Cactus Kate on Shearer’s “advisors”

Yesterday the Sunday Star Times ran a puff piece on what David Shearer has to do to be relevant…and they asked a whole bunch of irrelevant people about it. Cactus Kate wasn’t impressed, particularly with Brian Edwards, the highlights are:

Ross Vintiner – a dead former Prime Minister’s Press Secretary. A dead former PM who was ousted after a classic case of style over substance.

Matt McCarten – when did he last vote Labour, let alone support them? An old-styled trade unionist, one of the three left living who will outlive all the others.

Mike Williams – boring, grumpy old man who made a fortune off Directorships in stooge arrangements with his mates in Labour.

Brian Edwards – who just the other week was saying he would vote Greens? Former trainer of some Labour leaders, not the current one. Now spends his time in the suburbs looking for luncheon sausage and tracking down other drivers in road rage incidents.

Deborah Pead – a PR “professional” who in this article pushes beauty products from her own bloody clients.

Ricardo Simich – advises Shearer on how to look better for his working class voters, through the eyes of a well-dressed well-mannered and suave single gay man who organises functions and events.

Her advice is ignore all the people above and do…nothing:

Under MMP David Shearer doesn’t actually win the next election, John Key has to lose it. The best thing David Shearer can do for the next 2 years and 8 months is absolutely nothing. I think he is smart enough to know that.

Don’t upset anyone, don’t announce any major policy planks, don’t take a position and don’t whatever you do, ever move Labour to the left or right. When you fuck up something, ignore it and continue, no one will notice when you are otherwise succeeding in doing absolutely nothing.

So when David Shearer comes across as a say nothing, do nothing Leader there is method in the madness. I say he is best to do absolutely frickin nothing and he is trying very hard to do that now. Other than nodding and agreeing with every expert here and within the Labour Party itself and then duly ignoring them.


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  • BJ

    That is exactly Shearer’s tactic – by having generic “policies that will be developed nearer the election” he can piggy back on National all the way and then leap frog over John Key – but not because of any effort put in by him to win over the preceeding three years. He knows what game he is playing.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Cactus is onto it. Labour haven’t bottomed out yet, and National will be implementing stuff for the next year and a half, suffering the related bad press, and will then attempt to pick up the pieces in the last year of their term.

    Any utterances from Labour now will only worsen their position given they can only form a government with the Greens, Hone and Peters, all of whom most NZ’rs regard as fringe nutters.

  • Peter Wilson

    She’s right onto it, excuse the pun.
    National’s problem is they don’t have any allies on the right, or even the middle. A victim of their own success – a variation on the Clark mantra.
    What that means is that any vote slippage – and it will happen – will go directly to their opponents” bloc. Not necessarily Labour, but NZ First, Greens (as they become more acceptable).
    What to do? Make overtures to NZ First, and encourage a right wing party to be more aggressive. ACT, Conservatives, United can surely all come together. Sure there are differences, just as there are within National, and Labour.
    The new right wing party can then push the controversial policies like Charter schools, Asset sales, teacher pay for results; and then National can plough further to the center, giving voters a clear choice between the radical ACT, and the more common sense National.

    • BW_Lord

      If winnie could somehow be rolled as topdog of NZ First it may make a viable coallition partner. Even if they shed votes as a result.

      However it seems to me to be against his character to have a capable replacement waiting in the wings. It fits his ego that he would think he is the party and its nothing without him.

      • phronesis

        What the right is missing is a Green Party of its own. Absolutely no reason the right should leave this voting block to the loony left. Green is a lot closer to blue any way you look at it and the current green party are as red as you can get. Wouldnt be hard to do a better job than the greens at protecting the environment or running a political party for that matter.

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    Our do nothing guy has much more options than John Key. As Peter Wilson has rightly pointed out, National on its own cannot make up the numbers against the lunatic left combination of Labourers,  Winston First, Mad Mana and the toxic Greens. So eventually the combined Left will be more than National, ACT, United and Maori party. Dooms day is coming people….

  • johnbronkhorst

    Anyone see shearer and norman….had their heads “shaved for charity”…Thats what their collective spin machine said. Really…they had as THEY described it, “something between a No. 1 and No.2 cut……Sort of sums them both up really…1 they don’t actually know what they did. and 2 this was their typical half arsed attempt at a head shave….just like their work and policies…half arsed!!

    • Cactus Kate

      Shearer wouldn’t have taken long on that haircut.