NZ Herald

Gok’s got a buggered back. So he isn’t coming to New Zealand.

A tour of New Zealand by UK style icon Gok Wan has been postponed due to ill health.

The How to Look Good Naked star was due to host the Westfield Style Tour through Australia and New Zealand during April.

A series of free live shows were scheduled for the three Westfield centres in Auckland.

But Wan has been hospitalised with a bad back and is looking to reschedule the Australian tour for later in the year.

Word is he was coming to do a full makeover of the Labour Party women, with the exception of Clare and Jacinda, as requested by me a year ago.

Apparently Charlie Shovel is devastated.


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  • Travdog

    There’s nothing Gok can do for DF.

  • ???


  • Scanner

    The frightening thought is which act of buggery injured his back, unlike Trev, who with no spine has no issue with his back apart from people wanting to plunge a knife into it.

  • Not lookin’ to show any bias here but there are a few on the other side that are badly in need of help as well – Crusher needs to stop getting the needle to her forehead before it becomes a complete neanderthal look and she should take a walk along the waterfront to work instead of sitting in a car, and Paula badly needs diet advice before being approached as a candidate for the Biggest Loser regime…..?