Dalziel Conflict?

Regular readers will know I have little time for Gerry Brownlee.

But today, as National re-grouped after the clusterf**k that is now being dubbed the Nick Smith affair, Brownlee gave us all an insight into Parliamentary conflicts of interest.

So it turns out, Labour’s main attack dog on the earthquake recovery, is involved in a nasty dispute with the insurance company and the Government.

Conflicts anyone?


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  • Doug Newman

    As we live in a country which seems to be getting smaller each day, is it not understandable that  we are all less and less able to speak about something that we do not have some involvement in.  In that case, the proverb of throwing stones comes to mind. If you don’t like receiving, don’t dish it out… if your going to dish it out, don’t be surprised if you end up receiving.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I think Brownlee sunk a bit low on that one even by his own low standards.

      • Troy

        Why?  Dalziel is seeking to gain what she wants by the fact that she is an MP – she should follow due process just like all the other Cantabrians have to – this is what stinks about her – moreover her credibility about anything is diminished by her well-known track record of lying in the past (of which she was dumped as a Minister for doing exactly that by none other than Mistress Clark) – this is all fact, and on the record.

      •  I agree with Troy. And don’t forget; Liane Dalziel is highly likely to stand for Mayor next year, so she’ll have another pot of money to get her socialist mitts into.

      • Guest

        She’s Labour. OF course she’s corrupt – political wing of the fucking MUNZers.

        Like them, she should be out on the streets with no benefits & no exit visa & (like 1961) against the law to even give ’em food! 

        Send in the STG to deal with the lot of ’em!

  • Phar Lap

    Seems Dalziel wants $200K for a bit of dirt which she thinks thats what it is worth   best offer to her   has been around $90K. .I have a bit of dirt i would like $200K for except everybody tells me it is worth $80-90K.Seems advice to her is, i cant find any agent or valuer or buyer who will pay me $200K.Seems she cant either, except she is a politician,who thinks she should be treated differently than other land owners.

    • Rollo

      Ive got a piece of dirt that I would like $685K for, I cant see it happening yet. Just further to that, I live next door but 2 from a Doctors house in Moncks Bay and I have been to a number of parties there and spoken to Lianne, and she seems nice enough with out the ‘Toxic blah’ , did you think that she would be inflating the properties worth on purpose?
      Mike R

  • info

    nice deflection from the Smith issue, but not much than that in play. Christchurch is so chock full of politics at the moment, it will only be in the fullness of time that the corruption is exposed. 

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Hmmm, the problem being info, that there really is no issue now. Next please.

  • jabba

    ouch .. “I don’t care” she said .. well, I disagree

  • MrV

    Where exactly does she live? I’d have a hard time believing her land was valued at $200k. The reason that much of the now red-zone land was built on in the first place was because it was cheap, owing to restrictive land supply policies over the years on the city fringe.

    But I generally don’t have any issue with her acting on behalf of constituents even if she is in the same position as some of them, so long as it is disclosed as such.

    • Eli

      I agree, I find it hard that her land was $200k, but as you say for her to raise concerns of the people of Chch only to be essentially personally attacked by Brownlee just lowers my respect for the man (which was already on the downward slope anyway). Incredibly unprofessional really.

      She can argue blue in the face with her insurance company over the cost, doesn’t mean she will win, but hey, most people are arguing over costs anyway.

    • Timboh

      WOBH’s post is about conflict of interest. It may be useful for us to refresh our memories http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conflict_of_interest so we can debate whether his assertion is correct. I have and I think he is correct. It’s not party vs party, philosophy vs philosophy, good vs evil it’s is she conflicted?

      • MrV

        I’m not saying its ” It’s not party vs party, philosophy vs philosophy, good vs evil”

        But as an opposition MP she isn’t really in any significant position of influence over the decisions taken, and as much as I don’t agree with her, I don’t think you can realistically say she can’t advocate for any consituents solely because she has an eq. damaged property herself.
        I mean she is the MP for Chch East after all, and her personal situation is disclosed, which I think is sufficient mitigation.
        If she became mayor and started doing things, then she would definitely have to recuse herself.

  • Tevisiteur

    Bet she reaches for a big glass of wine tonight.

    • Peter Wilson

      Just not with Ruth D.

    • Natalie

       I remember when she was Minister of Immigration and would sometimes visit the National Office on The Terrace for the Friday night drinks. The toilets are in the stairwells and I can recall her falling off her heels intoxicated as she made her way down the stairs to the loo.

      • Tevisiteur

        Yes she is known to like her wine.  Must be part of Labour’s commitment to helping NZ producers, in her case, booze producers.

  • Peter Wilson

    At first glance, it reflects pretty poorly on Brownlee. Bringing up a members own misfortune is probably not a smart thing to do, and you can see from Dalziel she’s a little upset; yes, yes I know she might be lying again.

    She may well be gaining something from an increased payout, but so will others she claims to be speaking out on behalf of. I don’t really see that as a conflict of interest, which she had previously declared and no more than an ACT MP advocating lower taxes, when he would gain from the lower taxes.

    • insider

      Shows how dirty and bitter parliament is going to be for the next month.

      I expect my MP to bring his life experience to his decisionmaking – mostly the right want MPs with ‘real world’ experience. Brownlee has a damaged house too, yet that doesn’t exclude him from any decisions on chch.

      Frankly it was a bit of a low blow to have a dig at Dalziel about this.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Lying? A Labour MP lying?  Never, she would not do such a thing.
      Troughing yes

    • Hawker

      However Peter, did she not state that she was perfectly happy to have her situation discussed in the house ?

      So that gave Brownlee the chance to highlight exactly how she might have a “conflict of interest” in talking about this issue.

    • Timboh

      Good thing about this blog is that it makes you think and remember. I work for a company where Conflicf of interest is taken very seriously and knowing what it means really helps in thinking about what you can and cannot do. Two possibilities are She didn’t no or really understand what it means or…. Draw your own conclusions.

      • Timboh

        No, it’s know, apologies

    • Guest

      Might be lying?  Might be?  She’s Labour, she’s a MUNZer, of course she’s fucking lying.

    • Alien

      brownlee didn’t really bring it up first, she did, she mentioned it in committee stage, anything a member says there is fair game

  • Apolonia

    Perhaps she should get the MP for Nelson to write a Letter on her behalf.

    • insider

      Loved you in Purple Rain

  • Chris

    Something only worth what someone else  will pay. On this case90k.

    Greedy bitch.

  • Big Bruv

    Great Stuff, for far too long the Nat’s have sat back and taken shit from the corrupt Labour party. It is about time they started hitting back.

    • Guest

      ’bout time the started really hitting back – armed specials or the STG!

      • Guest

        And no mistakes like Ruatoki this time!  

        wipe ’em out!

    • Tracey

       Thanks SO much for the laugh. This must get the Ironic post of the day awared

  • Eli

    I wasn’t really a fan of Brownlee before, and now, him capitalizing on someone else’s misfortune by being in the red zone, thats pretty crap

    • Jester

      Yeah so you said about 10 posts up. Just because you repeat it twice doesn’t mean we give a shit anymore than the first time you said it.

      This is what happens when a lightweight party declares war.

    • Tevisiteur

      Bullshit, it’s Brownlee putting the sour-faced bitch in her bottle, she spends all her time carping around the edges and making a general nuisance of herself for political capital, no wonder labour got dicked in christchurch, her and clayton cosgrove are effing nasty people.

  • Jim

    I thought the labour party weren’t interested in money

  • Rockfield

    Shit, I thought that was a pretty good shot myself ….


  • MrV

    Yes it may have been an unfair heat of the moment remark from Brownlee. But if the Labour Party had something constructive to add such as an idea, like “why don’t we do it this way” and then give an explanation it might serve them better.
    As it stands there was no explanation why paying people out on 2010 land valuation in unfair. You can’t have a system that pays out amounts based on how much complaining you do. If we pay some people out at 2.2x the value of rated valuation, then what about those who have already accepted.
    Do we just start writing cheques?

  • Timboh

    And people wonder why this is the most popular NZ blog? Drama, comedy, reality TV, ‘back stories’, revenge, triumph, and all the rest of the human condition satisfied in a few visits every day. And it’s free! How good is that! Cheers

    • Jester

      Hang round Timboh. Everyone’s having a slow day today. It gets even better :)

      • Timboh

        Yep I intend to. Been a silent reader for a year or so. Enjoyed the insurance company fight back, the intro to the Honk Kong Honey, the hunt for the Mallard, the search for the real WP, and it’s in real time. Mate I am here until I get bored and on current form that’s a long long time away.

    • Peter Wilson

      You’re forgetting irony. One example would be Brownlee accusing Dalziel of a conflict when he has exactly the same conflict: being the earthquake tzar when he himself has a damaged property.

      I think we can put it down to a heat of the moment outburst, probably brought about by the resignation by the disgraced Nick Smith.

  • Watcher

    Actually i thought she was asking what Brownlee was doing to ensure the other insurers act fairly. It’s well know that the private insureres are behavinf with deep pocket, short arm syndrone and this is causing numerous problems. I have heard that even though land has been given the all clear and declared green, private insurers are still refusing to start work and the process with some of the consortiums that have sprung up around the private insurers are well known.

    It seemed a fair question and one that did not really deserve the put down from Brownlee. We all know he is under presure to get Chch happening and prob has his own problems dealing with the private insurers, but likewise there are alot of private individuals out there battling them.

  • Doug_S

    This poisonous witch has been a plague on the taxpayer for too long. As someone pointed out earlier, she was dumped as immigration minister for dodgey deals and has managed to schlep back in for another suck on the taxpayer tit. I care not for any utterance from her.

  • Elaycee

    I’m not sure why she would ever be described as an ‘attack dog’ – unless you consider the term ‘attack’ to mean being gummed by an old Cocker Spaniel.  

  • David

    To all. I know Brownlees neighbor and she like Gerry hasn’t been allowed back in her house since September, she was geared up to get back in and have her place sorted through her insurance but has been put on hold for zoning decisions. Bearing in mind this is 2010, I was in a meeting with her when she took the call from Gerry and she has had to resign herself to being the last person here in christchurch who will find out if her land is good enough to re built on or get back into her house tocollect her elongings because she is Gerry’s neighbor.
    Despite being the minister he has put himself last in the queue, Dalziel is a selfish idiot who is immensely disliked and typical,of labour she thinks only of herself. I don’t blame Gerry for giving her a serve and while he likes to “whale”around he very rarely gets personal.

    • Peter Wilson

      From what you say, Brownlee appears to have designated his own street/area to be last in line. I wonder what his other neighhours think about his actions; it’s ok for him, with his cabinet ministers salary, but there’s probably others down his street, families, pensioners, who have been sacrificed, just so he can look good.

      • Tevisiteur

        You’re fucking kidding me, Peter, it’s fucking FENDALTON, how many poor pensioners do you think live in Gerry’s street? Gerry has never made issue of his own situation being just as bad as that stupid carping bitch’s situation.

      • Tim

        Obviously through your eyes he can do no good Peter. He’s fucked whatever he does. 
        And yes Fendalton, you can’t live there unless you are pretty well off.

      • joe bloggs

        FFS – Troll alert!

        If Gerry Brownlee walked on water, you’d be bitching that he can’t swim…

        Why can’t you just accept that Brownlee hasn’t placed himself first – unlike Dalziel

  • In Vino Veritas

    Karma. Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you. What does Dalziel and Labour expect from National after the Smith debacle? A pat on the back and a nice shoulder rub? There will be some mightily pissed off senior National ministers and who knows, there may well be more to come.

  • Brighton Belle


    Ms Dalziel is not my favourite politician but I was genuinely
    shocked to see how frazzled and aged she is looking – don’t honestly think any
    section in Bexley is, or ever was worth $200K but as usual she is pushing the
    barrow for her own agenda…  I’m pleased
    that Brownlee shut her down with some annoyance… God forbid she ever gets
    close to a mayoral role, that would be the living end for Christchurch – be
    very alert Cantabrians,  Dalziel would
    even more destructive and damaging than Mr Parker.

  • Tracey

    As a member of the Opposition Benches how much influence does she have over government decisions about payouts?

    Lianne Dalziel is a living example of how the earthquake has affected people. She seems to have aged so quickly. I’m pretty sure even the Government benches would agree she has worked tirelessly for the people of CHCHCH.

    I thought the government and its supporters despised the politics of personalities? ALL our politicians need to grow up and put the people they represent first, as opposed to pandering tot heir voting constituencies, which is not quite the same thing

  • Roland S

    I’m not so sure that it is the effects of the earthquakes that have aged her…

  • johnbronkhorst

    Isn’t this the one that even Clarke had to sack for lying about some immagration matter when she was minister. Must have seemed sureal…lying is something aLabour politician would rather do, because the truth would require explanations they don’t have and don’t understand!