of the individual. I do however believe that gangs are nothing more than criminal organisation’s and should be treated as such but finger pointing and saying this is a maori problem you sort it will only lead to an us and them mentality.
      As a private citizen I without hesitation admit to indulging in the use of alcohol cannibis and tobacco and have never commited an act of unjustified violence and damage/theft of private/public property….I will not be drawn into a partisan solution to problem of social degradation of our society no individual has the correct answer to this but as private citizens we can approach this as a country with many solution’s.


  • Patriot

    jay cee 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    not trying to argue the whole post but  i presume when you say there is no gangs called yellow peril then perhaps you meant “triads”?Reply to Jay cee.If a gang calls itself  ” Black Power  ”  — & is not racist even tho there is use of a race color to describe the gang’s skin color being the power Then gangs called   ” White Power ”    or    ” Yellow Peril ”  denoting power thru skin color — is therefore also NOT racist  — like ” Black Power ” However if White Power is deemed racist — then so is Black Power racist ” Triads ” as a name – does not denote skin color like Black Power does .Black Power is trying to say maori power — so why not white power , indicating Pakeha Power — do you like that  huh   ?? Its better to ban Black power  and call itself  New Zealand Power — to embrace ALL NZers — not just maoris.  

  • Māori

    So this is where the racists & bigots are hiding…

    • Patriot

      Please clarify what you mean and why – explain yourself or YOUR comment is a meaningless hollow rant from a racist maori bigot supporting Black Power weaklings.
      PS — I am not a caucasion – what maoris call a pakehahaha   

      • Māori

        You, Non caucasion, are entitled to your opinion. Don’t think I need to explain anything. Seems obvious that OUR country is still blinded by racial hate fueled by the actions of a few. Yeah the stats are there, sure but some of these comments are a bit, well, RACIST!!!

    • Mr_Blobby

      If I was you I would be embarrassed to call myself Maori. But then again. If it talks, walks and acts like scum then it usually is.

      • Māori

        Hehe, yeah up yours too, egg!

      • Mr_Blobby

        Maori. You’re the noddy dipshit. I also come from a proud and noble Maori back ground my Great Grand Father would turn over in his grave if he saw what a fucked up race of slaves Maori have become. There is nothing proud or noble about what’s happening out in society. The other statistic that is kept out of the news is that Maori are also over represented in mental health. I think it might be caused by the active inbreeding program advocated by the likes of Honke Hokawera. You know where mummy and daddy are also brother and sister.
        The other fallacy is that there is a Maori race this is not so Maori are Polynesian.  
        So either be part of the solution or STFU.

    • Patriot

      a maori rapes a European tourist girl aged 5 years — his mum + dad are Black Power + Mongrel Mob .  mum + dad provide grog, dope and drugs to the rapist.

      What an absolute shame on maoris , maori gangs  and maori whanau that let this useless maori youth , rape a 5 year old European

      Why didnt that maori Rape another maori  ehhh  ??
      At least the crap called mum + dad admitted they had done a crap job of bringing up their son , as mum was often drunk .

      Mr maori — your race has a lot of criminal shame to answer for and your politicians are not addressing it — but very quick to talk about maoris wanting money .

      your race are the worthless rapist in this debate –you are unable to back your racist calls of separatist hatred. 

      Address the issues Noddy   

      I too am from a minority racial group … so dont come the Raw Prawns pal with this racist crap .

      • Māori

        Hehe, I agree with some of what you’ve said. Who’s Noddy? 

      • Mr_Blobby

        Maori. You’re the noddy dipshit. I also come from a proud and noble Maori back ground my Great Grand Father would turn over in his grave if he saw what a fucked up race of slaves Maori have become. There is nothing proud or noble about what’s happening out in society. The other statistic that is kept out of the news is that Maori are also over represented in mental health. I think it might be caused by the active inbreeding program advocated by the likes of Honke Hokawera. You know where mummy and daddy are also brother and sister.
        The other fallacy is that there is a Maori race this is not so Maori are Polynesian.  
        So either be part of the solution or STFU.

      • Proud Māori

        Mr_Blobby – I like it! You got a bit of fire in you boy! Especially while you’re sitting in front of a comp screen. You say you come from a proud & noble background Maori background – Boy, you must be all twisted up in the game then ay. You poor soul, I feel for you brother, I really do. I’ve changed my name Cuz

    • Patriot

      so mr maori — if you agree with some of what i said — whats the options to solving issues of racist rapes of 5 year olds by maoris …. should you ban the maori criminal gangs – should you beat the drum and call all maori to  self improvement meetings — starting with no grog – no drugs , and train for work with maori employers

      Calling everyone a racist is no solution to anything — should you start by thinking of yerself as Maori NewZealanders dropping the racial segregation calls/flags/treaty 

      • Proud Māori

        Maoris = plural…??? Don’t like gangs Maori or otherwise. Call all Maori to self improvement meetings….??? I’d be more inclined to suggest the human race attend a self improvement meeting. Threw a bash, no pun intended, for my younger brother’ 21st last weekend, had booze, kai (Hangi of course) smokers of two varieties attended, there was singing and good times all around. Went off without a hitch, not an ounce of violence or sexual violence. I reckon there are SOME people here who are flat out racists. Aint here to find a solution, just here to comment. Cheers

      • Mr_Blobby

        The world is full of racists like the poor they will always be with us. The biggest Racist I have found in NZ are in fact Maori. The poorest people are Maori. The biggest wealth disparity is between the Maori slaves and the Maori elite. The class system (Tribalism) has to be the first to go, if Maori want to improve there lot.
        Like I said be part of the solution or STFU.

      • Proud Māori

        Hehe, nah! You STFU….I like acronyms

    • Patriot

      hey maori — if all you can do is call every one a racist — you are the racist .

      Hopeless talking to walled in people with no way of looking out — like you

      • Proud Māori

        Hehe. My wife of British, Canadian, Jamaican decent but looks mostly Pakeha & identifies as being a proud Pakeha is also a strong, loving mother to our two beautiful children who are, well, you do the math. Absolutely love them & my “pommy” mother in-law. Me & the father in-law are tight as too. My best man – Hard case Pakeha fullah, always thinks he can speak Maori better then me….Uuummmm, what was my point??

        Yeah, there are definitely some racist comments on this forum. No compassion, basically.

        Hehe, I love white people! They love me

      • Mr_Blobby

        Getting back on topic. Go back to the photo at the top, have a good look into their eyes what do you see. Nothing, blank, nobody home they have no idea what’s happening outside of their own pathetic little world. With the attention span of a goldfish.

    • Patriot

      your wife English/Canadian/Jamacan — Racism is so deep in your mind eating way like a cancer that you fail to see the broader NZ picture .

      Talk in a constructive manner — your racism — yes YOUR racism is SO boring …. address your maori crime behaviour — start thinking HOW can maori do more for itself as NZers . Remember Helen Clarks Closing the Gaps policy which she dropped the name of cos maoris were such a disgrace

      Your racist talk with zero racist evidence – with zero backing is a total waste of Racist time   

      Geez go Racist yerself with that racist boring crap . Think New Zealand and how you can make it a better crimefree place to live in  

      wake up you maoris , i want NZ to be a better place for you too — but stop raping our tourists.

      • Proud Māori

        Hmmmm, tryna rarck up ay? It’s alright mate. I know who I am & am very proud of what I’ve achieved both in the Maori world & everyday society. As for Helen Clarke…didnt she skipper that booboo down in Tuhoe district?? I don’t mind you being a angry little man that’s why I find it so easy to dismiss your claiming that I’m a racist. Hehe the power of words. I like how the true colors come out if you say the R word. I sign of guilt in my eyes. 

        Anyways, I might get in a spot of trouble over this because I’m @ work (Maori language, television) so I’d better get back to it. Gotta go cook dinner for the kiddies soon. I’ve enjoyed my time here. Let’s sleep on it

      • Proud Māori

        Hopefully I can come back with a bit more insight tomorrow & maybe we can speak with a little less aggro. Cheers Aotearoa/NZ


    I have sat down and had a good long look at the comments above.Think that just maybe we should focus on the minority within the Maori race that are tarring all the rest with their violence,theft,drugs,dysfuctional families etc.This has also been compounded by the victim mentality that has infiltrated some Maori due to the treaty claims. The words like stolen lands,victims,oppressed,disadvantaged, etc,dont sit well with average NZers..Maybe we should drop the racist comments from both sides of the camp as well.Finger pointing,and blame achieves nothing.And please I am aware that Pakeha NZ have their issues to,so we are not squeaky clean.If one thing comes out of this whole sorry incident in Turangi,it should be the abhorrance of the crime,and the justification to get off our collective arses,and look for a solution.The problem is to big to be lumped back on Maori to sort out for themselves.As I have said before,I am of mixed heritage,Scottish/Maori(ok no jokes),but call myself a Kiwi,and am proud of it.How about we drop the bullshit,and sort this crap out,before we all end up hanging our heads in shame.

  • Educated

    Extremely interesting that you all sit behind your computer and debate these issues, not making any difference to the cause! ! ! Thats defined as weak and good for nothing scum.
    Maori would not be in these high statistic if the British had not brought their lawlessness to Aotearoa. Indigenous by law = inhabitants pre colonisation.Get educated you ignorant, hide behind social network scums!

    • ConwayCaptain

      I think you will find that the British bought the Rule of Law with them to a land benighted by internicene warfare, cannibalism and mayhem.

      Just thank your lucky stars that they chose to go with the British and not the French.

    • Euan Rt

      Where were you educated? I hope it wasn’t a British based institution. I used to live in Te Rauparaha’s neck of the woods. Now he could teach a thing or two about lawlessness.

  • Educated

    @ConwayCaptain – So they say! And so youd like to think, whatever makes you happy!                     

    @Euan Rt – Is his lawlessness still practiced today? And can you buy his lawlessness off a shelf at the supermarket?

  • seka menacerecords

    How about blaming society and sentencing all of us too? Seeing as societal factors have been quite substantially demonstrated to contribute to individuals likelihood of committing criminal acts?

    Oh wait, the author of this blog wouldn’t take too kindly to any criticism of himself rather than others.