Boris is on fire

The Telegraph

Boris Johnson is having a blinder. First he tunes up the yobs on buses and now he is tuning up the unions on trains:

New driver-less Tube trains will lead to cheaper tickets and challenge the power of “hardline union bosses” , Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, will say today.

Ahead of the mayoral election in May, Mr Johnson will pledge never again to buy a tube train with an old-fashioned driver’s cab as long as he is in charge of the city.

Londoners have been plagued by 23 tube strikes over the last four years Mr Johnson has been in office, as drivers demand better pay and conditions.

In a speech on his campaign trail, Mr Johnson will ask residents for “new mandate to automate the tube network”.

He believes half of London’s line can be automatic within two years, with drivers replaced by “train captains” in charge of supervising the trains.

“It is time to move forward with ‘train captains’ with all the efficiency benefits at will bring, and absolutely no loss of safety,” he will say.

“It may be that some hardline union barons will object, as they have traditionally objected to many technological improvements.

“But I am convinced that most members of London Underground’s workforce will see the merit of what we are doing.”


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  • We need a Boris for Auckland

  • ConwayCaptain

    Are the tube drivers union and affiliate of dear old MUNZ

  • Mike Smith

    Good luck to Boris. This idea will be his unseating. 

  • johnbronkhorst

    Can the same automation be applied to PoA???

    • Mike Smith

       I don’t think you could automate Tony Gibson…

      • johnbronkhorst

        Don’t need to Mike he is at least doing his job….not trying to avoid actually working for a living re that lazy idiot parslow and the MUNZ.

  • Bawaugh

    Train automation – has been done, but would only work on the underground sections of track.

    It also has one other benifit it means that they never have to pay the wages of those drivers again. A nice little saving – those drivers are not cheap to train (all in house training). That said there is the little fact of capital cost………