Comment of the Day

It was a close run thing today…we had abuse from union scum:

slater you’re a weak balled fat turd doing the nat parties hachet work with yr closet partner david farrar

From Owl about the parlous financial state of Helen Kelly’s CTU:

The CTU Financial Accounts for 2011 show that they lost $114k after tax for 2010 and 2011.

It is hard to decipher at this stage but there is large funding by the Department of Labour and ACC for projects in their P & L.

The Health and Safety project looks like they received nearly $1.5m in revenue over the last two years. The notes to the accounts reference Dept of Labour and ACC.

Thankfully the accounts have good descriptions so will be able to analyse later.

So the point is?

Three Union’s NZCTU, Unite (2010) and MUNZ have reported combined losses of $800k in the 24 months prior to their 2011 Balance dates.

So here is the question and it is a business one?

Any business that records losses needs to at some stage re-structure.

At what point does this re-structuring start and who will get affected? I guess the argument would be that the Unions need to be efficient, live within their means and be competitive.

Does sound like what most businesses do on a daily basis or am I just so wrong!

But the stand out best comment was from Travdog:

I used to work for Higgins Contractors on night shift. Shifts varied 4 hours to 16/17 hour night shifts, sometimes in rain. No, not sitting in a cosy crane /straddle cab, WORKING in it. I got paid nothing close to these ungrateful arseholes, they need to grow some balls and harden the fuck up. Dairy farmed in Southland for 10 years working in snow/rain from 3am to 6-7 pm. Never in my life have I come across such a spineless, sissy, softcock, whingeing bunch of cunts as the striking wharfies.

It angers me these gaggle of bitches call themselves men, what an utter fucking disgrace. Hard done by my left testicle, these pricks don’t know how cushy they had it.

How sad it is to see such a manly job become so feminised.

No wonder they wanted time off to shop with the missus.


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  • Davidp

    I>t is hard to decipher at this stage but there is large funding by the
    Department of Labour and ACC for projects in their P & L.

    So these government agencies outsource some of their functions to CTU?  I would have thought the unions would be opposed to that since they’re opposed to POAL outsourcing some of their work to stevedoring companies.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Only when it suits them – remember the union catch-cry – do as I say – not as I do

      •  Like the parliamentarians and cost cutting in the public sector Eh?

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep – Brilliant comment.

    Give the wharfies just a day with a farmer…any farmer  – then they might have some basis of comparrison and finally come to the realisation that when sheltered from the real world issues and realities by unions trying to insulate their “comrades” to further their own parasitic existance – suddenly these sheeples realise they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes and the big bad wolf is actually a hard-core bitch called Kelly… along with her mongrel mate Parsloe.

    Wharfies should also know the very old saying ” Lay down with dogs… ya get fleas!”

  • coge

    How much to they shunt over to their bretheren across the Tasman? 

    •  Nah they’re still callin’ themselves comrades….

  • Quintinh Hogg

    I thought Travdog was quite restrained in what he said.

  • Greg M

    Yep, made the point.


    Summed it up well.

  • Kiwidon

    They could f**k off to aussie and improve the IQ of both countries (thanks Rob)

    • guest

      kiwidon you should do the same you ignorant prick. rob would have got a consensus between the two sides without one getting shafted over the other. rob often put ken douglas to shame as douglas would come in all puffed up for a stoush and rob would out out fox him and the penny wise pound foolish employers fed and have them in agreement with him. btw – he had no time for the farming lairds that would bleet about costs yet they were quiet happy to have some poor sod dig a drain to provide utilities to the remote farming  localities. also – i note bad boy bubby slater outed old unsophisticated Tamati yet i wonder if the shoe was on the other foot he would put his hairy larded arse in the ring with Tamati?
      anyway kiwidon i suggest you pick up a history book and not misuse your quotes

  • guest

    you liberal ball bags are all of a type – don’t you get it the wharfies are doing a job that allows the farmers/industry get their product to from market. they have to live in the over inflated auckland community (no doubt in low grade accomodation) to provide this service so you twats can import your white shoes and support your lifestyles. what i see going on here is a bunch of neo classic apologists punditing for the questionable motives of the bumchums farrar/slater + keyhole