C&R Backs Mayor on Ports

Good to see Christine Fletcher and C&R stand up for the Ports Management against Richard Northey’s desperate attempt to completely upend the council for his own arse-covering.

Len Brown is going to have to grow a spine and deal with Richard Northey – as Chris Fletcher points out, it was Len Brown himself who put Northey in charge of this powerful committee. As fun as it is to watch the left turn on themselves, the effects of Northey winning his motion would badly hurt the council and ratepayers.

C&R Leader Christine Fletcher today confirmed that her team would support the Mayor and Ports management over the Ports of Auckland industrial relations dispute.

“The Mayor has been put in a very difficult position by Cr Richard Northey – who was personally chosen by the Mayor to be a chairman of one of the major committees at council. We are astonished Cr Northey would propose a motion at his Accountability and Performance Committee this Thursday that opposes the Ports of Auckland decisions on employment issues, a backflip from when Cr Northey voted to support the Ports of Auckland board on December 8”, said Cr Fletcher.

“It also puts the Mayor in a very embarrassing position should Cr Northey’s motion pass, as it both reverses the previous Auckland Council position, and is at odds with the Mayor’s statements that it isn’t the job of politicians to leap into this dispute and push management around”, said Cr Fletcher.

“We think the Mayor should take the initiative and call an extraordinary council meeting earlier this week to deal with this issue. Having it fester for all week will hurt the overall interests of all of the Auckland council”, said Cr Fletcher.

“We support Len Brown’s desire to ensure the investments of Auckland Council run properly for ratepayers. If we don’t get this right, then ratepayers will face large increases in their rates to replace lost council income. It could badly hurt council business for the rest of the term. This is a time for cool heads and not a time for council to try and circumvent the lawfully constituted labour relations processes”, said Cr Fletcher.

“The motion risks the council looking like it is at war with itself. Even worse, the passing of Cr Northey’s motion would confirm a very public schism between the Mayor’s office and the councillors he is supposed to rely on most for implementing his vision.”

“C&R therefore will support the Mayor’s position to let the Ports of Auckland mangement and Auckland Council Investments Ltd resolve the crisis as they see fit. We have also worked with key independent councillors to offer their support to the Mayor on this issue,” said Cr Fletcher.


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  • LesleyNZ

    Agree with C&R. Isn’t Richard Northey too late in any case? Doesn’t he know that it is all over at the Port?  MUNZ is out. Hope that the Port workers who still support MUNZ start to think for themselves – independently of the Union. They will soon work out that they are better off without MUNZ and MUNZ’s control over their lives. 

  • Good on Len for standing up to the minority. He has to do the best for all regardless of his personal veiw and he is trying to do that. both sides need to stand behind him and tell the unions that they are wrong!! and are hurting the rest of the city by their actions

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Don’t be stupid Charles.
      “both sides need to stand behind him”? That leaves uncle Len sitting on the fence yet again. Len needs to find his balls, coz someone stole them

    • Harry Plopper

      I don’t know what to make of Len and thats probably because I don’t want to think about him or politics much, however Len has done the right thing.  He has to do what is in the best interests of all Aucklanders, not just the 2000 rally marchers that walked along Quay Street on Saturday (and probably half of those were ring-ins and children).  It is the squeaky wheel wanting it there way at the expense of the other 1.4 million people that live in this city.

  • jackwhite

    better yet just sack len save heaps of money, and the embarassment of his acts of stupidity and lack of leadership involved in running a city.Len stick with something you know……..which is not much really is it len

    • Bunswalla

      Better yet just sack you and your MUNZ scum thug mates – oh wait we already did that.

  • Peter S.

    Fletcher wants to pre-emt the A & P committee vote because it may well be passed – thanks to the presence of 2 unelected Maori reps (if they bother to turn up) who will vote for Northey’s motion.    

  • Rockfield

    Jeez Christine, I might just start liking you again ….