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  • Michael

    If we allow homosexual marriage, same sex first cousins could marry!

  • Kosh103

    Cam, have you seen the bit in the Herald about schools and same sex cpls/balls? Rather disgusting the attitude of some of these headmasters towards the care of their gay and lesbian students.

  • So when are you and Farrar getting married?

    • MrV

      Don’t know if its a good idea for penguins to marry whales – might get eaten.

      • ???

         It depends who assumes the male role in the relationship.

  • Peter Wilson

    I quite like that cartoon. I’m picking though, the irony would be missed by most. By definition, humour tends to be incongrous, having an illogical or surprising ending.

    The assertion that same sex relationships are more committed and more successful that others, is what makes the cartoon hilarious. I can only be left with the assumption that the cartoon is a subtle dig AGAINST same sex marriage.

    • Kosh103

      LMAO, ohhh you fool. You missed the point my a mile and more. The cartoon is not suggesting what you are in any way.

      It is suggesting that those gay cpls who HAVE been in a long term relationship have less rights than drunken fools and sluts.

      Take your homophobic translation skills off to somewhere else, like Americas south.

      • Peter Wilson

        What’s with the personal insults my friend? Reminds me of a friend who calls me names like Maori basher, when she’s too lazy to come up with a rational argument.

        And I didn’t miss the point of the cartoon, just that – and my apologies for this – I don’t agree with it. By all means have same sex relationships, marriages, just find your own name for it, like um, “Same sex marriage.”

        I find some people on here don’t understand the term “valid point of view.” It means I accept your point of view, it may even be correct for all I know, I just don’t agree with it.

      • Kosh103

        You have missed the point.

        The point was not to say our realationships last longer, or are better or whatever other paranoid thought you have.

        It was to point out the stupidity and hate behind denying homosexuals the right to marry.

        Marriage is far from some holy thing, straight people have seen to that.

  • Pencarian

    Kosh103, the marriage your referring to, is a construct of the christian faith. It is meant for males and females, nothing else. You cant claim to want that, then reject the parts you dont like, such as the clear biblical message against gays. I have heard advocates for gays advance the same argument.

    Personally, I am an atheist and don’t care who marries who.
    If folk want to marry goats, its ok with me, as long as the goat agrees!

    I do think gay couples should have equall legal rights in the area of relationships and they largely do now now days.

    • Guest

      Marriage is not a Christian construct. All cultures have marriage, and it pre-dates Christianity by thousands of years.

      • Pencarian

        Read it again Guest. Marriage, in this case, is christian, but thanks for the history lesson. If they wanted any other kind of marriage, it would not be an issue and nor would it be recognised by the state.

    • Bunswalla

      It may once have been, Pencarian, but no more. I’ve been married for 23 years and it is certainly not a construct of any faith, christian or otherwise. I was married in a beautiful civil ceremony at Outram Hall in Mairangi Bay by a marriage celebrant. There was no “god” in the room; I happen to believe there are no gods of the type that christians and religions worship, but our marriage is no less valid for that.

      Separation of church and state exists at least in New Zealand and I neither seek nor require the approval of any other person. Gays and lesbians are no less entitled to exactly the same freedom to marry, no matter what bigoted god-botherers say.

      NB I know you’re not a god-botherer but there are plenty around.

    • Kosh103

      I suggest you check again as to how marriage came about.

      And as a christian I am well aware of how our church works and its history.

  • Guest

    Marriage is a traditional christian construct and a sacrament in certain faiths. It is a trilateral agreement between a man, woman and god. It is a spiritual vow taken for god, for all eternity.

    One can get a dissolution from the state (2 years living apart and irreconciable differences), but some churches also have separate marriage annulment, divorce proceedings seperate to the state, the grounds for a divorce are stricter and near impossible to obtain. 

    If gays are legally allowed to ‘marry’ they could then argue discrimination against christian churches who refuse to marry them, or annul their marriages.

    I am 100% for equal treatment of gays, they are about 4% of our population. They already have equal rights in the law (de facto same sex partners are treated exactly the same as married couples).

    So therefore, the ONLY difference I can pick between married couples and gay couples is the actual term ‘marriage’, which has implications for private churches only. I think it is a balancing act – and gays rights need to be weighed up against religious rights.

    Gays need to find their own concept/term for ‘marriage’, as that term is christian based and not appropriate for them. They need to forge their own terminology and their own way.

    • Peter Wilson

      “They need to forge their own terminology and their own way.”

      This comment summarises the whole issue in a nutshell, IMHO. Well said.

      In fact, even hetero non-religious marriages by marriage celebrants are a little cheeky.

    • Kosh103

      And to you I say as well, you need to go and learn the real history of  marriage.

      And why do we need to find our own term for marriage? Do we also need to make up words to replace other nouns and verbs when applied to gays? Breathing – do we need a different word? How about eating, or love? Do we need differnt words for those as well?

      • Peter Wilson

        Kosh, your point of view is valid, but that doesn’t mean it must be viewed as correct.

        Of course there are other words and definitions that apply to gays, and to straights. A “heterosexual relationship” is one which presumably doesn’t apply to gays. Nor does “vaginal intercourse.” And nor, arguably, does “marriage.”

        No doubt eventually gay marriage will eventually become legal, just as illegitimate births became accepted and commonplace. What is arguable is whether it has come as an improvement to society, or just something to be accepted. 

      • Kosh103

        Please tell me peter how allowing 2 people who love each other to marry as oppoise to civil unionise will be a negative thing.

      • Pencarian

        Reading the comments, I can see I should have expanded and clarified my point a bit. Maybe i should have said; don’t ask for a christian marriage in a church.

  • Razorlips81

    WO what kind of lost left wing sicko are you becoming? Marriage is a sacred sanction between a Man and a Woman. I do not want this wrecked as well by some misguided sexually confused moron! Keep marriage between Men and Women not strapon wielding lesbians and high risk HIV males! 

    • Kosh103

      I see you are just as ill educated as all the other bigots.

      • Razorlips81

        So why am I a bigot? Is it because I do not have the same gutter morals as yourself. I do not wish to sink to your level. Gays can live together but do not call it marriage!

      • You just answered your own question Razorlips – but then again not hard for the ultra fundy right to do that and have case of Foot in Mouth on the way out…

      • Further more, once the fundy right get their own house in order then they tell other people how to have their houses in order.

        Since that will never happen then numbers will continue to fall, Earth and life goes on per normal, society goes on (wondering when the next pay cheque is) and tomorrow I will read my WOBH for the day and have smile on my face at all these wonderful comments.

      • Razorlips81

        Ben Ross your little world is under threat. It is not just going to continue. The WO blog like every blog is under threat. If you want to see how your narrow little world could end up watch what is hapening in the UK very closely!

      • Kosh103

        Calling them gutter morals because they are the morals of a gay person kinda proves my point.

  • Andrei

    Another logical non sequitur – just because trashy people have made trashy marriages does not imply that we should now change the definition of marriage to make it even more trashy.

    We should be fixing up the problems with the institution we now have – problems deliberately fostered by EVIL people to increase their political power.Gay Marriage is SATANIC 

    • How about cleaning and fixing up the institution that is the Visible Church first before “fixing up” Satanic issues. 

      The best way to lead is by example – something that the Visible Church would very much struggle to do in this day and age. 

    • Kosh103

      LMAO – satanic now. Well that has just killed any credability you had.

      • Super_Guest

        Kosh, as much as I don’t really care whether you can get married or not, I have to say that you calling into question someone else’s credibility is a bit rich. As soon as anyone says they oppose gay marriage you throw around labels like bigot and tell them to move to America’s South (that’s pretty bigoted of you, generalising a place with such blinkered ignorance of the people who actually live there).

      • Kosh103

        Given what they have said I have zero regret about any comment made and would happily put my credibilty up agasint theirs any day of the week.

        Unless you want to take a crak at defending the twit who labled gay marriage as satanic.

  • Jackhenderson00

    I’ve always said, have civil unions with legal rights blah, blah, blah, blah, on one proviso… It’s not called marriage or gay marriage. It’s civil union. Marriage by definition is between a man and woman. I think it would be rather revealing to see if that one proviso would be let go by the LGBT community. I bet it wouldn’t entirely. It would be labelled as ‘discriminatory’ or promoting ‘seperatism’ etc. The interesting thing is, it’s quite revealing with a a deeper meaning here. much like the feminist groups the gay community has always gone the wrong way about achieving equality. Instead of going about it in a way that deepens appreciation for the group  for its identity and embraces it’s differences, you see more emulative behaviour of that of heterosexual men. Woman are getting pissed, sleeping around and having crareers and the LGBT community want marriage. It says quite a lot about the unfortunate nature of these movements that quite often are well intentioned, but inherently do not understand themselves let alone how to be objective to their cause. Ultimately because of this, the heterosexual male will continue to reign dominant over the LGBT and females. They are remaining in the master position, the others remain in slave position.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Talking about Christians!!!!  I had two 2nd mates on opposite swing of a ship I was on.  One was a “Born Again” fundamentalist and one was a rabid RC.  They caused me more trouble than anything else on the ship.

    We had a Master in SCONZ who lost a teenage daughter in a traffic accident.  Everyone from deck nboy to Master rallied round and supported him and his family and helped withthe refreshments at the after match function as my cricket playing uncle called it!!!!

    I was discussing this with the Mission to Seamen’s Chaplain in Akl at the time.  He said that there is more practical christianity in places like ships ,mess rooms etc than in most churches.  I was inthe UK with my family and my in laws went to a v High Anglican Church.  I nudged my wife and said What is the definition of the C of E????  She looked at me The Conservative Party at prayer and it was so true.

    We had gay male couples as friends and one copuple who died recently had been together for over 60 years!!!!  Other friends had been together for more than 20.  We know of 2 gay couples, one male and one female and they broke up from their partners.  Because they had no “union in law” in each couple one of the partners was taken to the cleaners and left with nothing.


    For everyones sake,who the hell cares if gays want to get married.Up to them I guess.As for moral or ethical issues,with everything else going on with this world, is it such a big deal.At least they have the right reason for getting hitched.And why should only hetros get mother in laws.

    • titanuranus

      Well apparently it means the end of the world,despite the fact that christians can`t wait for that to happen, for some reason gay marriage bringing about the end of the world is not desired.
      Perhaps they are afraid it will be made compulsory.

  • Ratchet

    If we should rally against anyone getting married it should be those damn Gypsies! I watched a quarter episode of one of those programs and the pink made my brain bleed! Those are NOT weddings, they are crimes against fashion, good taste and really, just humanity in general!

  • Pencarian

    Given the biblical view of homosexuals, I dont think gays can have a chirstian wedding. I doubt many gays want one either, anymore than they would want to sacrifice a goat/virgin/child, as the chirsitian god has so often demanded.

  • parorchestia

    Gays have been living together in committed relationships for yonks without any sign of the heavens turning dark and falling in or society plunging into barbarism or milk turning sour.  
    Let them be and let them have equal rights.