Bligh Quits

Andrew Bolt and Brisbane Times

Anna Bligh has spat the dummy and quit:

Anna Bligh has quit the Queensland Parliament in the wake of Labor’s humiliating electoral defeat.

Ms Bligh told a media conference this morning Queensland had sent her and her government an overwhelming message.

She said today was a “heartbreaking day” for the Labor Party in Queensland and the party needed to focus immediately on rebuilding.

“This is not a task that can be achieved with me at the head of the team or indeed as part of the team,” she said.

Her decision to resign from the seat of South Brisbane, which she has represented since 1995, will become effective on Friday.

That will mean an immediate by-election and the likelihood that Labor will lose another seat.

Andrew Bolt isn’t impressed:

She still does not acknowledge any fault. There is again no sign to voters that Labor has learned anything and is sorry.

“It is equally true that there is a message in this for Labor generally.” But she does not say what it is.

Asked if she regrets targeting Newman’s family. “I don’t resile from them.”

Bligh has wrecked her legacy – first by the foul smear campaign she waged, then by her graceless resignation speech, and finally by breaking a promise to stay on.


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  • Kiwidon

    So she still doesn’t acknowledge any wrongs!
    What about false accusations, dismissed by the Corruption Commission, for a start! 
    Just goes to show Labor sure is the Nasty Party!

  • Gazzaw

    The ALP still seems to be in a state of denial that carbon & mining taxes had anything to do with this bloodbath and that this is not an indicator for the federal elections. Are they serious? When the mining & union stronghold that is Mt Isa gives the ALP the boot then I would seriously suggest that Gillard will have major problems. 

  • kehua

    Labour is, as Labour does. What`s new?

  • kehua

    Labour is, as Labour does. What`s new?

  • Blokeintakapuna

    You can always tell a Labor / Labour Party politician – you just can’t tell them much…

  • Chiefsfan73

    Breaking promises is an ALP institution.  I suspect its in the handbook you get when you sign up to be an ALP pollie, thou shalt not keep any promises, along with thou shalt engage in personal ad hom attacks on opponents, and thou shalt not engage in sensible policy debate.

    Good Riddance to bligh et al.

    Best tweets on the loss
    Dave Hughs: ” at least Bligh knows how to handle disaster”
    Wil Anderson: “whats the difference between the QLD ALP and a Tarago van, the Tarago has more seats.”


  • johnbronkhorst

    Helen Clarke ….in diguise???

    • Patriot

      Left wing socialists are being dumped around the world as the social experiment goes wrong
      Labors Clark is dumped for corruption — Phillip Field, Owen Glen etc
      Labors Gordon Brown dumped
      Labors Gillard is NEXT

      • Super_Guest

         Obama would complete the set.

  • Grandstream

    WO – Todays daily proverb sums up Anna, and Labour……well done

  • Don’t totally agree with the term – “spat the dummy” – I would have thought it was more a metaphoric fall on her sword – she was the leader – absolutely trounced, did best thing to get the hell outta Dodge, stand down and take with her all the blame…

    • johnbronkhorst

      A real leader…leads. She ran, just like helen clarke leaving the people she promised to lead to fend for themselves…COWARD!! Also, didn’t she win her electorate seat, promising to serve her constituants, you know the ones that voted for (just like clarke). Now she is deserting them too, doubly a coward!!!

  • @BoJangles

    Labour woman leaders lack balls !

  • Rockyr

    I wonder if she realises she is qualified for a job at the United Nations.

  • AngryTory

    Look on the bright side. Labor is no longer a recognised / registered political party in Queensland!  They can’t meet the criteria to re-register in time.

    Once Newman kicks of the anti-corruption investigations, there’s shouldn’t be another Labor govt in Queensland  – or Federal Labour govt in Aus – in the rest of my lifetime 

    or – frankly – for ever.

    But as ever the trick is never to give up, never to give an inch, or like MUNZ, they will be back.