Cactus gives Martyn the slap

Cactus Kate is a good friend….she was one of the few, very few people who stuck with me through my dark times. Those of your who have suffered or still suffer depression know that one of the things you unerringly do when suffering is burn off friends…you can count the ones remaining on the finger of one hand…Cactus KAte is one of those friends.

I know that she will die in a ditch for me, and she knows that I will die in a ditch for her.

Yesterday Martyn Bradbury used a silly and petulant post of Duncan Garner to get up me.

Cactus Kate is not amused:

Martyn has posted recently many pieces solely about Whaleoil. It has become obsessive because Whaleoil is not even bothering commenting back to this taunting. His last “effort” yesterday about Whaleoil, mental illness and in particular suicide was particularly disgusting. I bet Martyn now tries to say he was only joking. Well fuck you pinhead, it is not funny to talk about suicide about anyone like that. That fight was between Whaleoil and Duncan Garner who said his piece like the hot head he is, I imagine to regret it later because he is an adult earning a six figure income. This was absolutely no business of Martyn’s or anyone else’s but once again Martyn had a spot of Whale envy and had to stoop to getting a “me too” in. So he can cop a serve from me.

Whaleoil has progressed since I have known him to be a picture of health since his dark days of depression of a couple of years ago. He has never ever talked of suicide which is something I have the most respect of him for. And even when he was at his worst, depressed and on crippling zombie like doses of medication prescribed by insane Doctors, barely capable of getting out of bed when his ever supportive wife would ask him to try, he would still hand Martyn his arse in every debate they have ever had.

A depressed and over-medicated Whale still was better than a supposed fully-fit Martyn.

Heh, loving the smackdown, it conitnues and she isn’t pleased that he has used inept slurs against her:

The worst part of Martyn’s performances from my perspective is that he can’t even insult me properly, which is highly disrespectful in itself. He hasn’t got the eloquence or command in his writing that Dim Post possesses to do it well and in a clever way. The only thing that would ever cause me distress would be to accuse me of being a pinko and the Libertarianz have that covered.

Martyn calls me a “failed ACT candidate“. Like it is an insult that I chose not to be on their Party list.

Think about this for a minute folks. Even Dim Post would find this moronic as an insult and mock it mercilessly as an effort.

If this really was a failure and you could choose one thing in the past decade to fail at then failing to stand as an ACT candidate in 2011 would be right up there in things that you should be proud of achieving.

Her final message for Martyn Bradbury:

Martyn, you are a silly, juvenile uncommercial pillock. If you want a reason you don’t have a TV show that rates over a couple of hundred viewers look no further than yourself then look to your competition Pagani, McCarten and Trotter and the respect that others show them on your side and their opponents, my side.

Theirs is a gentlemanly decency, intellect, charm and class that I am afraid you will never possess in your endless quest to be invited into the mainstream media. Sad.

Thank you Cactus.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    true friends are to be cherished…WO…You do indeed have a diamond there!! My only critisim would be..She took such along time when the words …PIN HEAD would have meant she could have got on with something much more important, in her life than berating this roach!

    • Cactus Kate

      I was watching American Idol at he same time I wrote the post. Multitasking.

  • Grumpy

    I would think, if I had only one friend and it was Cactus, that I was very fortunate indeed……

  • Richard B.

    “Your true friends are the ones walking in the door, as every one else is walking out”

  • Corner-shop…not

    I always knew Bradbury was a good for nothing turd beetle, but this stoops to new lows even by his low standards. What a Codpiece face. OFF is the general direction, I would like him to Fuck.
    Don’t mess with the Cactus…..or any of her good friends…good work CK.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Ernest Newman once said, the higher the voice, the smaller the intellect. In Bradbury’s case, never a truer word has been said.

    • Sooty

       And his is high pitched and squeaky!!!

      • lovinthatchangefeeling

        Yep, the useful village idiot of the leftards has a 9 minute falsetto shriek-fest on the net, where he propounds his scare mongering and conspiracy theory bullshit, which no-one watches. He also has a broom cupboard sized vanity project playing way out in the backblocks of community services telly. And no-one is watching that either.

    • Dr Wang

      IVV – Bradbury’s squeaky-soprano voice is no different from any other pre-pubescent boy…but he will sound fearsome when/if his balls finally do drop.

    • Vij

      Smaller something else too with loud mouths like Badbury.  Maybe he’s taking lessons from ……..Phil

  • Grendel

    considering some of the dodgy stuff i have heard about bradburys past, i suspect he may not want a full on investigation by the whale. becuase if i, who is nowhere near any of the people who actually know him can hear of the border line illegal crap he has done, then there will be plenty of other people who know a hell of a lot.

    Good on Cactus for sticking by you, i know i burned off more than few friends during my depression depths and am slowing getting some of them back, but its hard work to stand by and support someone who does not appear to want it.

  • Mud sticks to the hand that throws it, the scent of the rose clings to the hand that gives it.

    Bradbury’s vitriol harmed only him, Cactus’s defence is a tribute to her and you.

  • Auto_immune

    Bradbury has used similar material before about WO on TV (I believe it during was the post election coverage).  He sounded sounded like a complete tosser then – the fact he’s rehashing material implies that he can’t sledge for shit.

  • Cadwallader

    I agree. Cactus is proud to have you as a friend. I think this blog, and indeed WO himself, ought be declared National Parks wherein everybody has a right to enjoyment and nothing can be drilled or touched. It is always terrific fun to watch the repeaters of Garner’s ilk show their true tiny-minded selves.

  • Agent BallSack

    Martyns just pissed because no one wants to listen to his shrill shrieking doom and gloom predictions. Just typing about him is a waste of effort, if you have to call people comrade there’s something severely wrong with you. People on the list who would be killed by real communists? Martyn ‘Bummer’ Bradbury.

  • Beenthere

    Forget Bradbury, he’s just a waste of space

  • Super_Guest

    Bomber’s far too busy wanking over pictures of his fat bearded self to ever find the time to do something productive or become successful at what he does. No-one watches his pointless show on channel no-one watches, it’s really just an exercise in ego-inflation.

  • axeman

    else once noted that Bumber considers himself to be a combination of Michael
    Moore, Chris Trotter, Chomsky and Pilger. Yet his problem is that he is no
    longer relevant.

    He’s an
    aging politically compromised activist way past his use by date that no amount
    of tattooing and overinflated self-importance can redeem.

    But as is
    the way in NZ with ‘hasbeens’ he will continue to grace our screen at timeslots
    and on stations where he will slowly sink into anonomity and end up with only
    his sycophantic supporters to share and delight in his sheltered existence.

    • Dr Wang

      Axeman – “…his sycophantic supporters”

      Bullshit! – name one (besides Bradbury himself). 

      • insider

        Bradbury I suspect has burned a lot of hard left support off due to his (credible IMO) calling out of the hyprocritical behaviour of so called peace activists on the Urewera nonsense.  

  • Glad to see that no-one’s calling Bradbury by his self-given nickname. I refuse to call him anything but “Martyn”, which really doesn’t sound anything like the urban guerilla image he has tried so hard to cultivate around himself. His attack last night on WO was both cowardly and despicable.

    Cam and Cactus; great stuff.

  • thor42

    That’s a great slapdown by CK, WO! 
    You are indeed very fortunate to have her as a friend (and the equally-wonderful SB as a wife).  

    • Arnold

      totally Agree with Thor on this. You are one real lucky guy with these two ladies supporting you…….as for PIN HEAD – well he is a non event

    • Cactus Kate

      I am happy to defer to SB on the wonderful stakes in this matter.

  • Pharmachick

    Pleased to see this post from CK, a wonderful tribute as a friend and an excellent takedown of a disgusting and uncalled for slur. 

    Keep ignoring him Cam – clearly you’re already far beyond this kind of crap. 

  • Pete George

    Another slapper enters the fray. Odgers versus Bxxxxx

    “Bxxxxx has had a career where he veritably bathed in the sunlight in
    comparison. He has not “promoted suicide” by saying Slater should be on
    watch. He has highlighted a problem that needs attention… and that is
    what good blogging is all about.”

    No, that is awful blogging.

    • Super_Guest

      I hope Cam isn’t getting worse, health-wise, as that ninny hammer suggests. I’ve never heard of this Jackal character before, either.

      • Pharmachick

        Yes, up until this link he was anonymous to me too …. suggest we all *don’t* link, *don’t” discuss, and *don’t* give this parasite the oxygen needed to ignite its fire. 

      • Cactus Kate

        It’s bad enough we had to talk about people who squatted in tents, this one writes in correspondence that he lives in a car. Theres no point arguing with a pseudonym online who doesn’t even have a fixed abode.

  • Agent BallSack

    Ohh we better all fall and worship the words of an anonymous blogger ….

    Articles: The Jackal’s articles are sometimes republished on one of New Zealand’s most widely read blogsites The Standard, which is a collective of New Zealand bloggers from a variety of backgrounds and political viewpoints.

  • Bunswalla

    A friend is someone who will come down to the police station at 2 in the morning to bail you out.

    A true friend is someone sitting in the cell right next to you, saying “Mate, that was fucking awesome!!!”

    • Cactus Kate

      No a true friend knows the law and corresponds with the police effectively at the time of the dispute so neither of you even get arrested.

  • Philip ure a cock

    “Pinhead”…more like a “Pindick”