Defending Josie

David Farrar has come out defending Josie Pagani…now I am not going to go to the lengths he has to appear reasonable, I personally think she is a swivel eyed socialist, but she really is copping some unfair flack from people on her own side.

Check out Josie Pagani’s facebook page.

She’s being threatened by unionists and Labour for saying:

“I’ve spent my political life as a working mum, calling for more flexibility. And flexibility has to work both ways.”

The response is vitriolic and Plunket mentioned the intolerance on his programme this morning.

She’s been threatened by unionists:

Enzo Giordani: Josie, this is a politician page that says you are a member of the Labour Party and in the profile picture you are wearing a Labour Party rosette. This is not the policy of the New Zealand Labour Party. You should either delete this or change those settings. Friendly warning before I start writing e-mails.

Fenton wades in and reminds her of Labour policy:

Darien Fenton: Josie : who has the 40 hour week and weekends? Not Ports workers, not AFFCO workers, not rest home workers. I hope you are going to be at the rally tomorrow and talk to some of the Ports workers, so you can find out exactly what life is like for them; they work 24/7 every day of the year, there are no penal rates, they get one weekend off in three.

Darien Fenton: Josie : None of this is new debate in the Labour Party. I’m happy to send you our work and wages policy from the last election if you wish, that has a whole section on non standard work; or these articles :


New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations

The New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations is the leading resource for empl…See More

And many others have a go too:

Daele O’Connor: Josie wake up & smell the coffee! I endorse John & Jill’s comments & you are free to come along with me to sites and talk to our members, because they will surely give you a reality check. Remind me again what party you stood for at the last election….oh that’s right Labour, not that you’d think with comments like this!


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  • Scanner

    Why is it when there is something nasty to be said Smackhead Fenton has to be there, if the mad green woman is the member for Mars, then that must give the Smackhead the job representing Uranus.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Blindly swallow the dogmatic propaganda with a smile on your face, don’t question your master, do as you’re told, tow the party/union line – or else!

    I wonder if she will be bullied, threatened and intimidated if she went to Parliment house whilst National are the government?

  • BD

    Fenton and the other members of her torch bearing mob are the reason why they will never pull in the moderate swing voters. The party is going to fade into oblivion if they continue walking down memory lane.

    • MrV

      Shearer would be better to put all the nastys in another party, lets call them the ‘Alliance’.
      How in the hell can you turn the Labour party around if they still think militant unionism is popular.

  • Sarrs

    Does anyone else get the impression that these people can’t be normal? They HAVE to be grandstanding about something at all times. Actually grandstanding isn’t the right word – they have to be steam-rolling people all the time. The total lack of interest in the other side of the debate (to the point of frothing at the mouth) is deluded. These are the kind of people that talk at you, not to you, and I despise that. I agree that Unions have a place advocating for the ignorant, unable, and unfortunate – does not blindly arguing for one side weaken my point of view? 

    My argument in this whole debate is that MUNZ members don’t need the advocacy of a Union when they are earning in excess of $90k pa and are all ready very well looked after by their employer. Why doesn’t this ‘lady of the left’ focus on the issue at hand – MUNZ vs POAL and let other people have a dissenting opinion without insulting them or their core values. 

    • mps

      on 90K +  I’d though Labour would class them as “John Key’s rich mates” therefore deserving to get taxed so hard until they give up and move overseas   

  • Auto_immune

    The stupid thing about it all was that Josie’s (wider) comments were actually pro-union and pro-worker.  People couldn’t handle a slight deviation off the so-called message and threw a hissy fit. 

  • How far down the list is she from a place in Parliament? Just a purely academic question…

  • Brian Smaller

    To be forgiven Pagani will have to make a public confession of her guilt and reaffirm her loyalty to Big Brot..err…I mean Labour Party principles.

  • Travdog

    If the socialists want to eat their own, let ’em. Lets hope they choke in the process.

  • Fozzie

    Amazing – not a filthy innuendo or personal assault and you call this nasty …… shit wa’il you and your buddies beggar belief sometimes

  • davcav

    Plenty of veiled and not so veiled threats though Fozzie, but they’re ok, aren’t they?

  • Fozzie

    Depend on who is doing the reading davcav – better a civilised exchange than mindless abuse don’t you think ?