Contrary to the news, I am in Auckland today

Contrary to news reports I am in Auckland today:

Orca have been spotted off Oriental Bay in Wellington Harbour this afternoon.

Parade Café barista Thomas Pye said the pod – believed to be made up of two to four orca – arrived about 100m off the Oriental Bay café about 3pm.

They were still there by 3.30pm.

“They are just swimming around, not really jumping,” he said.

Earlier today, David Krasner and a friend visiting from Hawaii spotted the pod off Eastbourne.

“We tracked a pod of orca whales along the coast from the end of the road at Eastbourne to the marina on the other side of Days Bay,” he said in an email.

“We followed them for about 90 minutes.

“There were also dolphins playing with the ocras which could be seen diving alongside the whales.”


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  • Justme


  • Jester

    Ingrid Visser: “You know I can’t see your ghost orcas Cameron!”

  • Pete George

    Circling Nick Smith?

  • Vlad

    I saw your fin near the Harbour Bridge, but I thought it was a Great White.   Thanks for clarifying.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In the late 80’s I was coming into Akl and the pilot told me that it was the first time he had seen Orcas in the harbour since he was a kid pre war. 

  • Timboh

    Mate, if you did this on your own, this may very well be the exemplar of why so many people read this blog. the only thing missing is the back story. Great post!

  • Elaycee

    Actually, I thought you may have been in Rio today… 

    But its just another ‘misleading’ headline… :)