Collins set to sue Labour MPs and Media outlet

NZ Herald

Judith Collins isn’t going to take Mallard’s lies lying down. Hse has announced that she is looking at suing him plus another MP as well as a media outlet. I think she should also look at suing Eddie at The Standard for the defamatory post they put up yesterday to sync with Mallard’s, Robertson’s and Little’s attack again me, Simon Lusk and Judith Collins in the house.

ACC Minister Judith Collins is planning legal action against two Labour Party politicians and a media outlet for alleged defamation.

It follows confirmation the Privacy Commission will investigate the email Ms Collins received from former National Party president Michelle Boag which helped end her colleague Nick Smith’s ministerial career.

Ms Collins told Radio Live this morning she was to see a lawyer this morning, regarding legal action for allegedly defamatory comments made outside the House by two Labour Party politicians, and also one media outlet.

She would not name who the MPs or the media outlet are.

Ms Collins denied the move was a ploy to close down debate on the issue, rather she takes her reputation “seriously” and would not allow herself to be defamed.

Confirmation that Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff will investigate the email’s trail from Ms Boag to an eventual report in the Herald on Sundaycame as Labour claimed Ms Collins, National Party operative Simon Lusk and right-wing blogger Cameron Slater all played a part in the leak.

The Standard’s post is defamatory against me, and also Simon Lusk. I am considering my options. Trevor Mallard has a history of lying and making shit up, this time I feel he is going to regret it. He should just leave parliament. There will be no mercy from me.


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  • Bob
    • Off topic. Do it again, and you are gone

    • Gazzaw

      Yes? So? What relevance?

    • BJ

      “Former” means zip!

  • I have one word for those soon to be at the end of Collins sledge hammer: “FUCKED!”

  • Pete George

    “A media outlet” and “The Standard” are not necesarily separate things. It would be a bugger if ‘Eddie’ was forced out into the open, wouldn’t it.

  • Bob

    National ruins NZ’s reputation abroad:
    Dodgy National MP:

    What’s the bet WhaleOil removes this post? :-)

    •  Why would he Bob? Posts like that say far more about you than they do about WO.

    • I won’t remove the post but I will remove you.

    • It is called threadjacking an my troll hunter software will ensure you don;t post again

    • joe bloggs

      You’re not at TheStranded or RedAlert , Jerk-off Bob

      In case you hadn’t noticed, this blog ascribes to the principles of open debate, unlike the emetic leftards who ban dissenting comments out of hand.

    • kaykaybee

      Irrelevant troll you are Bob.

    • JBS

      bugger off Bob.

    • BJ

      “Former MP” you twat

    • In Vino Veritas

      Jarvenpaa? Population 35000 or so? Ruining NZ’s reputation abroad Bob? You are taking the michael, surely. Thats like saying “a pub in Whakatane today stopped selling finnish beer, thereby ruining Finlands reputation abroad”.

      Flippin’ ‘eck. Where do people like you come from?

    • LesleyNZ

      Bob is a pseudonym used by two characters in the sitcom Blackadder, both female Blackadder: What is your name, boy?Kate/Bob: Kate.Blackadder: Kate, that’s an unusal name for a boy.Kate/Bob: It’s short for [pause] Bob.

    • Super_Guest

       This isn’t the Standard, Bob. We don’t believe in silencing dissent.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Shows she has more balls than the whole labour front bench. If this is as the Herald is suggesting, a diversionary tactic, it is supremely stupid (something a labour member might do), because it will definately be found out and her carreer as a politician would be over. If it is defamatory as she says……..look out who is in the way, because you just pushed her too far. Suggestion on Yahooxtra is that it was Andrew Little and Trevor Mallard (being the only ones to comment at any length on this ,in the media).

    • Bob

      The clowns over at the Standard are running the diversion line now, does not seem to have occured to any over there that they could be wrong. Latest ‘theory’ is that the investigation won’t find anything cause she ‘must’ have printed it out. Won’t be long before someone suggests she wrote it out long hand in Latin with invisible ink before having it delivered by carrier pigeon, which was then eaten to ensure it couldn’t talk!

    • Philip ure a cock

      Totally!!! Maryan Street gets so wet when Crusher gets crushing. 

  • NotLen

    The only problem is that you don’t tell people you are seeing a lawyer or considering your options when it comes to alleged defamation.  You just do it.

    Same for you Cam. Otherwise it sounds like you might have a case.  How many times have lawyers threatened you, but I can’t recall any going anywhere.

    • Actually you have to give them recourse for 5 days to correct their defamation, then you can sue…but you have to give them a chance to retract, amend or clarify.

      • Gazzaw

        Urgent meetings with the labour party strategists maybe to find a politically acceptable facesaver? Crusher won’t let them off the hook without a lot of embarassing squirming. Are these alleged slanders the responsibility of the individuals or does a broke labour party get to cover legal costs and any damages? Union members could be wearing a special levy if it is the party’s responsibility.

  • I think Collins is just giving a courtesy call before she decides to release what could be arguably a rather one sided Nuclear barrage. 

    I think it might be time to get the soda and popcorn out and watch The Collins Show as this could be the end result?

    • Overthehill

      It will be interesting to watch, that’s for sure.  I have a feeling, however, that her boss will pull her into line first, because if she files suit over this, then National’s illustrious leader would have little defence should Bradley Ambrose decide that John Key saying his actions were, 
      variously,  “illegal”, “unlawful”, and “intentional” was defamatory, given that the Police could not reach that decision.  Collins would be backing Key into a corner if she went ahead, and I don’t think the ‘apology’ extracted by Key & Banks would suffice to defuse any potential action against Key or Banks.

      • Elaycee

        ” …John Key saying his actions were, variously,  “illegal”, “unlawful”, and “intentional” was defamatory, given that the Police could not reach that decision. ”

        Oh, bollocks. The Police actually said that Ambrose’s actions were”unlawful” but they decided not to charge….   therefore Key’s comment and use of the word “unlawful” was totally correct. 

      • Adolf Fiinkesein

         Horse shit!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Mallard and Little to resign before the end of the year….any bets….??? NO….Suppose not, there’s no way either of these would do the right thing…puts Nick Smith into a gentlemanly league of his own now doesn’t it!!!

    • Dave

      I had thought Key was setting the scene of what was expected of all MP’s with Dr Smiths resignation.  Sadly, I agree, LAbour will not follow – they need everyone of their MP’s to turn up most days, so they won’t resign.

  • Phar Lap

    To days Newstalk zb ten am news suggests that Ms Collins threat to sue for defamation is now in train.Seems the so called unnamed, but not unknown politicians will wish they had never been born.There certainly will be no concessions from the woman scorned.That means you as well, the unnamed news organisation.

  • Sarrs

    I have a lot of respect for Judith Collins. She is one of the few politicians (from any party) who I believe when she makes a statement of denial or rebuttal. 

    If I understand what WO posted earlier, she has to give those who defamed her a chance to publicly retract those statements. If that doesn’t happen she will take them to court. I guess the next few days will tell. 

    • joe bloggs

      As far as I understand Collins may choose within 5 days to request a retraction or a reasonable reply to appear in the same medium and with the same weight of presence as the original defamatory comments, but I don’t think that is an absolute requirement before action can proceed…

      You’re right – Collins may be a nut-cracker but she’s a totally straight-up nut-cracker

    • Overthehill

      That’s what I understood from WO.  It is also worth noting that by filing, or even saying that she’s planning to, she can deflect any inconvenient questions in the House. Of course, that may just be a coincidental outcome, but it’s a very convenient coincidence, given her expertise in the law and its applications.

      • Sarrs

        If she is bluffing, remind me never to play poker with her!


    Go Crusher.

  • Kosh103

    Ahhh National I see this is going to be your thing now.

    In order to cover up your screwups your going to sue people, go to the cops etc… to take the focus off your actions.

    How American.

    • Markm

      The difference Kosh is the left live with lies it is their (your ) modus operandi.
      The right , who tend to work or run businesses for a living, tend not to like lies , as it kind of effects their lives more.
      In contrast , the more a leftie lies , the higher up the political scale they reach.

      • johnbronkhorst

        They live by the lenin idium….”A lie told often enough, becomes te truth”…They have recently translated it to…”Perception, is reallity”…Making them deluded, and still unaware of why they lost the last 2 elections!!!

      • Kosh103

        LMAO what rubbish.

    • johnbronkhorst

      IDIOT…To take a false law suit, would be devistating to her carreer….IDIOT…there I called you it twice this time, because you are doubly stupid in this case. A law suit would mean all this would come to light, so it is apparantly Mallard and Little who should be VERY afraid!

      • Kosh103

        Actually given how poorly Colins is dealing with this, and all the nonsense going on, Colins and National have more to lose from the truth coming out.


      • Philip ure a cock

        “Little” is such a fitting surname for him

    • johnbronkhorst

      ”  Colins and National have more to lose from the truth coming out” Kosh…you actually lend a new definition to stupid…and just like you labour mates…you don’t get it….. Defermation and libel/slander are all about the truth. The first proof required is that what they said about Judith, was lies/untrue!!! If however she takes a case and she is seen to be untruthful it is her in trouble. So to do this as some sort of smoke screen, would be stupid in the utmost and ruinous to her carreer. But it is in keeping with the kind of thing labour would do, tell lies or imply impropriatory behaviour, without proof and dare you to do something about it (Richard Worth…”no case to answer”)….etc etc etc,. She’s calling them out this time and I hope she goes all the way!!

      • Kosh103

        National MPs are not known for their brains.


        .Come on Kosh,slagging off everyone on this site, is not something, someone who claims to be more intelligent then all that dwell here should lower themselves to do.

      • Kosh103

        I take it S&M you didnt take note of the smiley face.

    • johnbronkhorst

      LMAO what rubbish….carful there kosh…you’ll cause brain injury!

      • Kosh103

        My brain never gets injured in here. No one in here is up to the task. ;0D

      • In Vino Veritas

        Kosh, firstly, one has to have a brain to have it injured. Second, your claim that no one here is up to the task proves my first point, in your case.

        Given the nature of a good few of your posts include name calling and pure speculation, it is difficult to give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to intelligence.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Firstly, I fail to see how Collins has “screwed up”. Perhaps you could explain.
      Secondly, prima facie, this whole affair looks like it will in fact backfire on Labour, with their mudslinging and demands for an enquiry.
      You will certainly laugh your arse off should it be shown that Collins is squeaky clean. As will your friends in the Labour Party as they realise they have been flogging the proverbial dead horse.

      • Kosh103

        If shes clean shes clean – but I doubt it.

    • johnbronkhorst

      “National MPs are not known for their brains. ” passing out the amunition to oposition there kosh…..Chris hipkins ……doppy, mallard…..Donald duck, Lianne Dalzeil…pinnochio,…Annette King..witch queen,…Goofy..(well you know who I mean), and the rest of the walt disney crew. Those in the pornographic version….shane jones, Brains in the labour caucus…few and far between.

      • Kosh103

        I would expect a right winger to be rather blind to the higher level of smarts on the left than there is on the right.

      • Super_Guest

        Oh, yes, the mighty intellect of school teachers, and MUNZ members and Clayton Cosgrove and beneficiaries.

        You’re a joke, the reason the right has more money that the left in the first place is because we’re smarter, more talented and more useful that you things.

      • johnbronkhorst

        kosh..level of smarts???…really…..Then why aren’t you the govt.??? Oh yeah…a RECORD number of people voted NATIONAL at the prvious 2 elections, after finding out just how stupid and dishonest labour are!! Into recession 1 year BEFORE the global crisis, after being warned for the whole year previous…(by national), that if they carried on recession would happen. None so stupid as those who WON’T listen!!

    • Super_Guest

      I see Labour’s thing now is to silence dissent, nationalise everything in sight, tax us all to death and give all that money to hack public servants like you an do-nothings on benefits.

      How Soviet.

      • Ksoh103

        Actually to silence dissent is Nationals way of doing things. A public conversation – get the cops involved, leaking like a rusty bucket – sue sue sue.

  • Evan Johnson

    Has the eaking of Michelle Boag’s e-mail has been a positive thing for transparency in NZ Politics?

    If so, could the source of the leak could look on their action with some pride?Whistle blowers gain their fair share of admiration too you know.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Nicki Haggar…been stealing again????

  • Sarrs

    No surprises here – Andrew Little, Trevor Mallard and Radio NZ 

  • Sarrs

    Kosh – is it true that you’ve been quiet here lately because you only comment when you disagree? So when you don’t comment at all we can take from your actions (or lack thereof) that you agree with WO posts?

    • Kosh103

      Wrong as usual.

      I only comment in threads that I bother to look in. If a thread title doesnt catch my intrest, I dont bother opening it.

      • Super_Guest

         Your style is as irritating as it is hilarious. Rather than rebut people’s points, you just go “Duuuuuh, ur wrong, i haz a dip ed in politikill science and a picture of helen klark on my wall” and then call everyone idiots.

      • johnbronkhorst

        but WO hasn’t done a thread on play school (perhaps beyond your comprehension), mickey mouse (unless that is david shearers new psuedonym),

      • Kosh103

        Actually SG a question was asked and then answered.

        Perhaps if you took the time to read as opposed to make assumptions you would not make such silly mistakes.

    • Sarrs

      Kosh – wrong as usual? Looking for a bite there? Sorry mate, you’re not going to get one. 

      Interesting to note how quiet you’ve been on the POAL v MUNZ debate that has featured strongly here lately. Obviously the plight of your doomed union brothers isn’t of interest to you. 

      • Kosh103

        I have commented on the POA going ons a few times.

        Try to keep up Sarrs.

    • Peter Wilson

      In all fairness, Kosh wasn’t shy to comment on the gay marriage/adoption issue, and he and WO were certainly in agreement there.

  • Teacher-only day today, is it Kosh? Otherwise what are you doing on a blog whilst school’s in?

    • Gazzaw

      Tut,tut kosh. If you are on relief or having a teachers-only day then you should be doing teaching stuff like working on your National Standards documentation. No time for surfing.

  • johnbronkhorst

    On yahooxtra..” Labour MPs Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little have had defamation papers served on them.ACC Minister Judith Collins announced this morning she’d be suing two MPs over comments regarding the ACC privacy leak.”…You go get em..girl.

    • Quintin Hogg

      I think Yahooxtra have it wrong.

      Even on TV things don’t happen this fast.

      Ms Collins has given the MPs till 5pm to withdraw their comments, and most likely apologise as well.

      If they don’t, then she will need to comply with the requirements of the Defamation Act which require certain steps be taken before proceedings are issued.

      Lastly I hope if she chooses to issue proceedings she instructs some-one who has significant experience in the field of defamation.  It is a difficult and technical area and it is easy for inexperienced to make funamental mistakes.

      Also once proceedings have been issued it will take about 12-18 months to get the case to court if everything goes well.  Remember Winston Peters suing TVNZ regarding scampi-gate? 

      Well those defamation proceedings are still going.  They are older than my 6 year old son.

    • Sarrs

      Herald said ‘they received letters from lawyers’ so that probably spells out the course of action required from them to avoid further legal action. 

  • Peter Wilson

    I’m a bit naive here, but how does she go about suing someone, when there’s an investigation underway into her “activities,” and so the facts are still to come out.

    • Kosh103

      Its called trying to scare people into taking no action. Typical National approach.

  • Peter Wilson

    It’s looking more and more likely that someone in ACC is responsible for the leak. Not Collins, or Boag.

    Reading the Dom’s lead story, at the very least it’s vindication for the Pullar/Boag camp.
    An ACC case worker rereading Smith’s email the day of the leak? When the case worker is not even on Pullars case anymore.

    I’m guessing that’s why Boag is not going ahead with her own complaints. My bet is that Collins and others have privately apologised to both Boag/Pullar, and there the matter rests.

  • jay cee

    all collins is doing is keeping this whole mess in the public arena.not the cleverest of ideas for a politician, surely?

  • Kosh103

    Watching old Judith in the hose on Parl question replay – bloody hell she was squirming in her seat. The pressure is begining to show on the old gal.