Brittenden skewers Parsloe

Pat Brittenden skewered Garry Parsloe this morning on Radio Rhema.

Basically Garry Parsloe has admitted that the port is entitles to contract out and that they would never accept that proposition, essentially it is an implacable and intractable position from the union.

No wonder they all got the arse yesterday.


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  • Vlad

    Look at this poor old bugger,  I had relatives like that in my youth, there is something pathetic about this.  The world has moved on, new, successful, models are available for the leaders of the workforce, it has all passed them by and probably good people suffer.  Sad aye?   I can’t find it in myself to be happy that within the 300 and other losers are probably some bewildered good blokes being led to the knife like the judas goat leads the sheep in the freezing works.

  • DJ

    Yeah. It’s a sorry situation.  If only the union heirarchy had been up front with its members and let them decide for themselves if they wanted the industrial action in the light of their stand.  Still that would not have brought about the redundancies that many of their members were seeking.  Worse still is the position of the casuals many of whom have worked there for years who will not be eligible for redundancy at all. 

    You can’t blame it all on Parsloe though, he learned his fighting style from the teats of his predecessors, yet below him are ranks of younger men who have the same mentatlity and thoughtless belief.  So even if he went another man would take his place and do the same thing.  Those who did not believe in the cause were bullied into submission and that has now cost them dearly.  Had they stayed with the port they would have been well taken care of and now, many of them have nothing.

  • peterwn

    Kamikaze pilots were fully aware of the fate that awaited them. Gary Parsloe does not seem to have a clue. This is especially as he is now going screaming to a lawyer having painted himself into a corner. He should have seen a lawyer long ago. 

    • dad4justice

      Union jerks go to lawyers????? Thank fuck I’m no part of the union no more!
      Get a brain you deadbeat time wasting fuckwits!

  • Frangi

    Great interview and Brittenden did well to pin Parsloe down

    • niggly

      Makes a change from Morning Report’s Simon Mercep’s inane questioning of Mr Parsole over the last few days. Sheesh bring back Sean Plunket at least he would be asking the hard questions like “so do you take take responsibility for your actions in causing your fellow workers being made redundant” and “why have you allowed this stand-off to fester over the last several months” etc.

  • Bob

    Good on the god botherers at Rhema and Pat for this excellent iv.

  • LucasJ

    When you dig yourself a deep hole so that you can stay in the same place the problem is you can’t see what’s happening in the world outside your hole.  Then lo and behold – the hole somehow seems to deep to get out of.  MUNZ members have followed their lemming president off the cliff

  • Doug_S

    What part of “contracting out” do you not fuckin get Garry. Are those things on the side of you head painted on?

  • thor42

    I tried to listed to the whole interview, but when I heard Parsloe whining about “people sitting by the phone”, that was it – I couldn’t take any more.
    F**king BULLSHIT, Parsloe.  

  • Patriot

    Union members should sack Gary Parsloe for his incompetance

  • Oh dear

    150 Casuals? the man has Alzheimer’s! Agree with other comments! This man had lost the plot! There should be a vote of no confidence from union members!

    • Well…

      The 150 casuals aren’t allowed to drive cranes or straddles or other heavy machinery, that’s just for the full-time guys. Casuals are only allowed to Lash, which is heavy work. You need a lot of upper body strength, so effectively stops women from joining the casual workforce. Also means that (under the present agreement) you can slide around shifts for the lashers to meet last-minute changes in the ship ETA because they’re casuals, but not the guys that actually move the ship cargo.

    • Darren

      Check out Feb 20, last bullet point.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    POAL have a right to contract out, so fuck off Parsloe, or make your Unionists more competitive with those willing to WORK.
    You killed the goose that lays the golden egg sunshine, and now you suffer, fucking good job

  • hugo

    Also not sure if it was mentioned parsloe gave the ports of auckland another strike notice, 2 week this time. Im sure their was a secret ballot this time hmmmmmYeah Right

  • This bloke is a modern day Don Quixote.

  • Greg M

    He still hasn’t woken up to the fact that it is not 1972 anymore and..YOU LOST !

    • Don

      Nice tug!

  • Jman

    Surprised you haven’t posted this yet Cam – Shearers bumbling interview with Larry Williams from Wednesday. Proof if you ever needed it that he simply isn’t up to the job:

    • Gazzaw

      Wasn’t it a classic Jman? The man who wants to lead our country.

    • Boss Hogg

      Jman. thanks for the link.  If I was a pinko I would be thinking “Oh Dear, where to from here?”  And if Cunners is the answer then the Pinkos are in much deeper shit than ever.

      Ah, life is good on that basis.  

    • Patriot

      John Keys best political weapon is  Phil Goff followed by an even more ineffective dribbler called  Shearer. 

       Labor will never win with Shearer.   Cunliffe is Labors most effective bulldog + a smart guy as well

    • Chris

       David S lost it with me when said “I don’t know the detail” He should know every fucking detail in his position. What a fuck wit.

  • Gazzaw

    Cunners must be licking his lips up the hill in Mrs Cunners’ mansion. I wonder if they live near Mr Trotman? Maybe they could share a car to the airport? Just a thought.

    I keep thinking of that old saying that Cunners may just have in his repertoire “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

    Watch your back David.

  • Chris

    All I heard was Garry saying ” We don’t want to this, we don’t want to do that ” He needs to remember he is supporting  the Workers who don’t make the rules the employers do. Get real Garry.

  • Dr Wang

    Parsloe is in some parallel universe.

    I bet his union mates now just wish they could whistle up a time-machine, and wind the clock back a few weeks…as reality bites.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The BRUVVERS have called another 14 day strike.  These blokes are THICK

  • Beenthere

    Thats a pretty deep hole they are digging..

    • Doug_S

      Garry (is that chinese voices I hear) Parsloe

  • hoha

    Hakim havent seen you for a while. What no more to say.

    • Doug_S

      I think HOP is persona non grata Hoha. Pretty sure he got booted a couple of days ago after repeated off topic posts and incessant lies and drivel. Fear not, there are plenty of Trolls out there just waiting to take his place. More fun for us!!

    • Greg M

       HoP got hisself  B&, hehe!

    • Peter Wilson

      Hakim has been kicked off the WO blog. I assume he’ll be back under another name, such is the futility of censorship on the internet.

      • Doug_S

        Peter, Our whale is pretty savvy…he will have noted HOP’s IP addy/s and blocked those so Mr Phut is Phuked unless he changes ISP.

      • Elvis_dotcom

        O RLY

        dont worry WO wasnt the only one who was sick of it. Im gone

      • Euan Rt

        yes RLY. be gone.

      • Sarrs

        One more, for old times’ sake. Byebye Hakim 

  • LucasJ

    This guy needs to be shot with a cow pat.  By putting them out for a further 2 weeks strike over an issue he has agreed he is implacable on and will not budge from his position he is further jeopardising his members chances to get jobs with the contracting out companies thereby decimating the number of union members who will contribute to the MUNZ coffers to cover their legal bills.

    • Terrafirma

      The dickheads have been saying the non-union guys are blacklisted now and will never get a job anywhere else if they leave the port.  The MUNZ are so THICK and ARROGANT and they have no idea that they have covered themselves in MUNZ POX SHAME and are considered the worst type of troublemaker that you could employ.  Wait until they start going looking for jobs …. then it’s going to hit home hard.

      • Beenthere

        “Blacklisted” by the union?, that would be a glowing reference, for any future employment, I would of thought.. 

    • Blokeintakapuna

      most excellent… hope he keeps it up then

  • Frangi

    Here’s a great bit of fun.  Someone’s started up a Facebook page called Tony Saved Our Port!  It’ll be interesting to see how much more support it gets than the MUNZ site:!/TonySavedOurPort

  • Dmcarty75

    Not the 50’s and 60’s anymore Gary “Hoffa”