Chart of the Day

Boing Boing has an interesting post about diet and obesity. But it was this graph that piqued my interest…basically if you stuff ever increasing amounts of food into your gob you get fat…who woulda thought?

On the other hand a friend of mine argued with me about the so called obesity epidemic…she said I was wrong and that there is an obesity epidemic…she caught it…and a few others she knows have caught it too.


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  • nzd.gbp

    We need to develop a vaccination against calories before it’s too late. 

  • Cobolt

    You suffer friends with such low IQs Whale?

  • Johno1234

    Not sure how useful BMI these days. It has a habit of showing fit, lean muscular people as obese. A measure of body fat % is what you really need to look at.

  • Energy concumption has historically been linked to wealth of economies – this is no where near new information – just recent results.  The problem now is lack of exercise to burn off the higher intake.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Hmm, reduce portion size, exercise and presto, weight loss, its not rocket science. The vast majority of obese people are just mentally lazy and make excuses why not, it doesnt matter how much wealth economies have. They are choosing to be fat and a drain on the economy and their families.

    • jonno1

      Some years ago I suffered a medical condition that adversely affected appetite. Prior to this I was somewhat overweight (not excessively), but lost nearly 20kg over about a year to an unhealthily low weight.

      Long story short, appetite recovered and so did weight (to an acceptable level). But I now have to consciously restrict intake so have some sympathy for those who struggle.

      PS During this time I saw a dietician and described my (balanced) diet. She instructed me to eat more of the same plus a supplement. I had expected being put onto some horrible “special” diet – so much for my preconception of a dietician’s role.