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From Vlad on the post about Cecil Walker’s crocodile tears:

The thing is Joel, before 1951 the weather was perfect every day, and if it rained, it rained money.  As a result of capitalist plots, global warming (sorry CLIMATE CHANGE) started that very year, and since then, from time to time it has rained WATER.  This is poorly understood by us ordinary folks, but people at The Standard know the details and will tell you all about it.

From Bunswalla on the same post:

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between MUNZ and the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

POAL: Chops off the left arm (makes 292 redundant)
MUNZ: T’is but a scratch! (this ain’t over yet – good luck unloading any more ships!)

POAL: Chops off the right arm (continues to unload ships with 25% greater productivity)
MUNZ: It’s just a flesh wound (right, we’ll go on stirke for even longer!)

POAL: Chops off the left leg (On Q & A: “It’s all over”)
MUNZ: No it isn’t! (let’s have some more mediation, PLEASE, with the Mayor, the Bishops, anybody)

POAL: Chops off the right leg, leaving a bloody corpse (breaks the hard picket, despite union thugs, ships continue to load and unload, contracts are awarded, staff recruitment starts in earnest)
MUNZ: So, we’ll call it a draw shall we?


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  • Jadis

    Ah, gotta love Monty Python 

  • RossCo

    I love it – I was struggling to recall what Python sketch remionded me of Comrade Parsloe and his band of dullard followers! Thanks Bunswalla  – I’d kind thought it was the Life Of Brian…..     “Nahhh – Crucifixion really!”  

  • In Vino Veritas

    There’s also Mickrodge on the Tama Iti 27 yrs in jail post, talking about Kyle chapman. Classic.