Boag Involved in ACC Privacy Standover, Ctd

As David Fisher revealed this morning Michelle Boag has been writing letters to ministers and attending meetings with ACC where they have tried to extort cash for handing over data.

It is simply crocodile tears now to suggest that Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag were only trying to help the ACC with their privacy breach. If that was the case then they would simply have handed over the data and said nothing more.

However as I will now reveal Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag, have run this little PR stunt for sometime now. Back in June 2010 Bronwyn Pullar emailed me and released to me some confidential data that she said wasn’t hers but showed that ACC were acting in poor way:

From: Bronwyn Pullar
Sent: Wednesday, 6 October 2010 3:07 p.m.
To: Cam Slater


I wondered if you might be interested in posting the attached Scan document. (Not my stuff below.)

This is ACC’s latest antics – ACC dictating to the medical profession as to what constitutes “fully unfit”.  The ODT are about to run a story on it, and apparently Nick is busy trying to defend ACC’s position with it being some “rogue” case manager!  Yeah Right.  Shit is going to hit the fan on this one once it goes public, and I understand the Medical Council are up in arms about it.  No private insurance company dictates to medical practitioners like this, so why does ACC think they can?  Obviously Insurance policies have definitions for “totally disabled” but that is contained within the policy, and it is based upon the medical certificate provided, and it the insurer is uncertain about that then they will have you assessed by their own person.

As you can see from the email below, I’m not particularly impressed.

At the latest COGs (Consumers’ Outlook Group) meeting the next step is that ACC will no longer accept medical certificates from your GP determining the number of hours you work.  ACC are planning that this medical certification will have to come from an ACC doctor.

Also there is a blatantly abuse of ACC claimants rights over privacy.


She sees nothing wrong is sending me patient information and yet complaining bitterly about ACC doing it. Note how she sates that “shit is going to hit the fan once this goes public”. The email she refers to is below:

From: Bronwyn Pullar
Sent: Tuesday, 5 October 2010 4:56 p.m.
To: Nick Smith ([email protected]
Cc: Garth Bray ([email protected]); Melanie Reid ([email protected]); ‘[email protected]‘; ‘Patrick Gower’; ‘[email protected]‘; ‘G & D Powell’

Subject: Fully unfit letter
Importance: High


This is the sort of crap that is now coming out of ACC.  This is NOT a mistake as you are making out Nick.  You are just covering up corruption that is alive and well within ACC.  ACC is rotten to the core and I have numerous examples that could seriously embarrass you, over and above this.

This is just the beginning of a process to bring into the public arena the concerns about ACC’s new policies in their drive to reduce financial liability, at the expense of injured claimants and their rights.

Based upon this decision letter, clearly ACC are so arrogant now they seems to think they can dictate to the entire medical profession in NZ as to what constitutes being “fully unfit” and how doctors should write medical certificates for their patients.

Just wait for all the medical professional to come out against ACC in the media.  These really shows that ACC knows how to work effectively with their stakeholder groups – Not!

ACC needs to pull their head in and stop being so bloody arrogant and thinking they are above the law, and treating claimants with distain, as pure numbers and financial liabilities, using compliant assessors who have been influenced by ACC and their Branch Medical Advisors towards achieving exit pre-determined outcomes, as well as denying claimants rights to
privacy.  This goes totally against the spirit of the code with no sensitivity by ACC being give to claimants injuries and the impact of them upon their lives.

This sort of crap has got to stop, along with the abusive of processes to deliberately disentitle claimants to reduce ACC’s long term financial liability.

Good luck fighting it Nick in the media.  You are going to need big PR help on this one.  It is everywhere!

A good question to ask might be when this became ACC policy?  This is not an isolated case, or a rogue case manager.  This is yet another deliberate strategic policy by ACC that is abusive towards claimants rights.


It is clear from the tone of that letter, plus the document she attached that she is arranging a PR assault on ACC, one that she wishes Nick Smith, somewhat facetiously, good luck with.

Prior to that email she sent me another email in May 2010 where she said:

Confidential.Please don’t publish my name or the email, but you’re welcome to use this info/content below to keep pushing the cause as  I completely agree with you.  We could do it together mate.

These were my recommendation 2 years ago.  I know some pretty well connected people in the industry that would like to see the same.  I’m sure Michelle Boag would also help lobby for it cos she’s bloody sick of my dramas!


Bronwyn x

She then attached a lengthy email about some suggested policy changes that she had sent to Nick Smith and to Gerry Brownlee. This is interesting as the only article I had written in May 2010 about ACC was the interesting case of Malcolm Mason and the SFO investigation into his ongoing fraud. Completely unrelated to  the usual stories about ACC. It was however the same time I was in the midst of my battles with my own insurer and at the time she was helpfully suggesting that the best way for me to resolved my issues with them was to do what she did and get Michelle Boag involved to put the frighteners on them.

I have published these emails to show that Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag have had it in them to follow up their success with her private insurer using the same tactics.

When you look at her emails to me, the ones to Nick Smith threatening to unleash a PR nightmare on ACC and start looking at the NZ Herald recent witchhunt for ACC stories published under Martin Johnson’s byline and Phil Kitichin’s sudden interest in ACC as well you can see that this was a pre-meditated assault on ACC in order to get Bronwyn Pullar a settlement to augment her 7 figure settlement with a private insurer.

The shame is that their plans seem to have roped in credible journalists. Make no mistake, this is an orchestrated and organised PR campaign. If Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag were so concerned about ACC’s privacy issues then why didn’t they just hand all the data back with out a “deal” or “consideration”. That act alone fails the “good person” test.

What will be interesting to see is the communications between Michelle Boag and the Minister Office, both when Nick Smith was minister and with Judith Collins. We already know that Michelle Boag has emailed Judith Collins…who else has she emailed and lobbied directly rather than follow processes?

Michelle Boag has handed Winston Peters and the opposition a ready stick to clobber National with. Once again she has provided headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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