Container lines will continue to call at Auckland

Despite the bravado of MUNZ union boss Garry Parsloe in saying that not a single ship would be unloaded at Ports of Auckland during their strike the union of the shipping companies, The International Container Lines Committee, has said that they will continue to put ships into Auckland:

Container lines will continue to call at Auckland

Shipping lines have reaffirmed their commitment to Auckland, despite the ongoing strike action currently underway at the port’s container terminals.

International Container Lines Committee Chair Julian Bevis said member lines had met earlier this week to discuss the continuing dispute between Ports of Auckland and the local branch of the Maritime Union. The meeting followed reports that ships calling at Auckland may be subjected to industrial action elsewhere.

Mr Bevis said as long as the port company could assure lines that ships calling at Auckland would be worked, and functional receipt and delivery services for containers would be maintained, the lines would endeavour to continue calling at the port.

“Our members’ contracts are with the port company and, wherever possible, we will stick to those contracts,” Mr Bevis said.

“Shipping companies go where the cargo is. Auckland is an important node in New Zealand’s freight network, and we intend to continue to service customers wanting to put cargo through Auckland,” Mr Bevis said.


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  • Gazzaw

    This can’t be right. Parsloe assured us that the international bruvvers would put a stop to international shipping movements to Auckland.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Basically telling Parsloe and Co that they can go and stick their heads where the sun don’t shine.

    When will it get tgrough to Parsloe et al that the days of Union intimidation are over.

    For businesses to work there has to be  partnership between the Co and the employees and then both benefit.

  • Scanner

    Common sense – 1 MUNZ – nil

    Fuck off Parsehole you’ve lost, time someone with some integrity took over running this train-wreck of a union.

    I would be willing to bet that if the members held a proper secret ballot, without the standover merchants, most would be back at work tomorrow, and Parsehole would be out on the street by lunchtime.

  • politically unstable

    Yep – the shipping lines have  contract with the various ports; they are not contracted (or beholden) to the unions.

    Parsloe is out of touch and soon will be out of a job.

  • Mully

    Marvellous. And Julian Bevis is the big cheese of Maersk in NZ (funnily enough, Tony Gibson’s old job) for anyone who doesnt know.

  • Richard B.

    Julian Bevis?

    They should make a reality TV show with him and Garry Parsloe, perhaps on people or business management.

    I would call it something like … “Bevis and Butthead”

  • jay cee

    also one in the eye for tauranga.

    • politically unstable

       POT CEO has already stated that they could not handle all the extra volume for another 12 months when they have completed expansion works.

      I don’t think the push is coming from POT but they will of course enjoy watching a competitor having some troubles.

  • thor42

    Bloody good.
    Parsloe and his mates will eventually end up doing the country a huge favour with MUNZ doing themselves in.