Boag Involved in ACC Privacy Standover, Ctd

As David Fisher revealed this morning Michelle Boag has been writing letters to ministers and attending meetings with ACC where they have tried to extort cash for handing over data.

It is simply crocodile tears now to suggest that Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag were only trying to help the ACC with their privacy breach. If that was the case then they would simply have handed over the data and said nothing more.

However as I will now reveal Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag, have run this little PR stunt for sometime now. Back in June 2010 Bronwyn Pullar emailed me and released to me some confidential data that she said wasn’t hers but showed that ACC were acting in poor way:

From: Bronwyn Pullar
Sent: Wednesday, 6 October 2010 3:07 p.m.
To: Cam Slater


I wondered if you might be interested in posting the attached Scan document. (Not my stuff below.)

This is ACC’s latest antics – ACC dictating to the medical profession as to what constitutes “fully unfit”.  The ODT are about to run a story on it, and apparently Nick is busy trying to defend ACC’s position with it being some “rogue” case manager!  Yeah Right.  Shit is going to hit the fan on this one once it goes public, and I understand the Medical Council are up in arms about it.  No private insurance company dictates to medical practitioners like this, so why does ACC think they can?  Obviously Insurance policies have definitions for “totally disabled” but that is contained within the policy, and it is based upon the medical certificate provided, and it the insurer is uncertain about that then they will have you assessed by their own person.

As you can see from the email below, I’m not particularly impressed.

At the latest COGs (Consumers’ Outlook Group) meeting the next step is that ACC will no longer accept medical certificates from your GP determining the number of hours you work.  ACC are planning that this medical certification will have to come from an ACC doctor.

Also there is a blatantly abuse of ACC claimants rights over privacy.


She sees nothing wrong is sending me patient information and yet complaining bitterly about ACC doing it. Note how she sates that “shit is going to hit the fan once this goes public”. The email she refers to is below:

From: Bronwyn Pullar
Sent: Tuesday, 5 October 2010 4:56 p.m.
To: Nick Smith ([email protected])
Cc: Garth Bray ([email protected]); Melanie Reid ([email protected]); ‘[email protected]‘; ‘Patrick Gower’; ‘[email protected]‘; ‘G & D Powell’

Subject: Fully unfit letter
Importance: High


This is the sort of crap that is now coming out of ACC.  This is NOT a mistake as you are making out Nick.  You are just covering up corruption that is alive and well within ACC.  ACC is rotten to the core and I have numerous examples that could seriously embarrass you, over and above this.

This is just the beginning of a process to bring into the public arena the concerns about ACC’s new policies in their drive to reduce financial liability, at the expense of injured claimants and their rights.

Based upon this decision letter, clearly ACC are so arrogant now they seems to think they can dictate to the entire medical profession in NZ as to what constitutes being “fully unfit” and how doctors should write medical certificates for their patients.

Just wait for all the medical professional to come out against ACC in the media.  These really shows that ACC knows how to work effectively with their stakeholder groups – Not!

ACC needs to pull their head in and stop being so bloody arrogant and thinking they are above the law, and treating claimants with distain, as pure numbers and financial liabilities, using compliant assessors who have been influenced by ACC and their Branch Medical Advisors towards achieving exit pre-determined outcomes, as well as denying claimants rights to
privacy.  This goes totally against the spirit of the code with no sensitivity by ACC being give to claimants injuries and the impact of them upon their lives.

This sort of crap has got to stop, along with the abusive of processes to deliberately disentitle claimants to reduce ACC’s long term financial liability.

Good luck fighting it Nick in the media.  You are going to need big PR help on this one.  It is everywhere!

A good question to ask might be when this became ACC policy?  This is not an isolated case, or a rogue case manager.  This is yet another deliberate strategic policy by ACC that is abusive towards claimants rights.


It is clear from the tone of that letter, plus the document she attached that she is arranging a PR assault on ACC, one that she wishes Nick Smith, somewhat facetiously, good luck with.

Prior to that email she sent me another email in May 2010 where she said:

Confidential.Please don’t publish my name or the email, but you’re welcome to use this info/content below to keep pushing the cause as  I completely agree with you.  We could do it together mate.

These were my recommendation 2 years ago.  I know some pretty well connected people in the industry that would like to see the same.  I’m sure Michelle Boag would also help lobby for it cos she’s bloody sick of my dramas!


Bronwyn x

She then attached a lengthy email about some suggested policy changes that she had sent to Nick Smith and to Gerry Brownlee. This is interesting as the only article I had written in May 2010 about ACC was the interesting case of Malcolm Mason and the SFO investigation into his ongoing fraud. Completely unrelated to  the usual stories about ACC. It was however the same time I was in the midst of my battles with my own insurer and at the time she was helpfully suggesting that the best way for me to resolved my issues with them was to do what she did and get Michelle Boag involved to put the frighteners on them.

I have published these emails to show that Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag have had it in them to follow up their success with her private insurer using the same tactics.

When you look at her emails to me, the ones to Nick Smith threatening to unleash a PR nightmare on ACC and start looking at the NZ Herald recent witchhunt for ACC stories published under Martin Johnson’s byline and Phil Kitichin’s sudden interest in ACC as well you can see that this was a pre-meditated assault on ACC in order to get Bronwyn Pullar a settlement to augment her 7 figure settlement with a private insurer.

The shame is that their plans seem to have roped in credible journalists. Make no mistake, this is an orchestrated and organised PR campaign. If Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag were so concerned about ACC’s privacy issues then why didn’t they just hand all the data back with out a “deal” or “consideration”. That act alone fails the “good person” test.

What will be interesting to see is the communications between Michelle Boag and the Minister Office, both when Nick Smith was minister and with Judith Collins. We already know that Michelle Boag has emailed Judith Collins…who else has she emailed and lobbied directly rather than follow processes?

Michelle Boag has handed Winston Peters and the opposition a ready stick to clobber National with. Once again she has provided headlines for all the wrong reasons.


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  • LesleyNZ

    Cameron – The “kiss” Bronwyn Pullar sent to you in her email was NOT ON AT ALL! What was she thinking? Here I was thinking that the extortionist was some poor old lady with a sore ankle. Well, well, well……. Michelle Boag seems to think she knows everything. How stupid those two have been – especially now “The Crusher” is onto them.

  • Landy

    Awful, awful people.

  • whalewatcher

    Some facts about ACC:-

    – levies have been cut by $580,000,000 for the coming year

    – National Govt has signalled intention to ‘open the account to competition’

    – Labour opened access to ACC for all kinds of things in their 9 years, none of which were funded by levies. Rightly so, much of this is being clawed back. ACC funds are not Govt funds, and cannot be raided by the Govt, but can be ‘de facto’ raided in the way Labour did.

    – Many patients are being denied funding for injury-related surgery at present, many totally inappropriately. Yet if there was no ideological drive to introduce ‘competition’ (a disaster last time National tried it), and no drive to cut levies, patients could get the care they are entitled to under the ACC legislation.

    – I know of  a patient who 2 weeks ago was denied surgery by ACC. She immediately wrote a letter of complaint to ACC, and less than a week later, the same week that ACC was featuring heavily in the NZ Herald, her case was reversed, without any help from her surgeon or a lawyer – a rare thing indeed. A coincidence? It seems unlikely.

    – ACC employs their own medical advisors. They are often not specialists in the area of the patient’s problem – eg: an occupational physician passing judgement on an orthopaedic condition, in a patient who has been assessed already by an orthopaedic surgeon at ACC’s expense. ACC also employs ‘semi-retired’ specialists, who often are not practising or operating anymore, as reviewers. They often judge a patient’s case on the case notes and Xray reports, without ever seeing or examining a patient.
    My advice to anyone being declined surgery and sent for review, would be to insist on a review with a specialist doctor in that field, who sees the patient in a consultation to take a history and examine the patient. Anything less is short-changing the patients, and I would question ACC’s motives in asking for a paper ‘case review’  – they are probably trying to get you ‘off the books’.

    A further rumour about ACC:-

    – a patient with many old case manager friends still working in ACC told me late 2011 that word had come through from the PM’s office to ‘really tighten up’ so the books look good for privatisation of ACC. This, in the same year that ACC conceded they have been too tough on denying claimants surgery, and would ease up. I cannot substantiate this, but there is no reason to doubt it, either.

    Lastly, I would advise anyone turned down for surgery and who thinks he/she has a valid claim, to aggressively appeal.
     Get an advocate – preferably a lawyer. Lawyers understand Case Law, which is very important in an appeal. ACC’s reviewers, and many advocates, are not lawyers and do not understand case law, thus previous legal precedents can be misinterpreted, either through naievity or deliberatley.

    • Kthxbai

      “- ACC employs their own medical advisors. They are often not specialists
      in the area of the patient’s problem – eg: an occupational physician
      passing judgement on an orthopaedic condition, in a patient who has been
      assessed already by an orthopaedic surgeon at ACC’s expense. ACC also
      employs ‘semi-retired’ specialists, who often are not practising or
      operating anymore, as reviewers. They often judge a patient’s case on
      the case notes and Xray reports, without ever seeing or examining a
      My advice to anyone being declined surgery and sent for
      review, would be to insist on a review with a specialist doctor in that
      field, who sees the patient in a consultation to take a history and
      examine the patient. Anything less is short-changing the patients, and I
      would question ACC’s motives in asking for a paper ‘case review’  –
      they are probably trying to get you ‘off the books’.

      I couldn’t agree more.  I would only add that ACC’s ‘semi-retired’ specialists also include several who have been asked to resign from the public system because of poor decision making or poor performance.

      Good post

      • Guy from North Shore

        I agree. One of the experts I have seen was just paid for the right decision.
        My case went through no less than 47 ACC Staff before surgery was approved, then they left me without an income for 7 months (did not qualify for any other benifit due to investments and a house owner)
        The shit hits the fan tomorrow with my second review at Dispute Resolution Services. Lawyers this time.

    • All of which irrelevant to this case…a woman, aided and abetted by a political hack tried to extort ACC. END. OF. STORY.

      • LesleyNZ

        ABSOLUTELY agree. Sure there might be problems with ACC, but complaints about ACC is a separate matter and not what this particular blog post is all about. As the Whale says – “a woman, aided and abetted by a political hack tried to extort ACC. END. OF. STORY.”

      • Fozzie

        Oops looks like the orders have gone out to shut it down ! “END. OF. STORY.” I don’t think so !

  • Cynic

    The issue here folks is this woman not only had private insurance (which she cashed out) but was a long term ACC patient. Over the years they have all been reassessed. Bronwyn seems capable of dealing with two insurance company battles, wage a campaign using Michelle Boag left right and centre, but incapable of actually doing a days work.

    Her injury was not a serious one physically, mentally she’s as mad was a fruit loop name dropping every national Party person she knows to assist her. Thank god for Crusher not falling for the damsel in distress routine. She’s coined her private insurer and for years thought she could sit n ACC pulling their maximum payout. What for?

  • Fozzie

    Entitle itis – so many on this blog point the bone at the poor when the worst troughers and enablers come from the inner circle.  Boag’s behaviour is straight out of the National parties operations manual so why is anyone surprised ?

    • RightNow

      And yet here is Whale Oil exposing Boag. Let me think about incidents of lefties behaving badly and a lefty blogger exposing them. Done, none.

      • Fozzie

        WO isn’t exposing Boag because she exposed herself – he is just along for the ride ‘coz he has a personal axe to grind… I am a member of no ‘wing’ just an observer of politics for a  long time. Boag  behaviour National 101

      •  um..!..the edwards piece on labour..?

        ..will that do..?

        [email protected]

  • Johnboy

    Still you have to admit Boag had a good set of hooters before she got old and ugly!

    •  whereas you have ‘a good set of hooters” now…?

      ..go on..!..give them a squeeze…! always amuses me when old men hauling their sagging scrotums around on a trolley..

      ..critique the female form..

      ..get thee…and thy sagging-scrotum to a

      ..(was it ‘good’ when you were young…there..johnboy..that scrotum..?..)

      [email protected]

  • MrV

    Why does NZ view ACC as a cash cow ready to be milked and bestow free lunches on the populace?

    Fact of the matter is under Labour it opened them up to all sorts of additional claims liability, all sorts of ‘hurt feeling’ claims which were poorly costed. The example of costings for physios was one such rort that resulted in every man and his dog receiving physio and a massive cost blowout. Of course the physios loved it, clinics were popping up like dairys.

    Reality is ACC needs to cut it’s cloth to suit, and right now NZ thinks it can afford saville row when on closer inspection a loin cloth is more appropriate.

    • Kimbo

       …and while I agree in principle, MrV, the problem that you omitted to mention is that Kiwis don’t have the opportunity to take private court action against those who cause their injuries. That was the balance that the ACC Act sought to maintain. “Cut your cloth according to your circumstances” may be good and necessary advice, but the system is meant to address needs in return for no-fault and the attendant reward of no ambulance-chasing lawyers clogging our courts, etc.

      It turns out my wife was one of those whose details were included in the leak – she was told a couple of days ago. Her case was that eventually ACC said they didn’t have to pay due to a “degenerative condition”. She had a specialist who knew what he was talking about who said otherwise, but we figured, unlike Bronwyn Pullar, the financial and emotional cost of digging in and trying to fight ACC on the issue wasn’t worth it. As WO said, there are two types of people who complain about ACC.

      Has been a huge financial strain on my family, as my wife has sought to upskill (albeit by means this country’s very generous student loan system). Nevertheles, that is life, and we should make it – but I have a lot of sympathy for those who don’t have the options available to us. They are stuck. And have no means of suing someone’s ass off if there was a cause due to negligence, etc.

      On reflection, and taking into account your advice, I think ACC has had its day. Seemed a good idea at the time when Woodhouse produced his 1971 report, but is probably unsustainable. Time to privatise.

      • MrV

        Yes that’s all very true. I think it is a great shame that there are those who abuse the system and thus create pressures to tighten up on claimants and govt. policies that deliberately have squandered resources. The other issue is that it looks as though it has proved very difficult with legislation to define with specificity what an ‘accident’ is, and so yes you get arguments over degeneration etc, which given medical diagnosis isn’t as clear-cut of a science as the public imagines it is creates more problems.
        While I think there is still a function for ACC to serve, it would be alot easier in my view if NZers were covered by a system of private medical insurance that could provide greater certainty for people especially in complex cases.

      • Kimbo

         @ MrV

        “While I think there is still a function for ACC to serve, it would be
        alot easier in my view if NZers were covered by a system of private
        medical insurance that could provide greater certainty for people
        especially in complex cases.”

        Yes. However, I’ve heard that “no fault” also contributes to what is a relatively poor NZ workplace accident record. I have friends in the insurance game who tell me bosses are much more stringent in OZ because the financial penalties and consequences of work injuries are so much more severe.

      • One of the cases…

        That is awful for you both. yes, it is hard when a person is left with no way to get compensation for what was done to them and what was ruined by the person/s who hurt them. I know that a surgery which cost nearly 20k has been wasted due to the event that has changed my life. I can’t go back to how it was before as I can not afford that operation again. If I could, I absolutely would. I want that person to pay. I want that surgical procedure which I had before the event to be redone. But I can’t. It makes me so angry. I am as angry now as I was in 09. I struggle every single day. I barely leave my house, I no longer socialise, I am single, my young son no longer has his fun mummy, I have a dependence on meds due to the continued pain I suffer from, I have just turned 35. I have days when I wonder if I would even be here if it weren’t for my son needing me. And yet, ACC declined my need to seek help…yep, obviously I am fine… *ahem*. Thankfully, I am not thinking of ending it all, but I was fairly close to it when I got that letter back from ACC. Not a good time. I hope that you and your wife and family are able to move forward and that everything turns out well for you all. Best wishes. L.

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  • Rat

    Got to admit though, if this was a Labour Government, you would have published it  in 2010 be still going on about it today.

  • Naylor

    FFS when will people learn that anything that Michelle Boag has to do with eventually turns to custard. Remember her illegally filming the Winebox for Fay/Richwhite? She will be working the phones to try and spin herself out of this hole.

    What a mess, and she’s meant to be an expert in PR -yeah right.

  • One of the cases…

    I guess that my case would be one of those that were emailed to that horrible woman…I am disgusted that she threatened to make this information public…for money. How DARE she??? This furore has had an impact on all of us who have a case in the Sensitive case unit. What kind of person threatens to expose this information? She bleats on about ACC being corrupt, and yet here she is being the most corrupt of the lot! That Boag needs to be fired. She has undermined the Govt’s policies, she has helped a person to blackmail a company (and yes, it was still blackmail, even if ACC “offered” a sweetener, they would not have done so if they thought that woman would do what is right and just send it straight back), so they both need to be vilified. Stuff them. I have had too much taken from me. First the Bad Stuff, then the surgery, then ACC declined me access to counselling to recover mentally which has had a profound effect on my life, the court case, and now this. I have already lost 3years of my life. It is halted. I never knew that I could appeal to ACC. I also thought I could do it myself, because they declined it, I thought I had no choice but to do it alone. Big Mistake. I am going to write a letter to ACC. After reading some of the comments on here, I have to try. There has been too much lost to not try. I also wonder what the medical issue really is with that Pullar woman? If she is capable of writing letters and of plotting this huge conspiracy of blackmail, lies, and nastiness, then her “head injury” can’t be that bad! Sounds like she needs to have a bit of investigation focused on her…fraud comes to mind…

  • unicorn

    This privacy breach, and  the corruption that is rife within ACC – and very obviously up to the level of John Key, is no new thing. Its been going on for years.Instead of finding the best way to rehabilitate you, they have set a system where all their energy is focused on finding ways to exit you.. This is against the meaning of the ACC Code, and Act.

    Currently the Privacy Commissioner and the new Chief Justice are both former ACC emplyees, as are employees of DRSL. The same Minister covers both the ACC and Justice portfolios. Wake up. The corruption is now complete.

    Its the ACC claimants who need help. Serious HELP to find a way through this corruption, towards real rehabilitation.

    By the way, just because a person has an injury, doesnt mean they lose their intelligence – some do, but not all. However, some may lose their sanity, as they deal with the abuse and bullying of ACC while trying to be rehabilitated as is their Right. Try to get a sensible rehabilitation plan established – it doesnt happen.

    ACC Case Managers are not medical experts, but they like to pretend they are – at the claimants expense. Who do they think they are telling medical professionals how to treat patients – doctors must adhere to the Hypocratic Oath. It is an offence for them not to.

  • Natalie

    In my job I often have to request employee’s ACC history and I am constantly gob-smacked by the number of injury claims some employees have. Last week on my desk was the ACC claims history of a 30 year-old employee – he had had 53 ACC claims accepted in 12 years.

    They were all sporting injuries, not work-related. I think it is time that the Rugby Union and other major sporting codes that operate for profit, be made to take our private injury insurance. If anyone has been to their local A&E department on a Saturday afternoon you can not move for the number of sportsmen waiting to be seen.

  • Lilysmithy60

    There was more to Boag’s using Zee Films to film Peters’ evidence at the Winebox than O’Sullivan’s column stated, if you check the files. Zee Films were asked, by Carruthers QC, who they were working for and they said NZ Archives. Carruthers got his assistant to phone Archives in Wellington who confirmed they did not have anyone filming Peters. So Carruthers, smelling a rat, put Boag on the stand and cross-examined her, which she did not like at all, and exposed her as a liar. That was how Fay Richwhite came to be held in contempt.
    There’s more on this woman, but I wouldn’t want you to be sued, as she’s a litigious person.
    As far as this ACC story goes – a shocking piece of ‘investigative journalism’ by Phil Kitchin which, if handed in to editors of old like Warwick Roger or Robyn Langwell would have been spiked. It reeked of one-sidedness and left so many questions unanswered, the first one being, “why didn’t you hand the information back?”
    So well done, on doing what no other journalist has managed to do in terms of giving us the full (so far) fascinating story (even if your writing needs an editor to knock it into shape :)).

    • Tony Twiss

      Not sure how you can consider what Cameron has released as the full story .

      I think if Cameron was a real journalist and wanted to provide his readers with a balanced story he would have dug more into Bronwyn Pullars work history prior to her accident .

      For almost 20 years her career was one of corporate over-achievement – all that ended the day she was hit by a car and she suffered brain injuries that she struggles with to this day . 

      I would have thought Cameron of all people would respect that the brain is a fragile thing

      Many of the things that made her as successful as she was in the corporate world prior to the accident she still posesses . She is still highly intelligent , she is still a strong & forceful woman, she has a huge passion for family & friends  , and she is still very blunt , frank , open and honest communicator  as would be expected from a farm girl from Southland . She still has all of these attributes BUT yet  she will never reach the career heights she achieved previous to her Brain Injury .

      There in lies the problem for ACC . Bronwyn was good at what she did and she got paid very well to do what she did .

      I don’t know all the details of the case  but I do know that ACC is there for ALL New Zealanders – NO matter how much they earn / NO matter what their personality is .

      It would be good if Cameron could give his readers more details on the injury , when it was and why it is still an issue so many years later – Then we might get some more balanced insight into what the real story is .

      Where there is smoke there is often fire as many contributors to this thread have already outlined  and sadly it actually detracts from the great stuff that ACC has done for New Zealand over almost 4 decades .

      And as for Michele Boag – In my “Old School” New Zealand even people like Michele Boag are allowed to have good friends and Bronwyn and her are good friends of long standing . Not just political or business acquaintances but real good mates .

      And in my “Old School” New Zealand my mates know that if they have a problem then I will be there for them and I will do what I can even if its bugger all except moral support .

      Its not Bronwyns fault that her mate Michele is good at what she does .

      Instead of cutting down some Tall Poppies just focus on doing your bit to make sure that Central & Local Government are working for the people needs  and not for Central & Local Governments needs .

      Integrity is doing the right thing even when you know no one is watching

      • ELLE

        Well said…however, no one is saying that Pullar can not have friends in high places. She can do what she wants…unless it hurts others, and what she has done has most definitely hurt others. Her “very good mate” Boag has used her position to help her friend to get something by means of coercion with is a clear case of abuse of position and power. That alone says that Boag should be fired. Not taking into consideration any previous issues. ACC has most definitely been a huge help to many, many people, and for the most part, myself included,, it is always going to be overblown through minor sports injuries (for a start) and those who stub their toe on a blade of grass and perform as though they have broken their leg instead. Degenerative is a very bad word in my book. I have a friend who had a very bad car accident (not her fault) and got severe whiplash causing damage and massive pain in her neck, which is still a major issue 4yrs later. ACC were helping her and then one day decided that it was “degenerative” and cut her off completely…even though she was most definitely unable to work full time. She was studying whilst suffering from debilitating migraines and neck pain. She just needed help to keep on top of the worst of the pain with treatments, which she could not afford without ACC’s help. She is certainly no “bludger”. But, while they were helping her, they were doing a lot of good for this woman. I am also fairly “old school” and will also be there for my mates, however, when a person is in politics or a position of influence, they must be very careful about what help they provide. In this case, she overstepped the mark by a long shot. Both of them did. Pullar should do a spell in prison…I fully believe that what she did deserves a good 3mths. It wasn’t her life she held in her hands and was willing to make public, details or no, she had NO right to do it. So yep, sure, Boag and Pullar may just be fabulous people who are good at what they do…yadda yadda…it is irrelevant in this situation. As you said, “Integrity is Doing The Right Thing, even when you know no one is watching”. They did not.

  • Tony Twiss

    My view on Integrity is a fairly pure one . I think if there was an “Integrity scale” my definition would be at the top  with No integrity at the bottom. I don’t profess to have always lived my life at the giddying heights of the top of the scale but I do sincerely try

    One only has to look at World events over the last 4 years to understand that what we are experiencing is predominantly the result of 20 -30 years of corporations and governments operating ever closer to the bottom of the integrity scale .

    If your friend had been treated with integrity by ACC as required /determined  by law she would not have had to suffer the considerable additional  emotional strain & stress she has had to endure .

    If Bronwyn Pullar’s case had been treated with integrity somewhere back towards the beginning of her 9 year battle with ACC we would not be having this conversation .

    If our political system  had integrity (I appreciate the oxymoron) then they would lay their concerns about ACC and its affordability out in the open for all to debate. Politicians make so much of the need to “upskill”and “think/act smarter” to face future challenges but they continue to treat us like retards when it comes to our ability to handle open and frank debate .

    Much is made of people “gaming” the ACC system for their own benefit .

    However , is the whole “degenerative” strategy by ACC in collusion with our politicians not “gaming” the system to their own idealogical benefit .

    Two wrongs do not make a right . If you have a system where both sides are gaming it then you have a system that is lacking inate integrity .

    So in a system lacking integrity and given the suffering of your friend and its appearant unjustness I pose you the question “If you were a  good friends with Michele Boag and if you knew she maybe able to get your friends voice properly heard in order to get what should have been hers by right – would you have sought Boag’s help ? ”

    People  in Boags area of expertise exist only because of an increasing lack of integrity in the system .

     If everyone on both sides of the spectrum is gaming the system then there is always a strong market for the consummate performers in that game – no different to the the All Blacks and Rugby .  

    As for Bronwyn Pullar  – over 100’s of thousands of years mankind  has been instilled with an inherent survival characteristic – that being fight or flight .

    Pullar has decided to fight for her rights and she is made out to be a pariah for it .

    Wheres the integrity in that ?

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  • unicorn

    Acc are corrupt. Its true that they ARE rotten to the core! I dont understand why the writer if this article here, is being so pro ACC, and anti claimants. I hope you never get raped or injured yourself, because if you ever have to deal with the corrupt ACC, then you would feel exactly the same as most of the ACC bullied claimant/victims feel. Goodness me, you have no idea.

    Im glad someone is trying hardout to expose the tip of the iceberg in this huge SCAM against NZ taxpayers – the ACC.

    All your support of them is doing is endorsing their building of prisons, playing the stock market, and doing whatever else they jollywell feel like doing with misappropriated taxpayer monies. Yes they are definately misappropriated, as the funds are supposed to be used to cover the costs of  Rehabilitation of victims/survivors of injury and crime – not all the other useless and totally unrelated rubbish they keep spending this money on, while showing total careless disregard for the legitimate victims.

    You have got it all wrong writer of this article. remove your blinkers. Perhaps you have been slipped some of the ACC excessive profit dollars to try to enhance the ACCs smear campaingn on claimants. I am very disappointed with you.

    God will reveal all. Evil can only win if good does nothing.

    ACC is evil, and you are no better by riding with them!

  • Landy

    The more I look at Pullar’s words, the more I wonder what lobby is helping push her along.  Her strange outbursts are not somehow natural.  

  • Alpat

    What seems just under the surface is that Pullar disagrees with ACC’s assessment of her injuries, and refuses to accept their findings.  None of us commenting here know what the assessment process and decision making by ACC was in respect to Pullar. Obviously ACC will not release information, but Pullar has the freedom to “tell all” and let us see what she/ACC have been fighting about for years.  If she wants to bring an individual case into public scrutiny then she should go the whole 9 yards and release her exchanges with ACC over the years.  That way we can know the full facts, and see which party (Pullar/ACC) is being careless with the truth.