Boag Involved in ACC Privacy Standover, Ctd

I was not surprised to find out that Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag are involved in a standover mugging at ACC. I know all about these two…but didn’t at all know about the ACC standover until I read David Fisher’s article this morning. Since it is now a matter of public record I feel able to provide some backstory.

I have met Bronwyn Pullar twice in the past few years, both times for a coffee where she spent the entire time whining to me about how awful it was that she was having trouble with ACC.

I have had several email communications with her, ostensibly her trying to enlist me to wage jihad against ACC on her behalf. I did not do as she requested.

There are two groups of ACC Claimaints. Those that are bat shit crazy seeing conspiracy everywhere, infesting news groups and and community notice boards at Trademe railing against every sleight against them….and there is a a second group of claimants that have had a couple of issues and just quietly deal with them and move on. Bronwyn Pullar is in the first and somewhat larger group.

Michelle Boag is trying to paint and spin this as her and Bronwyn Pullar helping out ACC from their tricky situation. However they aren’t being truthful. They have failed to explain the exact details of why Browyn Pullar is having these problems. Now before you get all huffy about privacy, I am simply relating what she explained to me in conversations and in emails.

It goes back a long way. Back to her “accident”. Now since Michelle Boag has brought it up she could have perhaps brought up that Bronwyn Pullar was paid out a 7 figure sum from her private insurance company, a sum that has been invested in a blind trust and is managed by a well known connection to Boag. This is the reason why I haven’t gone anywhere near Browyn’s woe-is-me story.

you see I have a belief that she isn’t entitled to ACC having sufficiently protected herself with a private insurance policy. I’m simply not interested in hearing about hard done by she is from ACC when it is my belief that she is having a lend of them and the taxpayers who have to fund the Bronwyn Pullar’s of this world.

What they also haven’t told anyone was that it was the same modus operandi with the private insurer that saw the settlement and payout. Bronwyn Pullar enlisted the support and menace that is Michelle Boag in order to get what she wanted.

That’s a little back-story that I believe is pertinent to understanding the predicament she and Michelle Boag now find themselves in. As I have said before, I know this because Bronwyn Pullar herself told me.

My next post will explain how this is nothing more that a Boag led under the radar PR campaign that has gone badly wrong because they tried to doorstep ACC.


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  • jay cee

    which begs the question,why did someone as astute as michelle boag get involved with this woman?

  • Balanced View

    Nice work Whale, I always enjoy context. Boat feels like poison

  • Harold Might answer the question of how long they Boag and Pullar have know each other and why Boag has a loyalty to her ie: Pullar ran publicity for Boag’s cmapaign for Nat Party President

  • Mully

    The Nats really need to distance themselves from Boag once and for all. She’s poison even when she’s not directly involved.

  • Salacious T Crumb

     What a muppet. The comparison as the Fenton of the National Party is so apt.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Mr. WO – outstanding article… exceptional blog.
    Thank you.

  • Gee I wish I could get my vision of her when she was at Uni out of my head. Grumpy sad middle aged woman….Like another one not long out of the public limelight.

  • Peter Wilson

    What’s going on? It sounds like the staff member suggested the one years benefit continuance, and if so, thats a disgrace. Boag’s crime seems to be supportive of a friend.

    • Effyewwhale

      Bronwins crime is having Boag as a friend. This is more pathetic Boag Slater feud, nothing to do with ACC. Slater is envious Pullar got a payout,his own insurer told him to fuck off.

    • Boag never operates just being a friend…she is a bully, and threatens.

  • Harriet

    Anyone with half a brain can see that BP is a petty blackmailing thug just from reading the ridiculously dramatised press coverage.  Who the hell copies journalists into ministerial email then tries to pull off a wide-eyed ‘there was no implied threat’ stance?  Similarly, who the hell goes to an ACC meeting purportedly to discuss their claim then pulls a ‘I have sensitive claims information and you can’t have it back’ cat out of the bag at the same meeting…and insists again there was no threat to go to the media.  And then goes to the media!  I’d be inclined to think she was brain damaged in her ‘accident’ with these bully boy denial issues but a friend of mine who knew her years ago said she was a greedy manipulating pitbull back then too – described her as “poisonous”. Enjoyed your article.  Thanks.