David Shearer needs to show leadership

David Shearer has claimed he doesn’t like gotcha politics, yet yesterday senior MPs Trevor Mallard and Grant Robertson, along with aspiring senior MP and former party president Andrew Little launched a disgraceful, untrue attack on Judith Collins, Simon Lusk and me. They continued their disgraceful attacks in the House today.

This attack is typical of Mallard. Make shit up, throw it, see what sticks, and brazen it out afterwards. These attacks are all based on “an anonymous email from a reliable source”.

The problem for David Shearer is while Mallard and his thuggish henchmen are running this kind of stupid, baseless attack all it does is continue to frame the Labour Party as the Nasty Party. It also detracts from Shearer’s leadership, as he looks like Goff did, when Robertson stood up to him and told him to be soft on Maoris or else.

None of this is going to go well for Labour. Ministers do not threaten defamation action without good cause, and as I know all parties involved in this dispute there is no way there is any link between Judith Collins and Simon Lusk. So school yard bully Mallard will be forced to apologise or will lose a defamation case. In the mean time his nastiness continues to brand Labour as the Nasty Party.

David Shearer’s leadership and chance of being Prime Minister is under threat by this kind of stupid attack where there is no evidence at all of what Mallard is saying. Politicians lying never goes down well with the public, as Anna Bligh recently found out.  He should take Trevor aside and tell him to apologise in full immediately, or he will be stripped of his portfolios and returned to the back bench. In fact he should strip him of his portfolios and the Shadow Leader of the House anyway.

I don’t believe that David Shearer has anything to do with these attacks, but he is as much a victim as those Mallard has accused. Just as he was the victim when Mallard got busted scalping tickets on Trademe, and Goff was a victim when Mallard chose to indulge in an asymmetrical war against me where he couldn’t win and I had nothing to lose.

Mallard has a history of defamation, and a history of scurrilous anonymous smears.

A quick search of Google shows Mallard has form.

He defamed Erin Leigh.

He also defamed Amokura Panaho along with John Tamihere. They had to pay her $7500 each for that defamation.

Then there is the case of his defamation of Rosemary Bradford. This story is interesting as there’s a claim Labour asked officials to provide the dirt on MPs spouses.  A bit like the Erin Leigh issue.

Then of course there was the American Bagman smear that went nowhere. He still maintains he was right yet hasnpt produced a shred of evudence to back up his allegations.

Now has taken a step too far, together with Grant Robertson and Andrew Little they have defamed Judith Collins, for which she is suing them, and also Simon Lusk and myself. They ar too cowardly to step outside the house and repeat the smears against me and Simon and so I am left to defend myself via the blog.

David Shearer needs to discipline all three but mostly he needs to yank Mallard back into line. If he doesn’t then his leadership is finished and we will be talking sooner rather than alter about Grant Robertson’s ascendency to Labour’s leadership.


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  • Pete George

    Mallard to Shearer: Gotcha!

    Shearer to Mallard: ………..

  • Polishpride

    Isn’t it a pity your not more focussed on finding out who did leak the private and confidential details of a New Zealand citizen either the ministers office (in which case perhaps heads should roll) or the Govt Dept (in which case perhaps heads should roll) or from someone else altogether in which case both the Ministers office and ACC would be blameless……..unless of course they are found to have leaked it to the person who leaked it to the media. See Cameron most Kiwis aren’t stupid, they can figure out whats going on. Which also means they can see your post as nothing more than an attempt to shift the focus on this issue to somewhere other than where it is  right now. Sometimes Cameron it is better to say nothing. This for you, probably should have been one of those times.

    • Pete George

      This is an important issue for Labour. If Shearer gives Mallard a free pass on this then Shearer will struggle to ever lead Labour effectively, same as Goff.

      It’s not exactly make or break for Shearer but the longer he leaves it to get his party in order the harder it will be, the Gotcha brigade will just carry on making him look ineffectual.

      • Polishpride

        Not quite better to look like the nice mr guy in the world of personality politics and have others do your dirty work. This is a very good strategy for Shearer. You are fooling yourself if you think the focus is on Labour here…. 

      • Pete George

        The focus should be on a number of things here, including Labour’s performance and Shearer’s performance. They have chosen the fight and the methods, and will be judged on them as much as everyone else – in National (inside and outside parliament), ACC and Pullar.

      • BJ

        Shearer will come into the conversation when it suits him  – like a moderator or facilitator. His goal is to shine ‘brighter’ than all the other players – his naughty offsiders will be pulled into line like a gentle loving father teaching his sons by imparting great wisdom.  Do not underestimate the insidious creep of Mr Decent in to the hearts of the easily manipulated.  

    • Dr Panopticon

      awww yeh, this time the shit’s gonna stick where it rightfully should. No more smiley Mr. Key and grins all round for Labour. Lest we forget – National has done this to themselves!

      • Kthxbai

        National has done what to themselves?  Exactly nothing as far as anyone can tell.

  • Evan Johnson

    It occurs to me that it takes one to know one Whaleoil.  You and Simon Lusk make great targets.

  • Phar Lap

     Mallard and Little have until five o’clock tonight to give a mea culpa to our wonderful member of Parliament, Judith Collins.I hope they don’t .It will be great theatre to see Little ,Mallard sup sorrow with the spoon of grief,or.better still ,empty vessels make the most sound.

    • Troy

      These Labour fools – Crusher is no fool, and with her background on the law, not just in practice, but also as Law Society President, she won’t be doing this lightly.  If shown to be true, I hope Mallard and Little are taken to the cleaners, frankly I’m tired of these fuckwits supposedly being our representatives, being paid for it and not stepping up to be worthwhile at doing their job.

  • i can’t see yr thesis of this being a problem for labour..there..mr oil…

    ..shearer is just using his assets to hand…namely the experienced attack dogs..

    ..he would be crazy not to..

    ..no..this is firming up as a serious problem for national…

    ..i understand the privacy commissioner has been given quite a wide brief…

    ..(and it was funny  . @. questiontime..where collins refused to detail the contents of an email from the commissioner detailing that brief…and then mallard jumped up and said he had been sent a copy..and lodged it on the record..heh..!..)

    and the histrioics from pete g. aren’t helping yr [email protected]

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    None of this will affect Sheep Shearer. He will grow from strength to strength now that all newspapers and TV stations  are backing him. So let things continue as they are.

  • Gazzaw

    No one seems to be mentioning the threat of defamation action against Radio Red. Will they retract before 5pm or go to court at the taxpayers’ expense? 

    •  somehow i think the media has tired of key/this govt bullying them..

      (something to do with a teapot…as i understand it..)

      [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        Bullying them? Just wait. If Clare Curren gets control of the media you won’t see a single political news story other than “Labour is great”. And “as you understand it”. What, are beneficiaries getting some sort of taxpayer funded media insider hotline now?

        Take an English class and get a job. Until then your opinion is worthless.

      • dad4justice

        Give up talking about teapot and have another water bong you dropkick green dope-head wasted unit. Done demo all day and don’t need to read your crap. Go piss off to kiwiblog gay bar you queer.

  • Apolonia

    Bi-election in Wainui, Stuart Nash to stand?????

    • reply to s.g..

      “..And “as you understand it”. What, are beneficiaries getting some sort of taxpayer funded media insider hotline now?..”

      no..s.g..it’s called powers of observation..

      ..did you miss out..?

      [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        Hahaha. Powers of observation. If you had any powers of observation you’d notice that socialism is a hideous system (USSR, China, South America, Eastern Europe, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland – and those are just the ones I’ve observed) and that Hone Harawira is rock-brained 70s throwback. Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s just your usual tinfoil hat bleating mixed with an extra dose of real good shit.

        How’s the job hunt going?

      • Notrotsky

        phil can I suggest you discuss this further with the genius at the site below.


  • Scanner

    What David actually needs to do is wake the fuck up and work out that as long as the circus he runs is infested with broken arsed has-beens like Mallard, King, Fenton,and Street he has two shows of sitting on the treasury benches, no show and shit show.

    If The Duck repeated half the shit he has slung at people in the real world he would have been brushing his teeth up his anus, for fuck sakes David bin the dickhead now, just find an excuse and shit can the prick.

    • shearer dosen’t really have to do anything..

      ..key and his ministers are doing all the heavy lifting…

      [email protected]

      • dad4justice

        Ever lifted anything in your life other than a bong phool?

      • Ronnie Chow

          You live in the world of ifs , buts and maybes , Ure . Your doomsaying not only has no end , it has no meaning . You type between tokes , hence the gaps , but these are nothing compared to the vast chasm that exists between your little computer world view and the reality on the ground . Try some P .

      • Troy

        Well that comment reeks of pussy-foot leadership, Labour style.  It’s one of the reasons Shearer won’t last long – the force behind the party will always be greater than the individual, but i’m guessing you hadn’t thought that far.

  • Ronnie Chow

      After the TradeMe episode where twinkle-toes Trevor dodged every missile ,  due to the shallow sympathetic media giving him the benefit of the doubt , it will be to great to finally see this prick get nailed .

  • Philip ure a cock

    Can’t wait!!!! I’m selling tickets on Trade Me now!

  • jay cee

    you maybe right with those countries you named super guest.but then again the usa, the bastion of capitalism,isn’t exactly debt free either.

  • Nick K

    Cam, your quick search overlooked this: http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2010/08/an_imploding_act.html#comments

    Mallard never did repeat these statements outside the house.  If he did, he was toast, and Heather Roy would have been entirely at fault.

    • He can’t help himself. He just lies and lies and lies.


    Lets hope these Labour party idiots never get to run this country again.Put my money on the Greens becoming next biggest party to National,as they have not resorted to gutter politics.

  • niggly

    Talking about Mallard’s form there’s a book called Public Money, Private Lives – Aotearoa Television – the inside story by Derek Burns (Aotearoa Television Network’s financial director at the time – for those who have forgotten or too young to know, ATN preceeded Maori Television and was the subject of unprecedented Maori Bashing by Labour’s Helen Clark, Trevor Mallard and others in the 1990’s. The Maori Bashing was done to unsettle the Bolger administration and more importantly to undermine NZ First, then in the country’s first MMP coalition with National – as an aside boy how Winnie forgets Labour’s nastiness against NZF. Indeed Labour are and were a Nasty Party & more adept than Don Brash in playing the race card).

    Anyway Mallard’s name crops up from time to time in the book. Derek Burns, for legal reasons, doesn’t delve too deeply into Mallard’s psyche and style but there are the usual Mallard gems like exagerating the fact that some ATN staffer’s smoked cannabis to becoming they snorted cocaine under Parliamentary Privilege (and as Derek Burns said in the book how the heck could these guys afford cocaine)?


  • niggly

    And now that Mallard’s form has become more obvious that it’s his actual style over these last 20 or so years (as opposed to perhaps people giving him the benefit of the doubt when he was a newby MP), I wonder whether someone ought to track Mr Burns down and ask him nowadays what he really thinks of Mallard’s tactics and the damage he has caused to untold individuals …. ;-)