Comment of the Day

Comments of the Day come from the Darien Fenton post:


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  • Jagg

    Had a guts full of them the other day. 

    Their grandstanding delusion went way overboard – IrishBill (no link, doesn’t deserve one) actually had the gall to suggest that it was POAL that was fucked and Tony Gibson was on borrowed time.

    It resulted in a spree of banning as the comments came in.  I went for gold knowing, cause you know having a dissenting voice is NOT allowed, I was going to have my voice suppressed for a stint regardless. 
    Permanently banned now and couldn’t be happier.  No reason to ever contemplate going back now.

  • I hate to say it but a lot of this site has the same – I’d hoped for a better circle of intelligent debate here – sometimes I’m surprised – but regrettably not often enough..

  • AnonWgtn

    Reading the Standard daily gives me my greatest laughs – Red Alert is dead.

  • Dean Gray

    Irishbill is a cretin of the highest order. He sways back and forth between being a racist (the classic “Uncle Tom” retort his best work in this regard) and telling people he’s more experienced than them no matter what the subject. He’s a classic modern day unionist – fiddling while Rome burns and unable to realise that the gasoline he’s pouring on it might just be making a difference.

    • Markg

      Yes, he banned me for suggesting his commentary was akin to that of Comical Ali in ’03. Both deluded.