Blaming the Victim

I just had a phone call from the sister of the Turangi Child Rapist, Raurangi Marino.

She was complaining about me publishing this photo of her little brother.

Apparently it shows the porr wee dear in a bad light. I asked her what FTP means…following my usual course of action of only asking questions that I already know the answer. She conformed that it means “Fuck The Police”. I asked her how she thought that my publishing a photo showed him in a bad light when he is the one who scrawled on a mirror “FTP”.

No answer.

Then she started into a lecture about how her wee brother was hard done by. How the police fitted him up and he was only wasted and fell onto the little girl. How it was all a fit up by the girls mother.

It sickened me. What a bunch of losers. Explaining away hours of surgery to repair the damage that this shit-bag did to a 5 year old on “just being wasted”.

This family is disfunctional. They are justifying crimes and excusing abhorrent behaviour.

The last thing she said is that I breached her poor wee brother’s privacy by posting photos he put on Facebook….on his open and public page. I told her to get fucked, that I won’t ever take down the photos and they could whinge all they liked to the Privacy Commissioner.

She told me she would before she hung up. I can’t hardly wait.

Since they like to use acronymns, here is one for them NFWAB.

UPDATE: I didn’t put the whole story of the phone call in, mainly because it sickened me so much. But since some people have taken it upon themselves to stick up for the family I will now tell you the additional details that I withheld initially.

The sister told me that as far as they were concerned no rape occurred because there was no semen found and the evidence said so. She repeatedly told me that the mother over-reacted and her brother was just wasted and fell in the window and then fell on top of the little girl…but no rape happened because there was no semen. She ignored my comments about 5 hours of surgery to repair the damage of a 16 year old pissed person just “falling” on the little girl.

The sister maintained repeatedly that this was all blown out of proportion and her brother was just wasted.

They are simply excusing Raurangi Marino’s awful behaviour and excusing the behaviour of their own family. Quite simply they are feral scum.


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  • Travdog

    No Fucking Way Angry Bitch?

    • Agent BallSack

      Whale should have asked if there’s any truth to the rumour that FTP stands for ‘Future Turangi Paedophile’

      • Travdog

        heh, that would have brought the phone call to an abrupt end

  • Another classy example of the losers the New Zealand underclass breeds…….

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      I’m just waiting for the usual hand wringers to come out in support, blame John Key and cite this as another example of why more money should be thrown at them and their ilk.

      What a sickening bitch. I hope she does take it to the PC just so the rest of NZ can see what a bunch of oxygen thieves these fucked up retards are.

  • Oh cry me a river please. The pictures on Facebook were enough to make any civilised person sick in their mouth.

  • feral

  • CJH

    Name her too Cam. I bet she wouldn’t be so lippy if she was the victim of such an awful crime.

    • iheartdethron

      Exactly Cam, we need to you know, be sure it was her sister.  And does her sister have any facebook photos of her own?

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes name and shame the bitch. Chuck her photo up to.

  • Kiwiwit

    This family’s lack of remorse makes the crime even worse.

    • Dr Wang

      Exactly. I wondered how long it was going to take – less than a week since the sentencing.

      The prayers etc in front of the judge now revealed as cynical bullshit play-acting – to soften up the gullible judge for a lenient sentence (and it worked). Now the Wall and Marino whanau/apologists reveal their true beliefs: “ was all a fit up by the girls mother”. The sub-human Wall/Marino scum should start retracting and apologising asap – not blaming the victims.

      • Mr_Blobby

        I stated at the start that that would be the process; it did not work as well as they had hoped. But they did get one concession, no non parole period. He will be out in about 3 years. Nothing will have changed they will treat him as a hero and give him a victory party. Back to the business of crime and taking the piss out of the rest of us.

    • Cadwallader

      Absolutely correct. This family is scum and sadly not unique. WO can you get the msm to pick this up?

  • Grandstream

    So where is the maori party, mana party and the all the cash rich iwi ? The silence is deafening……
    WO – name her, and shame her !

    • Mr_Blobby

      Exactly where are the maori and mana parties now. Shouldn’t the scum be sticking together and supporting each other. Another example of how not to be proud and noble, shut up and stay silent.

  • ConwayCaptain

    He just fell on her!!!!!!  Just like the Capt of the Cosat Concordia fell into the life boat!!!

    • Travdog

      heh, knew I had heard that excuse somewhere recenty. Well, he’s just going to ‘fall’ into prison now. Perhaps he might ‘fall’ in the shower too. Or maybe he’s lucky enough to get isolated.

      • Agent BallSack

        God, I hope he’s carrying a knife one day and ‘falls’ on that too. Kinda like Antonie Dixon.

  • Agent BallSack

    That’ll be one of the little bitches pulling gang signs in the mothers photos I bet Cam. Bet all her kids are fucked too.

  • Guest

    Why does his photo say “Killah” when it should in fact say “Child rapist”

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  • Petal

    I’m off my lunch.  And that takes some doing.

  • Hollywood

    As a cop mate of mine said who worked on the case, the father is a scum bag or though he did travel to Auckland to bring the little shit back to Taupo when he shot through after the crime. The mother, I believe is currently on parole for stabbing her boyfriend. Pure trash. 

    • Mr_Blobby

      The only reason was to take the heat off the families other criminal activities. A whole tribe of scum hope the Police take notice and put the heat on this sub human trash.

    • Novaweddingsnz

      Does this mean I can rape the sister but it won’t actually be rape because I’ll use leave no semen… And if i get wasted (which I don’t do but hyperthetically speaking..), I could use the expression “I just fell on her cuz”?!? Hmmm

  • Muffin

    He should have got at least fifty years for the crime and the rest of the family appears as though they could do with being locked up as well. What a complete waste of space they are … doubt we are funding them as well.

  • Frederico

    She must be given some credit for sticking up for her little brother, that phone call wouldn’t have been easy!..The gangs are now the holders of Maoridoms moral compass and have been for sometime, hence the lack of shame…where too from here for Maori??..can’t see things getting any better..

    • RedgeNZ

      Please, what a stupid thing to say. She is every bit as bad as her brother.

      This family is a waste of space, there is a lot to be said for sterilization.

      What a bunch of savages.

      • Frederico

         She’s shown the family has enough aroha for their sibling that she called a big scary blogger in Auckland to complain…thats not the actions of a savage is it?
        And why the hell don’t you start coming up with real solutions instead of just constant redneck babble!!

      • Vij

        RedgeNZ,  you’re not a redneck.  Frederico is a moron, but he’s going to change and look after these Neatherthals

      • Bunswalla

        @ddb8259d3d86771dfccf4950cf684053:disqus spare me the bleeding heart BS she didn’t show aroha she rang to try and minimise the irreparable harm her sick fucked-up sibling inflicted on a defenceless 5 year old girl. She wants people to think that the pigs were out to get her innocent bruv who accidentally fell on this girl and it was all just a big mistake.

        Fortunately we have an IQ of more than 70 and can tell patronising self-serving bullshit when we hear it. Yours sounded much the same as hers.

    • Vij

      ??? Is your brain working?  Giving her credit for saying her brother was wasted and just fell on the poor little girl.  It’s sick people like you making excuses for the dysfunctional Neanderthals of society that destroys society. Frederico, stop making excuses and go and do something about it.  

      Why don’t you make it your mission in life to look after all these Neanderthals both socially and financially so we can get the rest of us to stop funding them.  While you are thinking about this why don’t you also pay for the life-time of psychological trauma the young victim will have to endure.

      • Frederico

         Like hell i’m making excuses..what the boy did is completely unforgivable and he  deserves all he’s going to cop in prison
        Barking on about sterilizing is nothing more than redneck dog whistling, it ain’t going to happen so start getting real and looking for real solutions otherwise this will just keep happening!

      • Frederico

         And i’m not giving her credit for what she said just making the call!

      • Vij

        Frederico,You have the right to behave like a moron, I disagree with your comments and have the right to call you a moron. I never said anything about sterilizing.  Read the comment again, you moron. I have given you the solution.  You are the solution.   Put your money where your big mouth is.     If you think she deserves credit then open your checkbook, eftpos, etc and start looking after these Neatherthals.  Otherwise, in the wise words of  Whaleoil, Fuck off.

    • Oh fuck off…this sick bitch told me that as far as they were concerned a rape never happened because there was no semen found…FFS

      • Michael

        Not a rape in the “biblical sense”? Christ’s child molester Caphill said that.

      • GPT

        Any penal penetration is rape. 

      • Frederico

         As above, i’m not giving her credit for what she said just making the call.

      • GPT

        Oops, penile (as in penile penetration gets you to the penal institution)

      • Vij

        This is what you said, “She must be given some credit for sticking up for her little brother, that phone call wouldn’t have been easy!”.  You are now saying you are giving her credit for making the call.  Has the pressure got to you because you are now really behaving like a moron.  Listen to what Whaleoil said Fuck off, because it is obvious you won’t be the solution and look after these Neatherthals.

      • bristol

         No semen found, probably because the little turd had to do a runner
        after being disturbed in the unfinished act. Rapists, and those causing
        grievous bodily harm to five year-old children should indeed be wasted.
        One strike and you’re out! 

    • Mr_Blobby

      Frederico you are a sad apologist. She and her type don’t give a shit about Whale or anybody else they will be your friend only when it suits there purpose. They are sub Human scum.

      • Frederico

         Again..where are your solutions??…keep yelling ‘sub human feral scum’ at you reckon that’l work? (and Vij your not worth the effort)

      • Frederico

         Again..where are your solutions??…keep yelling ‘sub human feral scum’ at you reckon that’l work? (and Vij your not worth the effort)

      • Vij

        You are a sad man Frederico

    • starboard

      Moronic idiot.

      • Vij

        Well said, but that’s line I used to use on another moron, but feel free to use it whenever the situation arises. Frederico is one such situation.

    • nfs

      not all maori are like these people!!!

  • GPT

    Typical I am afraid.  I recall a client going on about how the police were out to get him.  I suggested he teach them a lesson by not committing crimes.  There really isn’t too sides to this story – a starting point of 18 years (out of 20 maximum) doesn’t just turn up because of a bit of bad PR.  This was a horrific attack.  The background (and sister seems to be a prime example) might explain how a person could act in such a way but not excuse it. 

    For some people EVERYTHING is someone else’s fault.

    • Mr_Blobby

      The starting point should be the non parole period.

    • Greg M

      Tend to agree GPT, as far as the sentence goes, I believe the judge’s start point of 18 yrs fitted in with the guidelines set down by R v AM, high end of band three,  but the discounts judge allowed seemed far “better” than R v Hessell.
      If the sentences are concurrent, why aren’t the discounts?
      And why no MPI ?
      Your thoughts please Sir, regards Greg.

  • Lulu

    Raurangi is feral scum. What he did was an outrage to civilized people.
    The fact that his sister has argued that he did wasn’t so bad because he was wasted, there was no semen and the girl’s mother overreacted makes her feral scum too.
    I can’t fathom why Frederico would want to cut either of them any slack. I get that there is a broader problem but that doesn’t mean we can’t point out that these two and their ilk are feral scum.
    Grandstream observes that the leaders of the problem are silent. Indeed, where the fuck is Hone Harewira. He is quick to ask for the Government to provide jobs and benefits. He is not so quick to take any responsibility for his people’s behaviour. Is his view the same as the sister because he is one of them then?

    • Vij

      Well said

    • Mr_Blobby

      Very well said. The answer is yes he is implicated by his silence. With the inbreeding he advocates, they are probably related. I think that it unanimous that Frederico should retract and apologize or fuck off.

    • Scanner

       Frederico asked for a solution to the problem, try this, jail the little arsehole in general population till someone kills him, first problem solved, sterilize the sister before she has a chance to breed because we all know what her offspring will come out like, cut off all welfare payments to the family after all the taxpayer already has to pay to support the little arse wipe in jail.


    What a deluded,stupid, bitch.Shows the family in the correct light.A bunch of useless fuckers.Karma wont have anything in its bag of tricks suitable for these lowlifes.Challenge Mana (Hone),and the Maori party to sort out there people before more of these animals come to the surface.

  • Another feral trunt photo: 

    Forget about the argument the girl is so brave “standing up for her brother”, yada yada,  how can you stand up for a paedophile animal. She just want to shit stir. 

    What the rest of us, normal compassionate empathetic humans mustn’t ever do, is allow ourselves to be sucked into her deception without proof of her rehabilitation. Our humanity is at stake

    Every time you see something good about bad behavior you create problems in the future. Goes for kids; the sme rule you use for criminals but they generally aren’t going to grow out if it. 

  • Richard McGrath

    I hope Judge Phillip Cooper who sentenced the child rapist  is reading this

    • Travdog

      I hope the bitch that called Cam is reading this too, so she knows how we all feel. Her brother is a piece of shit, regardless of how much she loves/lies for him.

      On the same argument that it wasn’t rape because there was no semen, I wonder if i could spend 5 mins with him in a locked room with the auckland yellow pages, a rugby sock and a bar of soap, coz y’know…’s not assault if theres no blood…..

  • Richard McGrath

    From the Crimes Act 1961: Person A rapes person B if person A has sexual connection with person B, effected by the penetration of person B’s genitalia by person A’s penis,—(a) without person B’s consent to the connection; and
    (b) without believing on reasonable grounds that person B consents to the connection.

    Clearly, this little girl was raped. How his sister could doubt that, given the appalling injuries sustained, beggars belief. It also implies that the child-rapist’s sister believes a 5 year old could give consent AND that sex with a 5 year old is acceptable in some circumstances.

    Scary to think these people have a vote.  

  • Mully

    Well, hopefully she reads this:

    You’re a scumbag
    You’re brother is sub-human.
    And on behalf of what a suspect is the majority of the population, I hope he gets actual justice in prison.

    • Mully

       Ugh – “your” brother is sub-human.

      Never proof read while steam is coming out your ears

  • Pencarian

    I hope some real “Justice” is done upon his release. We are reaping what we sowed, when we started paying people a benefit to breed.

  • Frederico you are a moron if you believe that and a paedophile apologist. Whaleoil does not have the power (so far as I’m aware)to reach down the phone and smack someones bottom. This is the only reason anyone should ever be concerned about proffering their opinion. There is no guts required or credit to be attributed. Therefore she is a slimy little shit stirring cunt. 
    Fuck yeah tuff on crime, that’s the solution; crims shoot people and dance on their gave so don’t get your socialist teary eyes going over them. 

    • Frederico

       I am no apologist!!..this kid, a member of a Kiwi family, committed a crime beyond belief. But the girl showed there is love and support for their family member which gives you something to work with.. therefore hope something positive can be done with the family offer wise they just keep producing these kids…and i vote ACT, hardly a socialist!

      • Scanner

         You are full of shit, the only reason the dumb little slapper rang Whale was because she didn’t want the whole world knowing what a useless little cunt her brother was, and to make the assertion the little arsehole didn’t rape because there was no semen beggars belief.
        I suppose it was an accident he just happened to have his dick out when he fell on top of her as well, this silly little girl takes stupid to an entirely new level, and in doing so paints herself as a target.
        Where was the “love and support” when he was chugging down 30 beers and a couple of joints, I know it just popped out to get some more beer.

      • Vlad

        It is not love and support, it is denial and avoidance.  It is hideously ugly in its attempt to shift blame to this child’s family and the police.  It will do nothing to change this wretch’s life and attitude.  Whatever perspective you come from, and rehabilitation is one, this kind of “support” is at one with the “tight 12’s” attempt to bury the murder of the Kahui twins and it is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

      • Frederico

         Vlad you may well be right. Solution: The starting point is breaking down the hold gangs have over the Maori community without doing that first nothing else will work, the trouble is gangs now ‘are’ the maori community..

      • RedgeNZ

        You idiot, there is NO hope for this family at all.

        There is nothing to work with, they are all rotten to the core.

        I dont want any tax payer money wasted on this family, unless it is for a 45 and a shovel.

      • Okay you’re not a moron then ;P 
        But personally I’d start with toenail removal. and that’s just me. I kind of want to deter animals and keep them away from my kids. 
        Google Delcelia Witika, if you want to know what women are capable of. 

      • Vij

        really, I don’t believe you.  You are crarp. Disgusting little man who now is changing his strips

      • Bunswalla

        Bull-fucking-shit! If there was aroha and love and support within this family they would have done something to stop this shitbag before he committed his outrageous crimes. They would not have given him dope and booze at an early age and they wouldn’t be defending him ofr “just being wasted” at the age of 16.

        They continue to look outward for the cause of all their troubles (dodgy police fit-ups, over-reacting mother etc) when the real cause lies within.

    • Vlad

      We can call for castration; a good duffing up in prison etc but to this extent, the daffy Frederico is right:  these things will not happen.  However, the reality is that with his inhibitions loosened by booze and drugs this man turned into a ferocious ravening beast.  To say that his family, the foul contributors to the creation of this monster, have a solution through love and support is beyond deluded.  He should have been removed from them at the earliest opportunity.  Others in the same situation should would be dealt with the same.  The concept of “whanau support” is a huge PC mistake.  The whanau made the monsters, they should be kept as far away from children as legislation can manage. 

  • Hhhh

    Well ultimately it is the fault of the white man.  We must never forget that.

    • Vij

      Is Fredrico a white man.  Must be his fault as he won’t open his check book to support the Neatherthals.

  • Shaun Wallis

    I vote you get a full recording of the phone call and post on here on your blog for us all to see how fucked that family is.

  • Mum

    It’s time to kick this families arse. My solution would be to assign a cop 24/7 just to follow members of this family around and arrest them should they do anything at all unlawful. For example, underage drinking? drugs? no rego? bad driving? littering? jay walking? unsupervised minors? think there’s even a charge for the ‘f’ word still. You name it, if there’s a law, we’re gonna charge you. It would cost us say $140,000 in two salaries and save us a lot more, stopping them in their tracks. This approach would provide a huge discincentive to other feral families. Someone in your family does a real bad crime and it’s clear it’s due to family dysfunction, there’s no more crime for you. If they’ve got a p-lab or deal drugs it’s over, get rid of your modified car, etc etc. Would they still think he was a hero then, after their lives were made hell (by being forced to be law abiding) i.e. when it was personally inconvenient to them (not just life shattering for someone else).  That’s before we get housing NZ and WINZ to go over any entitlements of all family members with a fine tooth comb and the truant officers to get their kids to school every single day. I think it would reduce their circle of friends dramatically, cause what other feral wants to be caught up in that?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Good ideas Mum.Two people to supervise the whole family, as soon as one is distracted they will be off doing what they do.
      These people do not conform to the rules, they are arseholes, they were born arseholes, and they will die arseholes.
      Get WINZ to restrict the dole/dpb/sickness/invalids will make the bastards do what they do best: steal, rape, murder, fight, abuse drugs – all at the expense of the TAXPAYER.
      So many arseholes – too few bullets

    • Vij

      Don’t worry resident apologist Frederico will open his check book and support them.  He will be their friend.  He is moronic enough

  • captain Kidd

    People like Frederico are the problem as they are oplogists for such behaviour of these Scum.Supplying my tax money for these sub humans sickens me.

    • Frederico

       I have not apologized for his behaviour…put you’re glasses on and read it again.

    • Vij

      Thank you captain Kidd. You agree with me.  Suggest Frederico do the time instead because he’s so forgiving.  He should also adopt the “wonderful” family because he wants to give the sister credit for supporting her rapist brother.

  • Boss Hogg

    Here I go again.  Singapore Law.  The only long term solution will need short and medium term extreme pain for a very small number of genetically defective and/or trained from birth evil sub human forms of lfe.  Nature and Nuture at work.  Previous attempted solutions of lenient punsihments, attempts at correcting old habits and increase/expansion of welfarism are all well proven at being failed policies in many countries.

    The cane was introduced to Singapore by England, remember that.  Some say it is not good.  On the basis that it works makes it good.  Simple logic and well applied here.

    Singpaore has a very low rate of this type of crime and recidivist rate of NIL – because he would be dead by now.  Those found to be guilty by association may get 10 or more lashes.  In this case I suggest that his family are all guilty by association.

    • Vij

      Agree with you. 

       Yes, it is very tough in Singapore. 

      Under the Penal Code in Singapore:

      “Where a man, in order to commit or to facilitate the commission of an offence of rape, voluntarily causes hurt to a woman or to any other person, or puts the woman in fear of death or hurt to herself or any other person, he shall be punished with imprisonment for not less than eight years and not more than 20 years and shall also be punished with not less than 12 strokes of the cane”.

      Does Frederico want to serve the time?  Of couse he doesn’t, he’s only an apologist who won’t support them financially, but wants the rest of NZ to support them. He hopes something positive can be done for them.  Sorry, why don’t you do it yourself. After all you said you’re an ACT supporter, so you must have the money.  Put your money where your big mouth is, otherwise all your comments are nothing more than weasel words.  Typical of a moronic idiot.

  • Tookinator

    Can we set up a lobby group for the Crown to Appeal the sentce – or at least impose a high non parole period? Should have been at least 18 years with non parole of 15

  • Jackhenderson00

    He gets handed a ten year sentence. We’re told he can apply for parole at 3 years. Then this idiot says ‘ i wouldn’t apply until 5 years’ – oh that’s so great of you, allocating how much time you think this crime is worth. why are you even chiming in? the fucking audacious attitude of this evil individual. the egocentricity, arrogance, the evil… what trash this individual is.

  • Jackhenderson00

    Not engaging in an honest, pragmatic and accountable conversation about the challenging statistics we have within certain ethnic groups is a real disservice to those minorities.

  • GuestObserver

    The truly sad thing is that this scum will be released alot sooner that we’d like. I predict he will be released on or around his 21st. May be even sooner if he “found God” while in prison. You know, the usual BS… “God help me to change my evil way. I’m a change man now yada yada….”

  • HSV325

    Feral brown scum trailer trash, fucking all of them. I hope this peice of sub human shit and all his drop kick family get some good news via summary justice.

  • Vij

    Where has Frederico gone, missing for over 4 hours?  Maybe he’s finally listened to WhaleOli and fucked off, or maybe he has no more money left after paying his ACT membership fees.  If he ever comes back with his evil crap we’ll all remind him of what an apologist pervert he is.  We’ll know because idiotic morons cannot change the way they write.

    Bye Moron

  • davewin

    He fell through the window, and landed on top of a 5 year old girl who described the circumstances and made them sound like rape? Sis says it ain’t rape coz there’s no semen?

    Words totally fail me! This sick sexual deviant should never see the light of day again, and those wo gave him booze and drugs should share the sentence with him. This whole shower of pond life is a total disgrace to NZ. Thanks WO for bringing this to attention. But remember that raving pinko Pam Corkery says this fellow is simply “a sick little puppy” for Gods sake!

  • Maoris_are_trash





    At least we know what calibre this family is.Sorry was meaning to say At least we know what calibre is needed,7.62mm would do for starters.

  • Edwin Wigmore

    Was there ever a better case for public execution?  I can’t think of one.  

    But further, this family needs to be dealt to.  I don’t know if that swine sister is speaking on behalf of them all, but if she is then there’s not much hope for them.

  • rouppe

    Fell in the window of a caravan…. Seriously?

    Every caravan I’ve seen has the window at least at chest height (when standing on the ground outside) and usually has a bug screen. The only way he could fall in a window of a caravan is if he was climbing up a ladder. Or jumping on a trampoline. Or had mastered levitation.

    In any case rape is defined as penetration, not ejaculation so the sister is one of those “its never our fault” types. 

  • DH

    With a mongrel mob mum and a black power dad, i hope to god he doesn’t end up a prison with a high presence of either of these two gangs as he may very well be protected. Send the little punk to CHCH and room him up with a skinhead.

  • SJ00

    I try to read this blog everyday, so sorry if this has been posted already, but did anyone see the comment in the Sunday Star Times today, how this lovely wee boy who falls through windows with his pants undone and a woody, is the cousin of the scumbag who murdered the 26 yr old Taupo girl a few years ago (I think she was coming home from a nightclub and he followed her from a petrol station and was on his bike? sorry both her and his name escape me and the paper is gone now). Not only is this family scum, the extended family is not much better it seems.

    I’d love to see a politician stand up and say they were going to eradicate gangs in this country. Crime, drugs, murder, assault, fights, rape would all but be eliminated overnight (but increase those stats tenfold in the prisons). Enough is enough, why do we tolerate them at all.

    • Lulu

      SJ100 I am with you. Your question why do we tolerate them is interesting. Is that:
       why do “we” as a civilised society tolerate them?
       which is an interesting question. Or is the question:
      why do “we” as Maori brethren happy to make many statements everyday on our collective behalf remain silent on this sort of evil behaviour?
      The answer to the first question revolves around us having become a  namby pamby bunch of PC wimps.
      The answer to the second question revolves around  “we” are a bunch of hypocrites with our hands out and in a state of denial.
      Either way this filthy cunt, his fucked up sister and his scum cousin will continue to represent a substratum of our society that will continue to make the now familiar headlines of baby killing and mindless attacks on non Maori until there is some sort of revolution. It will only start to end when PC whitey’s and the Maori “leaders” face up to the fact that we have a dirty problem in our midst. 

    • Seething

      SJ … I havent forgotten it … the filthy scum’s name I think was “Jahche Broughton” … whatever “Jahche” fucking means …Or who it’s supposed to impress.  Karen Aim’s murderer ??? maybe he’s related to “Telulah Does The Hula”. Jeezus fucking wept …

  • Xanthe

    Hmmm. this reminds me of WO’s blog about postnatal abortion! “Killah” and various of his family members would be perfect candidates …

  • Seething

    Fredrico Fucktard !!! Now hear this  …. you are an example of the stratospherically stupid morons who cannot figure out how common sense works. There are NO credits in ANY respect attributed to what amounts to a deluded bunch of lies and ramblings based on the fact that someone ( the cockroach sister with an IQ of a meat pie). feels guilty and starts bleating. The saddest this about this particular post is that apparently the sickened community have to put up with the fact that there are gormless wasters like you around. She phoned because she is THICK !!! you dickwad.

  • RRM

    What a noble Maori Warrior.

    That little girl got to “enjoy” a real genuine experience of Maori Tikanga and culture during her time here.  Raped and bashed by an unemployed school dropout POS, and then vilified by its mother.

    Tee Hey Maori Ora!! :-/

  • MadameP

    Jebus, this makes me sick.  Can’t believe this girl thinks her brother is hard done by – he only fell on her!  What about the hours of surgery?  I read a reply post in an NZ blog that the surgeons needed counselling afterwards because her injuries were so disturbing.  What filthy cheek to call WO and make excuses for Raurangi.  There is no excuse for this crime.  I understand the Marinos had a crap upbringing, but there is also knowing what’s right and wrong, and even if you’ve been raised badly, at the end of the day you still know the difference. 

    Really hope the crims inside roll out their own form of justice on him. 

  • anon9295

    ok the maori bashing isnt cool, so yea he just happens to be a maori so what if he was asian, black, white wateva would you people be saying that a whole culture needs to be wiped out or dealt to, no you wouldnt, yes he is a scum bag and there is plenty of them in every culture but there is also innocent people and children in every culture! you people talking all this crap about maori’s need to get life’s and open your eyes to the face that by just saying all this horrible stuff your just as much of a scum bag!

    dont get me wrong smash him as much as you want he deserves it but dont narrow it down like its our whole population im a loving mother to 2 beautiful maori girls and i wouldnt want them to see people saying things like this about their heritage.

    and it wasn’t maori people that did this disgusting act , IT WAS ONE PERSON ON HIS OWN!