Cactus on Women

Yesterday was International Womens Day, apparently. Cactus Kate has written a post about Women and Finances…something she knows a fair bit about. She blogs about the misconception that a good financial plan for women is to find a man:

Westpac has another survey for International Women’s Day (Leighton Smith apparently queued the “yawn” this morning) showing women are inept at financial planning. Many are suggesting a man is not a financial plan. They would be correct and incorrect.

Women often run the household budgets. The problem with this is that women think this is all financial planning is, paying for groceries and kiddies after school activities. They cannot grasp what would happen if the mighty three stumped totara ceased magically dropping $50 notes from his branches into their hands.

Unless you actually earn the money you are spending you cannot grasp quite what discipline is required to earn, accumulate and keep wealth. It isn’t that easy. Neither is growing that money. Handing it over to a financial advisor and crying when it is lost isn’t a plan either. You cannot contract out your own future.


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  • Jonlynn

    well said Cam. I agree. ;-)

  • Jonlynn

    I thank my mighty totara every day for being willing to  provide for me. ;-) Some women just don’t get it. It’s tough being a man and the expectations to provide, be strong, etc etc are huge. I think it’s a good idea to forget about the gender thing. So often I hear people say, usually mothers, ‘oh but they are boys’, referring to reckless behaviour or an inability to do something domestic. Then when these same boys grow up they are expected to be responsible, financial wizards, able to cope with everything. Women! Listen up “Men are people too!” Lol:-) Message is; any relationship should be thought of as a partnership and we should  always remember to value and respect eachothers role, job, whatever. Be friends and value what really matters, being together not spending hours working to buy stuff you don’t need. ;-) Happy weekend everyone xxx

  • AzaleaB

    Hubby and I must be exceptions. We both run separate companies and are both very financially literate. In my youth, the driver to earn and spend wisely was based on being fairly poor with a Dad who was a wonderful man but a dreamer( wanted to be a church minister but was an electrician instead) and money seemed a vague concept. Luckily he was not a spender…but not much of an earner either.

    My mother went to work (1970’s) and handled the family books. She never criticised Dad in front of us but all of her children took away a valuable lesson…”money does not grow on trees…it takes time to earn but can slip through your fingers if you are not vigilant…and lastly, only ever borrow if it is for a car or a house; otherwise pay in cash”.

    • Cactus Kate2

      You probably learned well from your mother then. Mine should be retired but she still chooses to work and re-entered the workforce in the 80’s when farming subsidies were removed and farmers believed they were poor. I have noticed women in their 20’s and 30’s who have mothers who work are far more responsible with their money than those whose mothers stayed at home.

  • Wychbych

    I’m kinda over your woman hatred, Whale. And your union hatred. Used to enjoy you championing the change of name suppression; now I’m not remotely interested in your point of view anymore. For fuck’s sake, it’s not only women who can’t handle money. The tone of the post above is that we are all immersed in grocery-buying and wiping kid’s arses. Supercilious and patronising prick!


    • Cactus Kate

      He didn’t write the post I did. If you are going to chuck your toys give me the credit for pissing you off. It’s a badge of honour in the blogosphere.

    • tspoon

      pointing out things that may be upsetting to some isn’t really evidence of hatred. if they were wrong you could always point out why. and the requirement to point out something bad about men every time you point out something about women is kinda pathetic too.

    • Bye, don’t let the door smack you int he arse on the way out.

      I’d hardly be a woman hater being married for 20 years this year…weird

      • Boss Hogg

        Pleased to see you did not deny being a union hater……..on that basis I will stick around for more great entertainment – Cheers.

        Back on topic, my politocal hero, Lee Kuan Yew had this all sewn up.  All men should aim to marry a women that is smarterhan himself.  The entire poulation must have access to an education to ensure the opportunity for individual independance.

        Maggie Thatcher summed up his time in office by saying “He was often controversial but never wrong”.

  • As a post on a day that is meant to celebrate women – I thought it was pretty crass (I mean the original, not WO – and I usually like CK’s Blogs). If I don’t earn the money I control I am not equal to my money-earning husband? It seems a very short sighted view of money and relationships to be honest, and also ignores the issue that many two-income families are actually worse off in the long run than if they were on a single salary with someone actively managing the money.

    On saying that I have never seen a man as a financial plan, and I’m not impressed with Financial Advisers either – who don’t seem to have a clue, and would certainly not be anywhere near our money. I am my own Financial Plan, and my Husbands. He earns the money, I handle it, and we decide together. I also have a huge amount of respect for the work he does to earn it, and he has a huge amount of respect for my ability to manage it effectively. It works for us ;)

    Hope that makes sense :)

    • Cactus Kate2

      That’s nice Avalon and I am glad you are happy but your objections are completely irrelevant.
      I think International Womens Day is a crock to start with.  I would no more celebrate that day than I would an International Hug a Union Day

      Next, if the post offended you then it probably means I was talking about you.  For example above Azalea says she has her own independent income.  This means I am not talking about her.

      You are not equal to your income earning husband, that was my point.  If he left you, what would you do once you’ve taken half his assets? How would you support yourself? Could you live the same lifestyle you have now?

      Going back to when you were in your 20’s (as you are anonymous I am assuming you are older than this), if you didn’t meet your husband and were single, what would you have done and how well off would you be?   That is, could you have operated as a sole unit?

      My point is we are not talking about all the fluffy stuff in a relationship like love and respect here we are talking about money.  The simple fact is that most women are financially better off by marrying a man who earns more.  This is not a financial plan and most women are not “managing” money from their husband they are simply spending it so lets not over-egg the importance of that, any mid- teenage child with some basic intelligence for economics or accounting could do likewise.

      • Sarrs

        Agree! I totally agree. And it’s a bit sad – I remember when my uncle died unexpectedly and my aunty, having never really worked in her life, had to become the earner. For a start, she maintained her lifestyle off savings and insurance but after a year or so, times got tough. She had to take the kids and move back in with her mother, get a shitty job at spotlight and wear ‘unbranded’ clothes. Do those women out there who are reliant on their husbands/partners for the family income not think that can happen to them?