Darien Fenton says sack Shearer

Poor old David Shearer….Darien Fenton has said that Shearer should be sacked:

I’m wondering when Labour MPs are going to realise that commenting on blogs and in social media is a bad thing not a good thing.


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  • Kaiserm

    Can Shearer work with a Whip who refuses to respect him?

    • Kaiserm

      The statement is actually supportive of Shearer from the looks of it but of course can be misconstrued ..

      • the italian suppository

        no way can this be misconstrued!  the message from ms fenton is loud and clear – time to sack shearer

    • Salacious T Crumb

       Probably not. Fenton thought she would actually receive a real whip.

      • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

        A broom stick would be more appropriate for Fenton.

  • JonBSails

    Rather ambiguous

  • Scott

    I smell a Union Takeover! should this whole Ports of Auckland Mess keeps on going! 

  • LesleyNZ

    LOL – the Standard’s link to mainstream media attention leads to Simon Wilson and an article in the Metro magazine? Not really what I call popular MSM.
    Some people just don’t learn
    Written By: IrishBill – Date published: 1:17 pm, March 11th, 2012 – 73 commentsCategories: business, class war – Tags:
    The support for the workers at POAL is growing by the day. Thousands of people turned out to march yesterday and the mainstream media has woken up to just how vicious the port’s tactics are…….

    • Super_Guest

      IrishBill should go back to Ireland, where his socialistic ideals have left the nation in a mess. Meanwhile, a MILLION other Auckland went about their business did their jobs without turning into bully-boy cry babies.

  • Doug

     If Darien Fenton had another Brain Cell she could be dangerous.

    • Troy

      She already had one?  Yup she is a dangerous bitch and I watch her on tv in the debating chamber and she grins/smirks in quite an evil manner – she epitomises the very viral core of unionism, worse yet those we have to continue to pay her (and more now that she is a whip).

  • BJ

    Either a very clever post or an ill thought out one. Trouble causing either way.

    •  w.t.f are you saying..?

      you just aren’t making any basic sense..

      ..and of course..those seriously lacking braincells…

      ..are the ones who take that headline as read…eh..?

      ..dumb as a sack of doorknobs..

      [email protected]

      • starboard

        Find a job today whore ? If not why not ? Why am I still paying for your chosen lifestyle ?..eh..?

      • Doodlebug


  • Cobolt

    Has anyone pointed out to Darien which end their goal is at? She seems to be facing the wrong way or is it a case of running in the direction of least resistance!

    •  the above qiestion to cobalt also applies to you..

      ..in clear/simple english..w.t.f. are trying to say..?

      ..you make absolutely no sense..

      [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        Irony, thy name is Phillip.

      • Cobolt

         Very simple Phil, I am saying Fenton is very good at scoring own goals whether she means to or not.

      • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

        Makes more fucking sense then you, Phil the whore.

  • I took that as  –  time to stop picking on him – rather than fire him. 

    I feel sorry for any Labour leader. 

    It doesn’t matter who they are – they will get your wrath. 

    I bet Phil Goff is enjoying the peace right now. ;) 

    • Cobolt

       That is obviously how it is meant but at the same time he is the leader of the opposition, his role is to unseat the PM, do you think Fenton would ever consider Shearer should give Key a break at anytime?
      If you’ve got the likes of Fenton saying the leader is coping too much heat then perhaps the kitchen is a bit too hot for the leader huh?

      •  or..cobalt..she could be talking to those in labour who are criticising shearer..

        ..’cos once again..you are conflating..and not making any sense..

        [email protected]

    • Greg

      Hey Jackie, pop back over to The Standard and look at all the bile they say about Key, people in glass houses etc.

      • I don’t read The Standard. 

        Looked at it once and it was full of gossip, rubbish, and what appeared to be personal grievances. 


  • Sulzeer

    I’ve just had a look at The Standard for the first time (sorry…new to this). Is it a parody site or are those guys for real? I haven’t laughed this loud in a long time. It’s either a fantastic Borat-style piss take or deeply disturbing.  

    • politically unstable

       Its deeply disturbing shit….its like another species has spawned

      • Sulzeer

        Modern human beings have no excuse for that sort of pollution. However, I’m still not 100% convinced it’s not the prelude for the next Sacha Baron Cohen movie. Just setting us all up. No?

      • starboard

        Im afraid the latter…

  • tas

    Whale: You’ve taken the quote completely out of context. That’s not cool.

  • starboard

    Its a piss take fool…

    •  the fools are those who believed it..

      ..can’t they read..?

      ,,are they lacking the most basic of comprehension-skills..?

      ..that italian suppository as about the funniest laugh out loud stupid..

      [email protected]

    • I’d suggest that it’s more of a childish misrepresentation than a piss take.

      • Sulzeer

        He. Was. Having. A. Laugh.

        I’ll bet he’s pissing himself reading some of these comments. Bloody hell…