Comment of the Day

Yesterday I blogged about Shining Light into Dark Corners and Jame Bews-Hair.

Chris Trotter made this comment:

Congratulations, Cameron. I’m pretty confident that in eighteen months time you will be able to claim credit for the defeat of the Brown mayoralty.

It’s only in the last few days that began to receive reliable reports of Brown’s public backing of POAL and of his implicit support for the destruction of MUNZ Local 13 that it contained. People on the left are already discussing the possibility of mounting a challenge to Brown in 2103. Your scoop will certainly add an enormous amount of fuel to that fire.

Bews-hair sounds like a dangerously unreconstructed Rogernome. That Brown was willing to hire such a person speaks volumes. The old Alliance cadres will round on Labour like wolverines if Roberts et al don’t immediately disassociate themselves from this guy and all his works.

It’s almost funny how many on the Left bought into the myth of Brown’s “clever leftism” … almost.


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  • As I said in another post about Mr Trotter – PLEASE BLOODY DO – thank you very much Ultra Left Wing. Two birds (possibly three) with one stone – knock out Lee, install a rightie and in doing so knock out Brown. Hey in doing so things are looking up for Auckland?

    The Left looks after its own – Yeah RIGHT…

  • ConwayCaptain

    All I can say is that I am glad I moved out of Akl.  The place is going to the dogs and I can see businesses moving out to Tga, Hamilton, Waikato or anywhere else that is cheaper.

    • Aussie seems to be calling me again… But something keeps drawing me back to AKL – must be a sucker for punishment much?

      • Clopper

        The MUA is in Aussie – it acts as a repellent

  • Guest

    Any attack on Bews-Hairs will bring the house of cards down,

  • niggly

    “The old Alliance cadres…”

    Yeah right, more like the old Alliance dinosaurs … many of whom are only fit for pasture nowadays being in their twilight years.

    Also I’m amazed at Trotter’s inconsistencies – sometimes he attacks the hard left as being destructive to the progressive Centre Left … and then sometimes he talks them up.

    • Hakim of phut

      The last Mayor of Auckland  to be re-elected more than once was Les Mills (90-98), every  Mayor since has been a one termer, except for Banks who lost twice.
      If Len Brown doesnt get up , it wont be on Trotters say so, and if  WO was  a big influence Banks wouldnt lost

      • niggly

        You may have a point there Hakim and agree Trotter’s collective is simply one of many voices putting their 2 cents worth in …

  • LesleyNZ

    Maybe Leighton Smith will ask Mayor Brown all about this tomorrow on his NewstalkZB show at 10.00am. Of course Mayor Brown might have seen the light of the leftie ways and decided it was timely to spit the leftie dummy.

  • Johnboy

    Poor Len. He only wants 12% return from POAL. That’s much less than the profit MUNZ makes from the stupid wharfies subs.

    • Clopper

      Hahaha!  indeed