Borrowing to Live?

The AUSA executive protests “borrowing to live”.

Unfortunately one fool, Sam Bookman, forgets to take off expensive Calvin Klein underwear while doing so.

Perhaps should stop buying heinous overpriced undies if he can’t afford basics.


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  • Positan

    I’m bound to observe the possibility that Bookman’s mother might have bought them for him – that, like me then, he hadn’t the faintest clue about clothing’s actual cost while at university. I became aware only after I’d finished and, very belatedly, had to meet such matters myself.

    • Kthxbai

      True, but his mother would then be guilty of similar idiocy – it would have been more rational to give him the equivalent value in food.

    • niggly

      Ah, maybe not. Any teen/early 20 something will be very particluar about what “brands” they wear. Eg if mum bought him something old school he may have worn as a lad (I dunno Jockey perhaps? Mind you undies aren’t cheap nowadays) I don’t think this chap would want to wear it.

      Image is everything when he strips off for a root etc.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Dunno what he is trying to hide

  • Hollyfield

    A common complaint I hear from parents is that their university student kids won’t look for a bit of part time work.  All through February I heard moans about how their kids wouldn’t work because it was their holidays. One colleague keeps offering her daughter for work, but when we phone the daughter she turns down the work. And we’re only asking her to do office work, nothing hard or dirty.  The last time was about three weeks ago, around 6-8 hours work that she could do at times that suited her, paying $18/hr, but she was too busy not working.
    I think they have too much spending money available through their student allowances and loans – if they had a little less money they would be more eager to earn some.    Why bother working, though, when you just get given money for being a student.

    • Kthxbai

      The problem here is that they will be on the dole, which they can get over the holidays (depending on their age).  Don’t have to work.

    • devlsadvocate

      Ring Student Job Search, there are actually students who are struggling and would jump at the chance to pick up that work – you might even pick up someone real good through there. I picked up my current job on SJS as temp cover, 3 years on and well past uni things are still going well.

    • Adpk29

      if you need a student for office work here is my e-mail address- [email protected]

  • HonestWhore

    I heard he’s mates with Tuku Morgan …

  • Ashleigh_cunningham

    AUSA and people like this are fake. They use it to get it on their CV and then move on. Student politics are a waste of time. Every year I see all these students running for these positions. The following year they’ve moved on working in big corporate firms. FFS they are all fakes, and honestly, do it for popularity or maybe to make themselves feel like they are important. News flash, you’re not important. Good one Sam Bookman. 

  • Geoffcarr

    Could not of said it better Ashleigh.

  • Hhhh

    Are we surprised?

  • Nigel201065

     Positan,Unless his Mum is a rich bitch(not sure if she is bitch or prick) or is on the very generous WFF so doesn’t know the true value of a dollar she wouldn’t be buying $50 undies for a ungrateful little shit like this