Did Michael Woodhouse do a good job in Dunedin North?

Commenters have given me a hard time about my comment that Michael Woodhouse didn?t do a great job in Dunedin North in this three years as a scum List MP.

Everyone knew he was on a hiding to nothing in 2008, where he got 9972 votes, losing by 7155 to Pete Hodgson. This was out of 32781 total votes.

In 2011 his vote reduced to 9,487, in losing to Dave Clark by 3,489. This was not as bad as it seemed, because the total vote was down to 29,771.

He didn?t make much impact on the party vote, with 2008 National getting 9692, and 2011 getting 9707. In the context of a swing to National and three years in the electorate the results are not great, but Dunedin is very reGd.

Where he can be criticised is when he is compared to Jo Hayes from Wanganui who ran in Dunedin South. Jo took one for the team and managed to turn a loss on the party vote of approximately 4700 in 2008 to a win for National in 2011 by 1800 votes, embarrassing Clare Curran in the process.

This makes Michael?s performance questionable, because if a candidate with limited profile in a city, who was not a list MP so didn?t enjoy their advantages can do so well why couldn?t a List MP?