David Shearer – Q+Um

David Shearer appeared on Q+A this morning.

I really struggle to take anything he says seriously anymore because of the way he speaks.

A quick edit of this morning’s interview of Mr Invisible on Q+A yielded more than 2 minutes of ums, ahs, and stutters.

Even though he had nothing new to say, it is a wasted opportunity and something that I doubt speech training can fix .

Highlights package of Shearer on Q+A with music by Lemon Jelly – Ramblin’ Man.


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  • JonBSails

    Shearer is good in the General Debates, but when it comes to interviews like this… um

  • Please excuse my cross-posting Whaleoil, but at the same time you launched this, I posted a blog on Shearer’s muddled economic thinking evident from this morning’s Q&A:  Shearer has to be the silliest Labour leader I’ve seen yet.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    What a wonderful headline.  Very clever.

    If I recall correctly, Qum is some remote religious outpost full of rabid Islamists.

  • rouppe

    This is how he beat the Somali’s! They fell asleep waiting for him to say something and he escaped!!

  • Allanspear

    Painful to watch!

  • Vikingonmars

    Key and co won’t beat him in the next election. His biggest problem is people like Trev and Fenton and Curran and co.If he moves some of that rubbish on then National will go back to the backbenches where they belong based upon their so called middle of the road confused right wing centrist agenda. 

    • Adolf Fiinkensein

       You should eat more Vegemite.  It is reputed to cure dementia.

    • Travdog

      welcome back pinko, The Stranded a bit quiet today? Or has it self destructed with all the Labourites turning against each other over the port redundancies? Shearer doesn’t stand a shit show in hell

    • motorizer

      The next election is Nationals to lose. How the hell will people be able to vote for  THAT dimwit?

  • Scareface Claw

    What an embarrassment…..

    • Troy

      But can you imagine him speaking at an APEC summit? Or chatting with world leaders?  Would overcook their already peabrains.

  • Kayaker

    I saw him on Q&A this morning and found his performance very disappointing. However, the panel afterwards (including Michelle Boag) was waxing lyrical about him and how far he’s come. I wondered if I had been watching the same person. Odd.

  • Harry Plopper

    I had to turn it off once he started talking bullshit about the Ports dispute.  I am a worker at the Ports of Auckland.  I am one of the remaining 300 staff members that go into work every day.  Which equates to just over 50% of the workforce going to work every day and having to drive past that picket area.  What is totally galling to me about David Shearer, is that he has never ONCE come in to talk to the people within the Port.  He says he goes out and talks to the Union members out on the picket line and their families.  Well wake up David, I am also being made redundant.  I am not a Union person but because of the absurdity of Garry Parsloe and your buying into his bullshit, it has jeapordised about another 100 workers jobs.  I will be immediately affected by this redundancy and there will be other flow on affects due to departments having to downsize etc.  Its dispicable that he thinks that only the squeaky wheel gets the ear!  Why not come and visit the people that are keeping the economy going and doing their best to keep small businesses afloat and see the other side of the story – after all, the people working inside the red fence are the majority here, not the minority and they are the ones that can see the much bigger picture.  He says he works and represents the common every day worker, but I fail to see him doing this in the Port dispute.  As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel get the oil!

    • Jassen

       Harry, good luck to you mate and stick in there.

      I saw a lot of my friends go through something similar to you when Telecom sold off their installs and maintenance to Vision Stream. Everybody in the comfortable employ of Telecom/Downers/Chorus were knocked off and had to become owner-operators. There was the usual kick up from the “I need a salary” crew but the smart ones got on with it, took the bull by the horns and are now earning some pretty damn good money.

      So stick in there, show your worth now while you can and get rewarded afterwards as a contractor. Good luck mate.

  • Phar Lap

    Was great to read Fran O’Sullivans take on Shearers comments as he clutched at straws on the
    promotion of selling Crafar Farms.To think that a clown like that could ever be the PM of NZ, strikes fear into the most battle hardened. To make it even worse he earns a thousand dollars a day for talking and acting, trying to emulate Frank Spencer ,the dumbo in Some Mothers do Have Them.

  • parorchestia

    Great headline Whale. He is very similar to Bill Rowling, and you know how far he got!  The electorate will be better informed about the state of the economy next election, so Labour might as well stay in their favourite Auckland coffee bar – they haven’t got a show since Shearer hasn’t had the experience to lead NZ out of the economic difficulties it is now in (thanks Helen for the mess!)
    And his speech difficulties are such that his message is very difficult to understand.  Winnowing out the nuggets from all the ums and ers and hesitations is too difficult.  He loses me.
    Why did the panel wax so lyrical?

  • Reluctantly left

    Yeah, it was a train wreck. His stumbles and errs, aghs and umms are embarassing. But you know, I saw that smug git Key, and he was threatened and rather arrogant in his interview on Q + A. Power has gotten to him, I wish there was a strong leader of the Opposition that can cahllange and expose that miserable right wing wing tory, for the arrogant and wasted popularity that he takes for granted.