Coddington on Shearer

NZ Herald

Deborah Coddington gives David Shearer’s silly members bill a flailing:

Right now, the politics of choice seem to be those which would take us back to what David Lange famously called the Polish shipyard.

Take Labour leader David Shearer’s new Member’s Bill, which would make it harder for foreigners to buy rural land. Only the most wide-eyed ingenue would claim this had absolutely nothing to do with the sale of the so-called Crafar farms to the Chinese-based Shanghai Pengxin. It begs the question: why didn’t Labour introduce this when rural land was being sold to Germans, British and Americans?

Perhaps because Labour was in government?

It is difficult to escape the fact this backlash is anti-Asian sentiment by New Zealanders. It’s not as if foreign owners can dig up the land and ship it offshore.

Labour wants foreign owners to prove they’ll bring substantial benefits to New Zealand that would not otherwise occur if the land was sold to New Zealanders. This raises the bar considerably – how can you prove that in advance?

Precisely, this is why the court judgment was so flawed. The Judge ignored the access to new Chinese markets, and still strangely sai that the Crafar farm deal didn’t add anything to New Zealand. It was an egregious piece of judicial activism and Labour shamelessly took advantage of it.

More seriously for New Zealanders, it potentially lowers the value of all our land. We’re not just talking dairy farms here, think of all the vineyards on the market. Few in New Zealand have the millions to buy them, let alone spend on them annually to keep them running (and it’s eye-watering). Why shouldn’t these Kiwi vendors get the best possible prices for their property?

Why should a bunch of politicians, swayed by the emotional rhetoric of the electorate, dictate what we should accept for our property after we’ve sweated blood improving its value?

I don’t tell every Labour MP who they can or can’t sell their houses or farms to – it’s none of my business.

We need foreign investment in this country and at present there are only 41 overseas investors asking to buy land, hardly a takeover.

Labour’s proposals have ensured that provincial New Zealand will continue to Blue flags.


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  • jay cee

    i dare say if a communist,sorry “former” communist country came over here and tried to by 16 vineyards in one fell swoop there would be questions raised surely?

  • Fergus

    A few points here…Shearers plan requires 3 points to be taken into account…1. Jobs for Kiwis, 2. Export markets created, 3. Technological advances. The chinese bid passes all 3.  1.Landcorp will run it employing kiwi’s,.2. China wants ALL the dairy products…export market, 3. They plan to create a teaching schoo; re chinese dairy farmersd…technological expansion!!!! A 2nd point is how much is being paid, spare athought for the creditors (including the tax payer ie all of us) if the only other bid on the table is accepted they will have to accept 80c on the dollar…FAIR???? I think not!

  • “It is difficult to escape the fact this backlash is anti-Asian sentiment by New Zealanders. ”

    Hey Debbie, we don’t need this patronising bullshit.

    From one of the self appointed nomenklatura.

    I don’t give a rat’s arse how many NZ farms are sold to Americans.

    Its doing dirty deals with companies owned by dirty little commie army generals (or their friends) from totalitarian regimes that sticks in my craw.

    Support the Chinese patriots locked in Chinese jail cells. Refuse to do business with the friends of tyrants and murderers.

    The people you suggest we should deal with will all be in jail themselves if democracy ever comes to China.

  • AnonWgtn

    Assume Shearer has met Michael Fay and his PR associates.
    I am sure that it is his intention to try and get the farms at a cheap price so he can rip it off again as he did with NZ Rail and BNZ.
    Shearer is nieve and amateur against Fay. He has a lot to learn.

  • captain Kidd

    I bet dollars to donuts that you and your like both shop at the Warehouse and wear Chinese clothes and in the near future will be driving a chinese car,but its not ok to let them lease land here,for thats what it is.