Boag involved in ACC privacy standover

Where the left wing has Trevor Mallard, Sue Moroney and Helen Kelly making headlines for all the wrong reasons, the National Party has Michelle Boag. If it wasn’t bad enough that she got caught filming a Commission of Inquiry, lied about it, was found guilty of contempt, tanked National to its lowest ever result, she is now making more bad headlines for National.

David Fisher has a story in the Herald on Sunday about her involvement with the woman who tried to extort ACC over their privacy breach, Bronwyn Pullar.

National Party insider Michelle Boag acted as the support person for the ACC whistleblower during the pivotal meeting that has been referred to police.

Boag sat with her friend Bronwyn Pullar during a meeting in December in which the Auckland woman first told ACC there had been a privacy breach.

This is astonishing. Michelle Boag was privvy to an attempt to extort ACC for the return of their data.

Boag said it was important to realise a formal complaint had not been made to police. However, she told the Herald on Sunday: “I would be drawn into it. I was in that meeting.”

Boag said her recollection of events was that it was the ACC staff member who suggested an arrangement could be reached in Pullar’s case.

“In the meeting he said if we agree on this as a way forward, a condition would have to be that you return the information.”

Michelle Boag has just admitting to trying to cut a deal. That is pretty damning. The pity is she thinks she has done nothing wrong.

Boag said the staff member made the suggestion after she and Pullar urged an investigation of the privacy breach “for the sake of your ministry, your board, your CEO”.

Boag said it was one of 45 privacy breaches of varying degrees of seriousness in the nine years Pullar had battled ACC since suffering a head injury in a bicycle accident.

This is disgraceful. Michelle Boag who once got caught trying to film court proceedings has the temerity to try and slander ACC staff, when it is her and Bronwyn Pullar playing standover with a government department.

If they were so concerned about the privacy breach then why didn’t they simply hand over the data or at the very least destroy the data. Instead they went to try and cut a deal and that is where they crossed the line.

She wanted ACC to deal with the privacy breach internally and not as a public issue. “I am a supporter of this Government and I also call [former ACC minister] Nick Smith a friend. I don’t want him embarrassed. I have friends on the ACC board. I do not want them embarrassed.”

This is classic Boag. There is an implied threat in those comments to David Fisher…I know people…I just bet she did this to the ACC staff.

Boag said she was furious her letter had been leaked.

I’m sure she is…someone has shone a very bright light into a very dark corner and exposed her and her bully tactics. Someone needs to tell Michelle Boag to slope off to Waiheke and disappear.


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  • Scanner

    Well she got that wrong, she HAD friends on the ACC board, I see the picture in the link she must have her furious face on, or is this just a normal scowl.
    Small note to Michelle – Stop getting your PR coaching from Darien Fenton. 

  • Fozzie

    Tet book National Party behaviour I’d say

  • Anonymouscoward

    “Boag said her recollection of events was that it was the ACC staff member who suggested an arrangement could be reached in Pullar’s case.”

    If this can be established the Police complaint will go nowhere.

    The ACC is an obdurate bureaucracy, if you have them thinking you have them by the short hairs their minds and cheque book will follow.

    If I had been the ACC bureaucrat at the meeting I would have played it with a straight bat. I would have reminded the recipient that they were in possesion of private personal information, and there were legal obligations and restrictions about what they could do with the information.

    I would have reminded the recipent that if the information was passed on to a third party illegally large men in suits could appear on their doorstep inviting the recipient to acompany them to the station to assist with their inquiries.

    • I imagine that is exactly how ACC played it…more to the point I bet they have diary notes as well

  • Natalie

    ACC will certainly have a written record of the meeting, taken at or after it was held. Whereas Boag and Pullar will be relying on memory. Any Court will be more persauded by written notes taken at or near the time of the event (that why the cops always do this, even at a car accident).

    Pullar’s behaviour and subsequent actions is very similar to Bradley’s Ambrose and his use of the covert audio recording of the meeting between Key and Banks before the Election.

    Both Pullar and Ambrose, were in possession of something they ought not to have been, but instead of destroying or returning it, they have both tried to make money from it.

    I imagine soon some of Pullar’s ACC history willl emerge into the public domain and she will be screaming blue murder over how her privacy has been breached…..

  • Anonymouscoward

    From the NZHerald article;

    “The ACC report stated a letter had been sent to Pullar after the meeting that insisted the information be returned to ACC. According to Boag, there was more information in the letter – including the offer of a single year’s benefit.”

    This letter and its contents are the smoking gun. If it is as Michelle says how come the the ACC were prepared to negotiate by letter in private and scream blue murder in public about blackmail.

    I doubt that Michelle, wily old fox that she is, would be prepared to misspeak on the record about an easily produced letter.

    By the way this is no affirmation of Michelle, my cautious opinion of her was formed way back when she was the PR person for Dominion Breweries.

    Care should taken about buying into the saints v sinners line spun by ACC.

    • Anonymous

      I think Whale has more than enough here from the “victim” to show a long history of shit stirring and threatening the ACC Minister at the time. If she was Lily white she would have just deleted the email where the others private details were sent and to taken it to load up Michelle Boag. Boag must be dreading the day she agreed to get involved with this mad woman,

  • A. Friend

    Cam, the way I read the story is that Boag claims it was the ACC staff member that offered the continued support, which would be the behaviour of a bureaucrat trying to protect their ass and their job.
    But if it is shown the Boag is wrong then she needs to be hung out to dry – there should be no tolerance of underhanded slimy troughing behaviour.