Daily Poll

What is Worse?

  • Priests buggering boys and the church hierarchy covering it up (85%, 315 Votes)
  • Same-Sex Marriage (15%, 54 Votes)

Total Voters: 369

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  • Brian Smaller

    Whale – you have a bee in your bonnet about this. I must have gone to the wrong Catholic schools and churches because I never got buggered by a priest. Neither have any of my brothers, cousins, sister or her kids who all went to a Catholic brother’s school. How about another option on your poll saying “I don’t care” or something like that?

    • Gazzaw

      I’m with you Brian. I’m not a Catholic so have no axe to grind on this subject but I’m not convinced that the Catholic priesthood is any more culpable than the rest of society. Shouldn’t be rocket science to analyse pedos on an occupational basis.

  • LesleyNZ

    Can’t vote today. Need an option “Both”. 

    • The Baron

      The marriage of two same sex people that love each other is just as bad as priest rape to you, Lesley?


      • LesleyNZ

        I see what you mean Baron – perhaps there should be a ranking.

      • The Baron

        There is – which one is worse.

        I interpret your comment as meaning that gay marriage isn’t quite as bad as priest child rape; but still pretty bad.

        If I am wrong in that, I apologise. If I am right in that summation, then my WOW still stands.

    • Wychbych

      Obviously something wrong in your wiring, Les.

      Rape of children is better than same-sex marriage? Creepy.

      • LesleyNZ

        No – just what I personally believe. As I said to The Baron “I see what you mean Baron – perhaps there should be a ranking.”

  • Urban Redneck

    Both are repugnant in my view and are both manifestations of malignant self-centeredness and narcissism. But it relation to the RC church, is not the priesthood or sexual abstinence that causes men to sexually abuse adolescent boys. It is sexual compulsion by homosexual men. In the most comprehensive analysis of the catholic church abuse tragedy to date, the NY Times conducted a survey covering 1205 cases of accused priests up to December 2002 and 4268 people who claimed publically or in lawsuits to have been abused by priests. The Times found that most of the abuse occurred in the 70’s and early 80’s, with those ordained between 1970 and 1975 representing the highest percentage of priests accused of abuse. Nearly all of known offenders were infact ordained in the 70’s, more than in any other decade. The survey confirmed that 1.8% of American priests have been accused of abuse, and four out of five victims involved the sexual abuse of post-pubescent males. That is nearly a mirror image of the figure for those abused by non priests, of whom nearly two thirds are young girls and women, which still shows that a disproportionate number of sexual abuse cases are against boys, and are the actions of adult males who engage in homosexual behaviours as a part of their overall sexual repertoire. In a report it published in 1998, the British Home Office referred to research which “suggested reasonably that approximately 20 to 33 per cent of child
    sexual abuse is homosexual in nature”.

    • James Gray

      Gay Marriage is “malignant self-centeredness and narcissism”?

      I suppose the same applies to sterile couples… Who the fuck do you think you are to tell others what they can and can’t do when it doesn’t affect others?


      So you are saying male homosexuals will commit acts of kiddie fiddling.Would that not be called paedophilia .Also going by that logic,the church should have no problem with gay anything.

    • Wychbych

      Please give us your source?

      Try some of this for reading; it’s not about homo priests, it’s about kidfucking priests:


      They aren’t homosexual. They are paedophiles. All the sophistry in the world won’t hide what they are: sad old paedos in frocks, trying to tell us how to behave. Moral authority? ZERO.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Which is worse?  1)  John Key not raising the age of Superannuation, or 2)  Hitler trying to kill all the Jews.  Hmmmm… how much is this poll supposed to tell us?

  • Engineer

    Isn’t there a case in court in NZ at the moment where the state is trying to force on of the churches to accept gay preists.  That should be the first option in the poll.

    • Super_Guest

      That’s wrong. A total infringement of their freedom of religion.

  • NotLen

    There should be another option:  Posts about Gay marriage and Catholics

  • Cato

    What a perfectly immature question on two wholly unrelated issues. I don’t know why, on this subject, WO persists in using the tactics of the left. Quite dishonourable.

    What’s worse: People falsley claiming the benefit or murder?

    Murder – but so what? Does that mean that ipso facto it’s okay to defraud the treasury.

  • Super_Guest

    You’re pushing this gay marriage thing pretty hard lately, Cam. So in defense of the Catholic church, from a Catholic, 99% of priests are good people filled with the Holy Spirit. I went to Catholic school and was never fiddled with. You’re likely to find more paedophiles being shielded by the teachers union than you are in the church.

    • Grumpy

      ..and, when these homosexual kiddie fiddlers finally get kicked out of schools, the church etc. they probably want to get married………

      As some have asked, what’s with all this sucking up to Kosh and the rainbow coalition Cam?  Seriously, you need to get a grip…………..

  • Pukakidon

    That is the problem with bigots on both sides… Generalisaton.   Yesterday it was all Homosexual parents are better than Heterosexual parents or Hetrosexual parents are better than Homosexual parents, what crap.   Now all priests are kiddie fiddlers, rubbish.  There are good and bad Hetros and Homos, priests and non priests.

    Totally ridulous to say gay marriage is anyway bad and then to relate it to kiddie fiddlers is quite repugnant.

    There is no victim in Gay marriage just people getting on with their life and being happy.


  • Not voting today because this poll does nothing to advance the cause of either topic – they are mutually exclusive.

    • Travdog

      Agreed, I won’t be voting for the same reason, but I want to elaborate a bit more. I won’t be voting on a poll that is clearly a biased agenda push put up against a clearly immoral and disgusting topic.

      While I agree with Cam’s agenda, I don’t really think this approach is the most ideal way to do it.

  • Kosh103

    A wee bit disturbing that there are so many in support of child abuse. Shows how homophobic they are if the are happy to see little kids abused, but prevent 2 people in love from marrying.

  • davewin

    Looks like the Maritime Unions have taken over the Polls system on Whaleoil!!