Did the budgie get name suppression?

NZ Herald

A 70-year-old told how her husband chopped her budgie’s head off saying, “This is what I can do to you.”

Domestic violence in any form is wrong. How someone can be so unbelievably cruel to an animal is beyond me, but there are a lot of scumbags out there who think mentally or physically abusing their woman is a good idea.


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  • Bilcaro

    Most likely an ex Wharfie, bloody thug

  • johnbronkhorst

    With you there WO. Hope I never understand arseholes like this, shoot me if I ever understand it. But society seems to be drifting that way, it seem they have changed the biblical phrase (no I am not religious)…”Blessed are the peace makers…” to “Blessed are the excuse makers….” You know, those people that say things like…”I don’t agree with that suicide bomber, but, I understand why he did it”…there alays seems to be a but…

    •  I don’t get the connection – too tenuous maybe? Suicide bomber to wife beater? Are you also suggesting an argument with your neighbour would be a linked behaviour to going to war?

      • johnbronkhorst

        neil…..it gets tiring explaining simple things to you….the subject of my reply was the lament that society…is moving to change from “blessed are the peace makers” to blessed are the excuse makers” The subject ie the budgy is irrelevant, as this attitude is being applied throughout society. There will be some idiot somewhere saying…”she must have done something to provoke him”…because there always seems to be an excuse maker somewhere for someones deplorable actions. Try to keep up!

  • Ronnie Chow

     I agree that there was cruelty to the wife , but to the budgie ? All my budgies die a natural death . i.e. flying into windows .