Different Davids, Different Views

On Sunday David Shearer specifically ruled out making any policy commitments.

He said everything was under review and no decisions had been made.

But just a day later, on Newstalk ZB, David Parker (another leadership contender) revealed that Labour would be proceeding with a proposal for a Capital Gains Tax.

As recently as the weekend he said a review of policy was underway and he wouldn’t speculate on policy until after that had been completed.

So either Parker has jumped the gun, or he’s decided to show some leadership because the Leader is not.

Here’s what he said:

We need to introduce capital gains tax so that people don’t over invest in property… A capital gains tax does fall mainly on the people who hold most capital. Capital gains tax overseas are paid mostly by the top one or two per cent of the population.

Either David isn’t talking to David, or the frustration with the invisible Labour Leader is beginning to show.


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  • Sorry I don’t see it myself – maybe I’m not looking hard enough…

  • Blokeintakapuna

    yep  -the clock is ticking for Shearer and the Labour Party…

    One can only hope the clock is attached to  a big self-imploding bomb…

    Ohh yeah – it is, it’s called a TV camera and a labour party politician

  • BR

    Any taxes that are introduced for the express purpose of discouraging behaviour that the government disapproves of, are actually fines levied on activities that are legal.


  • nzd.gbp

    Ah yes more tax. That’s the answer.

    What about freeing up land for development? What do they think happens when a restricted supply meets a growing demand? There are more people in NZ now, all needing somewhere to live. 

    Over investment should lead to an over-supply. Real estate has increased in price because there is an under-supply. Labour wrong again.

    Increased taxes on investment properties will be passed directly on to renters – those at the bottom of the heap. Thanks Labour. The problem wont go away until there is greater supply and more rental opportunities to choose between.