Cathy Casey Loses the Plot

Cathy Casey lost her rag this week and was evicted from a council meeting. I have taken the liberty of extracting the video so more can endure it.

I guess Auckland gets the quality of democracy that it deserves…

This is a long, painful watch…


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  • Brendon

    you have to be joking, seriously, is that standard behaviour in a council meeting?  these people spend our rates and decide on the vision and future of the city!

  • Simo

    What a shocker – Glasgow Haggis

  • Orange

    That was long and painful to watch. Oh that’s what you said… 

    • Long and Painful – shit that was a serious understatement by light years

  • Guest

    She is bat-shit crazy !

    • Least Penny Bright knows how to conduct herself “properly” at a Council meeting, maybe Cllr Casey could take a few pointers for activism that does not make you sound like you are or need to be sent to the Nut House

  • Gravedodger

    People in the City of Sails suggest Christchurch City Council is DISFUNCTIONAL and should be replaced by Commissioners???
    Webster couldn’t run afternoon tea and tiny cakes for a sewing circle!!!

  • mattyman

    What a fruit cake. Her accent makes her sound like a man. 

    • Sarrs

      I don’t normally comment on people’s appearance but…for gods’ sake, get a hairbrush Cathy Casey!!!!!

  • Troy

    One would think that these highly paid individuals would know the standing orders inside out and that also they knew how meetings should be conducted.  Astonishing!

    • Sarrs

      That’s the bit that got me the most…they don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing. You’d think the chair of the meeting would be clued up on standing orders and the introduction of extraordinary items. In saying that though, I’d have thought that they wouldn’t behave like children squabbling over who has to wash the dishes and who has to dry them. Myth busted I guess

  • interesting to put a face to the name..mckenzie..that peters has been making all the corruption allegations about in parliament..

    [email protected]

    • Scurrilous, unfounded accusations that you will not repeat here.

      •  i would not legally expose you or  anyone else in such a manner..

        ..i have reported on them in my commentaries on parliament…

        ..’cos he/peters did say it..

        ..but i do know the difference..

        [email protected]

  • politically unstable

    Painful but bloody funny…so the CFO smirked!!!!  I cant blame him….it looked like he was about to burst out laughing at any moment!!!

    • Kthxbai

      It would have been either laugh or cry.  Poor bastard, no money in the world would compensate for having to spend your time working as a subordinate to that lot.

  • Bunswalla

    You’d also think a councillor of 17 years experience would know that “the involvement of this council in the decision to sack 292 workers” was zero. It’s not a council decision, and they haven’t been sacked. Stupid bint.

  • Beenthere

    Hmmm…, throws the toys right out of the cot..

  • BJ

    The most entertainment I’ve had all day. Who needs emotionally unstable people like that involved in decision making. She’s completely bonkers 

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Quite pathetic, and these morons are spending my hard earned RATES.
    Fuck off the lot of you

    • Boss Hogg

      Steve, you beat me to it – I also did a quick mental add up on rates I pay to the “Super City”.  That was hard to watch – full cringe.

      And that Cathy thing has been in Council 17 yrs ???   WTF

  • Peter

    Watching this has confirmed my long held view that most councillors just do not have the intellectual horsepower required for the job.

  • Greg M

    I have a potted palm with more horsepower than her.

    Now I know where my rates increase is going.

  • Snice

    Last time I saw a scot acting like that they were on the worst end of a bottle of Buckfast. All that was missing was a paper bag.

  • Vlad

    This group has significant responsibility for the second largest governed entity in NZ.  I imagined they were a mob of plonkers but I am astonished by what this reveals.  My fail for not paying enough attention; MSM absolute fail for not reporting with vigour on this wretchedly inadequate mob;  WO, my thanks for your work on this (and your visit to the Port).   

  • but really..if you think about it minus yr ideological-blinkers..

    ..she is making quite a reasonable request..

    the workers from a council-owned company had been fired the day before..

    ..and she already had put in a written request…

    ..that was just smarmy-rightwingers playing-procedural-games.. deny her her forum of right.. can it not be..

    ..and yes..

    ..i wouldn’t trust that webster to open a jar of jam…eyewatering incompetence…

    ..what clowns,,,

    [email protected]

    • Gold

      Oh, please. She’s a grandstanding socialist peasant who got what she deserved for putting union hackery ahead of the running of the city.

    • Sarrs

      Phil is correct – she had every right to raise the issue under extraordinary business. If she ever let anyone finish a sentence or allow the chair to explain the process she would have  stayed and witnessed her motion being denied. She then would need to get it on the agenda at a future meeting – I don’t think the other councillors were against the idea of discussing it, they just didn’t feel that was the time/place. As the CFO stated – POAL are presenting a report to the council at a full meeting next week, that would be a far better forum for the discussion. 

      She was her own worst enemy in that meeting – she is doing her cause a discredit by acting like a petulant brat. 

      • Steve (North Shore)

        But Casey wanted things done her way, right then, right now and stuff everything else.
        Look at me, look at me, I am talking and I want action.
        Fuck off Casey

      • Vij

        yes you are right and Philip is an idiot

    • Vij

      You are an idiot

  • Landy

    Not the right place to lobby for private agendas, Cr Casey.
    This clip maybe helps explain why Auckland council allows the taking of half of Auckland’s drinking water from the cocktail of previously-ingested drugs that is the lower Waikato River.   And why Auckland’s roads and public transport facilities are the worst in the country.  (See my earlier comment re male panty-hose.)

    •  how exactly is that a ‘private agenda’..?

      you aren’t making basic sense..

      casy is representing/speaking for those people who elected her… is the rightwingers who are running ‘private agendas’… deny an elected representative her ‘voice’..

      …and as i noted..she had already filed the written request,, such circumstances…wouldn’t you be somewhat pissed off..?

      ..if a left-dominated council was denying your voice..?

      ..(and in such circumstances i wd say the same…the freedom of speech of the elected representitive is paramount..)

      [email protected]

      • Chris

        Rubbish – she would not stop talking long enough for the other muppet councillors to work out what the rules were.  Then she got abusive and got kicked out.   It does not matter whether you are right wing or left wing, the rules, process and common manners need to be followed.

  • MrV

    I think a big “Fuck off back to Scotland is in order”

    • Pukakidon

       Have you noticed that all of the shit stirrers in the Greens or Unions all have european accents, mostly Brittish.   I am sick of this sort who have stuffed their country trying to tell us what we need to do to stuff ours, piss off back to your home country you uptight woman if you dont likehow we do things here.

      • MrV

        And Scotland is the definition of ‘rooted by socialism’.

      • Kapow

        Totally agree. These retards should bugger off back to their own rooted country and stop trying to stuff ours up.

  • Big Bruv

    Christ I love it when the pinko’s lose their temper. Casey came to that meeting wanting a fight, in some ways I wish she had stayed and they had debated the motion, the right wingers on the council could have baited her into a such a state that she may have had a complete breakdown.
    Whale, am I right in saying that Casey is married to the tax dodger Matt Mcarten? (sp)

    • No but you see why they split…given a choice between her or cancer he chose cancer.

      • Vij

        so funny

    • Gandalf

      I reckon she’s now in bed with Parsloe

      • ConwayCaptain



  • Landy

    The left with no business skills (which is to say nearly all the left) often say, aggrievedly, “What about “His/her right to speak” and “Her/his voice”…  
    Councillors, like all top managers, have to deal with the most essential issues first.  
    Allowing everybody to speak on every issue merely because it is “their right” would ensure nothing ever got done.
    Wallowing in “my right” and “my voice” issues can be used by evil lobbyists with great effect.
    If you are still reading, Phil, please consider the following.
    Back in Vietnam War days it was once used to de-rail a big privately-promoted anti-war conference.   People had come from all over the country to attend.   Can’t remember the guy who cared enough to put his personal money into it, but it might have been Alister Taylor the publisher.
    Thanks to cunning tactics, a small feminist clique took the floor, insisting on expressing their feelings and their rights.  
    Then it was Sunday night, time for everyone with a job to go home and get ready for work tomorrow.   Nothing had been achieved or decided about the war, which the conference was about.
    So, in some high offices in downtown Auckland, some people (expert in PR tactics) must have been happy.   No damage had been done to their lovely war.  
    To be an effective Councillor, you must stick to the central issues.

  • Yehababy2

    Ha she used to do that when she didn’t get her way I’n a three way I’n greytown

  • Notrotsky

    Where’s zombie Guy Fawkes when you need him ?

  • Swifty

    Well handled by the Chair.

  • Rightoverlabour

    And exactly who is her constituency? There can’t be that many mad people in Auckland can there??? 

    • James

      Len Brown was voted in as Mayor wasn’t he…..?

    • Quintin Hogg

      Eden-Albert I think.
      Chrissie is the other councilor from the ward.

  • Adybombs

    Wow!! I wonder how long it takes for them to actually achieve anything

    • Boss Hogg

      They appeer to be fucken efficient at increasing rates (tax) and collecting them, apart from that  – who knows?

      I dont think any of those twits should be Chairman, the meetings should be run by a facilitator who is a proper professional and gets on with it and takes no stupid shit from tossers.  This is common practice in the Oil & gas industry (and others that I know nothing of) and it just works.

      All these pompous wankers need some shock treatment to get some reality.

  • Mike Foot

    I am ashamed to live Mt Albert and will be looking at my neighbours sideways in future, mind you the dick heads voted in Clark and Invisable man

  • LesleyNZ

    Watch the last minute when the vote was taken. When Deputy Penny Hulse’s name is called to vote the following comment is made “She’s gone”. Gone where? Just a circus! What an embarrassment this AKLD Council Has become. They couldn’t organise a rambling rose to grow up a drainpipe. And our rates pay for this? And we are going to get 10-20% increase in rates here on the North Shore? I think this Super City council needs to be audited. With this kind of behaviour they cannot be trusted to spend our hard earned rates money. Imagine having to sit through all of this. I feel sorry for the CFO and the other councillors who just want to get on with proper council business.

  • Scareface Claw

    What a circus.
    You sure deserve what you get, that toy throwing witch should no better due to her being a counciller for “17 years”.  Who the fuck votes for her???????

  • Vij

    Webster should resign for not knowing anything and Casey should resign for being Casey.  Both are useless

  • Elaycee

    This clip should be compulsory viewing for all ratepayers – just prior to the next Auckland elections.  

    Cathy Casey is truly pathetic. Aucklanders should be ashamed that this piece of flotsam has been able to suck off the ratepayer tit for 17 years!  

  • Jackhenderson00

    Gee I’m a superficial bastard, but you know what? The whole time I watched that video, I was thinking of how horrible it sounds when you ask a Scot to say ‘burglar alarm.’ They short circuit vocally. Hilarious.

  • Uncle Walker

    POAL is not managed by Council, thankfully, so Cr Casey’s point was not valid and inappropriate at best.  Astonishing that the Chair appears bereft of basic knowledge of correct meeting procedure, how was she elected to that role?  Casey is a prime example of the people getting the standards they deserve.  She loves to shoot her mouth off about matters she’s ignorant of, this is far from the first time, and it’s absurd she’s been part of Council for 17 years.  No wonder nothing is ever completed in a competent and effective manner.  My sympathy lies with those Councillors who do have a clue, and are genuinely trying to do their job well.  Casey is a moron, and deserves to be treated as one.  Hopefully the voters wake up to her immature, irrational behaviour and in future ensure she has no further say in our city’s affairs.

  • brian

    obviously this woman is underpaid

  • Disinfectedtwice

    Well done WO, Sunlight on this behaviour is the required medicine. I hope Auckland voters remember at the next election.