Child Abuse

NZ Herald

Nothing else can descirbe this situation other than child abuse:

Tauranga police were shocked when they came across a vanload of young children travelling in car seats that weren’t buckled in – on the first day of a child seatbelt campaign.

The van, used by a kohanga reo, was carrying five young children when it was stopped at a Project Kiddiclick checkpoint.

The van was stopped on February 29, the first day of the three-month, child-restraint campaign.

The first morning of the operation also netted a four-wheel-drive vehicle in which a pre-schooler was found standing on the back seat. The parents were forced to park the vehicle and walk their child home, as they had no child restraint.

Legally, children under the age of five must use a child restraint appropriate for their age and size. That includes car seats being secured to the vehicle by a tether strap or bolt that connects the seat to the vehicle.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    I wonder if CYF’s will investigate all the parents who breed beyond their means to support those innocent children – surely that’s gotta be a prime example of deliberate child abuse where the parents expect and even demand that the tax payer fund the parents lifestyle?

  • Peter Wilson

    Surely there are other charges that can be laid, not just “failure to wear a seat belt.?”

    It’s not parents by the looks of things, but worse: recognised caregivers that have duty of care, loco parentsis, whose standard should be at a higher level than mere parents.

  • johnopkb

    If the van were driven by a primary school teacher, the matter would certainly have been referred to the Teachers’ Registration Board, and the driver would have faced the likelihood of subsequent action. 

    I wonder whether there is a similar governing body for Te Kohanga Reo for the matter to be referred to.

    • Peter Wilson

      Absolutely, I recall two teachers, (could have been teacher aids) lost their jobs for taking kids on a stroll through The Terrace tunnel in Wellington. I do wonder about teachers sometimes.

      • Blokeintakapuna

        So does the rest of NZ – that’s exactly why we need National standards – so NZ achieves a better standard of school leavers.

        Kinda like computer programming – crap in – crap out

  • Kosh103

    Out of intrest –  were there more children killed in cat acidents in the time before seatbelts were a must?

    I can remember as a kid roaming all over the back seat, as did everyone else I know. I remember sitting on the back of my uncles ute with my cousins bouncing around the countryside, nothing between us and the road other than good footing.

    And before all the blatherers get in, no I am not condoning kids not being buckled up in cars – I am just intrested to know if there were more kids killed during the time before madatory seatbelting or was it not a case of the seatbelts doing a thing, rather people were “safer” drivers back then.

    • Peter Wilson

      Personally I don’t recall any children being killed, or for that matter injured in the circumstances you describe. If you include dog incidents, yes there have been injuries and deaths, and not cats. And I presume “acidents” was just a typo.

      • Kosh103

        I am talking just about the car.

    • Ciaron_A

      I remember the old man scoffing as I secured my new born’s capsule into the back seat. He says: Whin ye wur a bairn, yer muthor jist heeld oon tae ya in tha frunt seet wi’ nae belt eur nuthin.

      I pointed out that the idiot driver count was somewhat higher these days. 

      • Kosh103

        I think that really is the case. It is not that kids need to be belted because them running around the back seat is more dangerous today that it was say 20 yrs ago. More, there are a larger number of idiots on the road.

    • Euan Rt

      I don’t think numbers would tell the whole story anyway kosh. I used to bike to a rural  school as a 5 year old on the main Ak- Wellington highway on the open road. Would never be able to do that now as there is so much more traffic and more big trucks. So it is a different playing field.

    • Cats just aren’t that vicious, unless you are a native bird, then cat accidents can be especially devastating, which is why I shoot the nasty little feral fuckers.

      • Kosh103

        Lovely story, nothing to do with anything, but lovely.

      • Peter Wilson

        I think school teacher kosh meant cat “incidents” rather than “acidents.”

      • James Gray

        I think he’s still oblivious


      Less cars ,less idiots,lower speed limit,less PC..Was always fun going to town,half the time jumping up and down on the back seat.

  • Peter Wilson

    I think, rather than have pay for performance, better to have industry goals. I think the PM wants more 18yo’s achieving NCEA. Give the union these goals, and limit their pay rises to 1% every 2 years until the goals are achieved.

    If the goals “can’t be achieved”, so be it, shrug our shoulders and at least we save on teachers salary increases.

    • Kosh103

      And that has to do with seatbelts…………………??

  • Whalehunter

    Whale, is it possible to follow up the discipline that these kohanga reo drivers received for these unrestrained kids? I have a feeling it will have been a slap on the wrist in comparison to what the driver of a regular (non-maori) school van that weren’t wearing provided seat belts.  I would be happy to be proved wrong though.